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June 23, 2014
Two brothers are stranded in a stereotypical redneck town struck by an outbreak of toxic waste mutations. Stupid, clichéd script renders the relatively high production values meaningless.
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January 26, 2011
A little known and quite underrated zombie/infection movie. It builds up quite slowly which helped develop up the characters with Wings Hauser and Bo Hopkins being very watchable. As the film moves on it develops an eerie atmosphere and some genuinely creepy moments. Has a similar feel to Arachnaphobia but without the spiders. This was remade in 1988 as "Nightmare at Noon" but I didn't find this one bad at all. Give it a look.
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October 29, 2008
A fun 80s style zombie flick. Slow to start, but the zombie outbreak is worth the wait.
½ January 5, 2010
Entertaining zombie movie. Could use more gore and better pacing but it does great for it's low budget.
June 22, 2012
slow; a bit of bad acting; the only good part was some scenes of suspense, but other than that it's just a cheap B-movie
½ March 11, 2012
Low budget but suspenseful. It has elements of a zombie film and some decent characters. Not a lot of scary moments but there are a few and the makeup is decent for a B-movie. Ending wasn't too bad.
November 22, 2005
[font=Courier New]Most of the time I let my curiosity get the best me, and I end up disappointed. I?m talking about blindly buying DVD?s. Often the cheap price of a DVD will interest me enough to feel the need to purchase it. And it has been an even 50/50 on whether this purchase is bad or good. [i]Mutant[/i] falls into the good category, but not by that much.

I will admit though that owning this movie has finally ended years of struggling to discover the name of a movie I saw during my youth. All I remembered were two scenes. One involving a child being pulled out of a bathroom stall by zombies, and the other being a man planning on using a woman as bait so he can escape the zombie terror.

[i]Mutant[/i] turns out to be this movie. You have no idea how happy I was for buying this stupid little $1 movie, and discovering it was the movie I have been looking for. Not really looking for it because I wanted to own it, but more of just wanting to know the name. But owning it is still pretty cool.

The movie is about two brothers going on vacation together. While driving, one of them pisses off a bunch of rednecks in a pickup truck, and are run off the road. They arrive in a nearby town, and discover that most of the citizens are dead, or missing. When one of the brothers ends up missing, the other begins to search the town. He soon discovers that the town?s people aren?t dead, but mutant vampire-like creatures created by toxic waste.

So, the movie?s plot isn?t that great. It has that 50?s B-Grade feel to it through out the film. But in some strange little way, the movie works. Though it takes awhile for the real thrills to start up, when they do they are worth it. The scene in the school?s bathroom where a teacher is trying to save one of her students is pretty frightening. And later, when this teacher is surrounded in her car by these creatures, I couldn?t help but feel dread about how much that must suck.

The special effects are decent, but noticeably fake. That is if you can see them. At times, the areas are so dark, you can?t really see what is going on. And the acting isn?t always on cue, but it isn?t so bad that it will take you out of the film.

This is a neat little horror find, and the end of a search for me. [i]Mutant[/i] isn?t a perfect film, but I like it. It is horror at it?s core, just not that well thought out. There are some real moments of suspense, and enough scares to satisfy most horror fans. Though most might hate this movie, I know I love [i]Mutant[/i]. [/font]
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