Murder Most Foul

Murder Most Foul

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Matt M June 23, 2013
Agatha Christie crime solver Mrs. Marple investigates on a theatrical group specialised on death scenes where one of the actors may be playing the part of the murderer for real. A very enjoyable film is the most classic of whodunit structures, its quality is raised by the iconic performance of Rutherford as the notorious character.
Joe T ½ August 24, 2012
Not terribly foul....'Murder most boring' maybe.
Orlok W March 13, 2012
Jaunty murder mystery!!
sleepykiss sleepykiss January 21, 2012
One of my absolute faves as a kid. Ms. Marple comes across several bodies while doing a stage play. See with BLITHE SPIRIT for a Margaret Rutherford night. Luv MR always.
Carlton M Raines Carlton M Raines November 23, 2011
Great classic, she was a fantastic actress, had real screen presence, but was warm with it, this is a great treat of a film, dont miss this one
Gregg D ½ July 22, 2010
A delightful charming little whimsey of murder, the theatre and revenge.
Gregory W July 21, 2010
another good murder/mystery feat miss marple played by the best miss marple rutherford
David H. David H. April 4, 2010
Another suspensful, bewichting and charming Crime Movie with the great Margaret Rutherford as the hillarious Detective Miss Marple
jazza923 jazza923 May 28, 2009
Margaret Rutherford will always be Miss Marple to me, and she is magnificent as always. Fun mystery, clever screenplay, excellent supporting cast. Very entertaining.
diggerruss diggerruss April 16, 2009
good old fashioned who dunnit with twists and turns good stuff
SteveMiller SteveMiller ½ October 15, 2007
Mrs. Marple (Rutherford) goes undercover as an actress in a third-rate theatre company to prove a man innocent of murder while catching the real killer by solving a mystery with origins more than 15 years in the past.

"Murder Most Foul" is a fine little murder mystery/comedy that was loosely adapted from Agatha Christie's novel "Mrs. McGinty is Dead". Once again, Margaret Rutherford gives a fantastic performance as the feisty, never-takes-no-for-an-answer Miss Marple. The comedy of the film gets even more pointed when the hammy director of the theatre company (played with great flair by Ron Moody, who is the only actor in the film who manages to be as flamboyant and fun to watch as star Rutherford) casts her as a lady detecitve in a murder play, so Miss Marple, the amatuer detective, is called upon to play an amatuer detective while pretending to be an actress.

"Murder Most Foul" is a fun, lighthearted mystery movie featuring a cast with a level of talent that doesn't seem to exist anymore. (The way Ron Moody manages to mix diffused menace with a completely casual attitude, or the way he can deliver a line that shows how his character changes his mood in mid-sentance is a display of craft that we simply don't see in movies anymore.)

Murder Most Foul
Starring: Margaret Rutherford, Ron Moody, Charles Tingwell, and Stringer Davis
Director: George Pollock
sheilastapleton sheilastapleton September 5, 2007
I love these films, she was brilliant
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