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Murderball Reviews

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September 14, 2014
A massive triumph of the human spirit in the face of enormous physical adversity, Murderball is heartwarming, hilarious, heartbreaking, and ultimately heroic. You will never view a physically handicapped person the same way after watching this film. Everyone should see this movie.
September 7, 2014
Interesting documentary but I was expecting something a bit more edgy due to the name mainly. I think documentaries are supposed to tell you something you don't already know and this doesn't do that.

Super Reviewer

July 22, 2014
The U.S. and Canadian teams of quadriplegics compete in a rugby-like game called murderball in the paraolympics.
The first impression of some of these people is not positive, but nonetheless interesting: they come off as testosterone-fueled assholes, but they're in wheelchairs, so all expectations of this being a feel-good Lifetime after-school special are shot to the moon the first time an paraolympian tells a story about threatening to kick the ass of a random bar patron. But as the film goes on, we get underneath the veneers of these players. There are a few vulnerabilities, but what they want more than your pity is your respect, your fear, and your recognition that their injuries do not threaten their masculinity.
The film tries to fashion a sports story out of its subject, but it doesn't work. There isn't a lot of suspense in the games' outcomes.
Overall, documentaries often open worlds that we never imagined existed, and what is true of those documentaries is doubly true of Murderball.
September 23, 2006
a frank and brutally honest look at adversity in overcoming disability without the usual shameless sentiment, as elucidating as it is inspiring, it casts humanity on every one of the personalities, wicked fun and like nothing else
August 5, 2013
#1 on my personal list of 10 Sports Documentaries You Should See Before You Die.

By far the best sports documentary ever made, including the Baseball mini-series produced by Ken Burns. This movie is so good I am shocked that almost everyone I ask has not only not seen the movie, but most have not heard of it. Like any other great sports story, 'Murderball' features fierce rivalry, stopwatch suspense, dazzling athletic prowess, larger-than-life personalities and triumph over daunting odds. But Murderball, the original name for the full-contact sport now known as quad rugby, is played by quadriplegics in armored wheelchairs.

'Murderball' is a story like no other, told by men who see the world from a different angle. Quad rugby players have suffered injuries that have left them with limited function in all four limbs. Whether by car wreck, gunshot, fist fight, rogue bacteria or any of an endless list of possible misadventures, quad rugby's young men have found their lives dramatically altered. Watching them in action -- both on court and off -- smashes every stereotype one has ever had about the handicapped. It also redefines what it is to be a man, what it is to live a full life, and what it is to be a winner. It was nominated for Best Documentary Feature for the 78th Academy Awards. This film is also #1 on the Rotten Tomatoes countdown of the top sports movies of all time.
July 21, 2013
yeah you can't dislike this movie. A few minor flaws don't slow it down much, I didn't like the america who defected to the Canada team at first but i realized by the end of the film that if you want to be a murderball coach your options are very very limited.
July 14, 2008
Funny, touching, and fresh documentary on an underseen sport
February 25, 2013
wow...this movie both broke my heat and gave me strength
Adrian B.
February 18, 2013
Arresting documentary on those of people who have permanently ended up in wheel chairs under various circumstances. In order to utilize their particular paralysis, these individuals engage in wheel-chair basketball and even head to the 2004 Olympics in Greece. What's interesting about this film is, even despite being confined to this type of mobility for the remainder of their lives, the characters sure harbour a lot of anger and the origins of their injuries is not always debilitating disease. The main person at the centre and featured on the DVD cover of this movie, Mark Zupan, ended up in wheel chair as a result of drunk driving relating incident (he was the intoxicated passenger of the drunk driver). Another one's situation resulted from being tossed off a porch during a drunken brawl. Some of these guys were clearly not all there during their situations. Interesting film, although the swearing amongst the participants gets out of hand after a while. Nice to see my home town of Burnaby, British Columbia in one clip of the picture.
December 7, 2012
Could be worth a viewing, would like to see it sometime in the future.
November 16, 2012
Incredible movie, storyline, and editing.
October 7, 2012
The strength of this documentary film lies in the fact that it is a genuine portrayal of the rage and aggressiveness that the competitors of this sport live and swear by, finding through this full contact and borderline brutal sport a chance to live life to the fullest. As such, this is no film about unlikely heroes and Cinderella stories, and is just as intense as its title would have you believe.
The Critic
August 26, 2012
This captivating insight into a sport that most may not have otherwise been exposed to offers a wonderful look into the lives of an assortment of competitive men that range from attitude-laden Mark Zupan and youth Keith Cavill, whose first interaction demonstrates why a film such as this deserves recognition, to tough-as-nails coach Joe Soares. More than just another sport movie, this is all about heart and determination, illustrating that it's now whether you win or lose, or even how you play the game, but rather how you get there.
August 3, 2012
An inspiring and heart-warming documentary that your typical "Maala-ala Mo Kaya" or "Wish Ko Lang" episode can't provide.
June 4, 2012
An amusing look at the lives of the wheelchair athletes who play Murderball (aka Quad Rugby, Wheelchair Rugby), it suffers from structural issues, like having some discussions go off on tangents that are never returned to, but is otherwise an informative, and well-executed documentary. The rivalry between Mark Zupan and Joe Soares creates a nice tension and gets you involved in the story, though it's possible that a non-chronological structure (based on the recovery of a disabled person to shape it) would have made the elements more contiguous
May 25, 2012
a lot of hype a little story CRAP
May 13, 2012
intense and super cool
Jennifer X

Super Reviewer

June 4, 2007
I am a sucker for films like these. It's almost impossible that I was not going to like "Murderball." Anything that involves sports and rage and physical disability and empowerment (empowerment in the awesome, beat-yo-ass way, not empowerment in the "encouraging dialogue" kind of way) is A-OK with me. Mark Zupan is an excellent choice of a hero, all outspoken and solid yet full of rage.
April 13, 2012
One of the best documentaries and certainly one of the best sports films I've seen in a long, long time. There's a certain MTV jock quality to the whole proceedings but then why not, with tossers like Gervais patronising the disabled left and right in current media it's refreshing to see a film so honest dealing with all aspects of being disabled. "I'm not going there (The Paralympics) for a well done and a pat on the back, we're going for a f#cking Gold medal". Amen to that.
April 7, 2012
You must mean paraplegic athletes, quadriplegics can't move thier arms.
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