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Obviously aimed at an international audience, the film evinces a disorienting combination of cultures that produces a nowhere land more confused than fascinating.

September 1, 2008 Full Review Source: Variety | Comments (24)
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Christopher Mann

I think you need to do more research or watch the movie again. The movie is about a Japanese family in Japan. How you say it produces a "nowhere land" actually has me confused with you rather than the movie. And if you state that it has a "disorienting combination of cultures", tell me, what cultures do you see? All I see is Japanese culture. Hmm.. How you are a "Top Critic" confounds me.

Sep 27 - 03:56 PM

Penis C.

Penis Cat

Why do you hate America?

Feb 10 - 08:33 AM


Kimahri Yu

You are a moron who doesn't even deserve to be a film critic at all, let alone "top critic", yeah right.

Do your freaking research; you obviously doesn't know the first thing about Miyazaki or Studio Ghibli, nor the inspiration behind the film. "Obviously aimed at an international audience"? Most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. May be you can explain why it was never released in the U.S. until a decade later, when Disney decided they were interested to purchase the rights for redistribution.

If you wanted to make the same statement about Spirited Away, you might not have sounded so outrageously stupid and ignorant, but unfortunately, you obviously are.

Feb 16 - 10:36 PM

A S.

A Southwell

Perhaps the reviewer was watching the Disney-dub version.

Mar 2 - 06:04 AM

grim o.

grim orange

Once I read a review in a college paper about DiCaprio's "The Beach" wherein the reviewer labeled the movie a comedy. However, compared to Mr. Klady's review of "My Neighbor Totoro," that review seemed altogether sensible. I suggest Mr. Klady improve his dismal comprehension, which apparently found it too much effort to move beyond the fact that the cartoon characters' features appeared "Anglo," not "Japanese." If Mr. Klady finds such a flight of imagination impossible, I suggest he give up the ghost of being a decent reviewer and move onto hawking Disney paraphernalia, which, to use Mr. Klady's sentiments: is so sweetly backed by "the commercial dominance of Disney cartoonists."

Aug 22 - 11:38 AM


Michael Anthony

I have more respect for Armond White than Variety. No joke.

Nov 4 - 09:43 PM


KC Paul

I was thinking the same thing! xD

At least we don't take him seriously, but Variety has some irritating views of movies. >:/

Apr 26 - 11:33 PM


KC Paul

Rotten Tomatoes doesn't let you remove comments? What the fudge?!

I read this review entirely wrong, so apologize for my last comment making absolutely no sense.

But I still disagree with the reviewers' senseless observation.

Apr 26 - 11:36 PM


KC Paul

Rotten Tomatoes doesn't let you remove comments? What the fudge?!

I read this review entirely wrong, so apologize for my last comment making absolutely no sense.

But I still disagree with the reviewers' senseless observation.

Apr 26 - 11:36 PM

Matt Cuffe

Matthew Cuffe

Klady you are truly an idiot.

Nov 25 - 01:53 AM

Phil C.

Phil Cross

I fail to understand, how after browsing through all the Miyazaki movies in his page, and reading all of the reasons why critics did not like his movies, even critics with whom I have alot of respect for, dislike his beautiful movies for the most obtuse and ridiculous reasoning conceivable... I mean these same critics do not critique other movies in the same manner that they do Miyazaki's films... How can they give some half-assed, half-baked comedy that was made in 1 month, or some action movie plot that was cooked up on a storyboard in a day, a better rating than ANY ONE OF THESE GREAT films!? sure, some of them have some obvious character and plot flaws, but they do NOT deserve the slack some of these so called "critics" have been giving them... I am disgusted that these people get paid for their opinions over me, or any one of these people who offer their opinions based on facts and true and unbiased observations... how does this make sense?

Feb 23 - 09:38 PM


Wig gins

What a poor, pathetic excuse for a critic.

The film takes place in Japan with a Japanese family! What, because they aren't completely caricatured stereotypes you can't recognize them as Japanese or something?

You sir, would be better off flipping burgers.

Mar 25 - 02:15 AM


KimGordons Panties

"homogenized pictorial style and vapid storyline?" You are a monster.

Apr 17 - 01:14 AM

Marty G.

Marty Griffin

You sir, are an imbecile. Obviously you have never watched anime before, otherwise you would know that the characters are never drawn to look sterotypically japanese. Furthermore, If you asked a Japanese person whether these characters looked japanese they would say yes.

Nov 28 - 11:14 PM


KC Paul

Saying it's aimed at an "international audience" is a bit insulting, don't ya think?

American audiences enjoyed My Neighbor Totoro just as much as Japan, or Europe, or Australia, or freaking Mars!

Yes, our cultures are different, and so are our opinions, but you're summing it up as if we all everyone outside of America has a different view of this movie.

I don't think so. It's just as endearing and enchanting as Wall-E or Up. It's magical. I loved it, I really did. Is it groundbreaking? No. But is it beautifully animated and thoroughly involving? Entirely.

Apr 26 - 11:31 PM


Joshua Dinsmore

Who do you think you are, Armand White?

Jun 9 - 10:53 PM

William J.

William Johnsten

HAHAHA Good one

this reviewer is a retard

Jun 10 - 09:29 PM

isnicket 1.

isnicket 1

O.O Anglo features? What? And 'aimed for international audiences". Why in the world would you think that? Disney hadn't even obtained distribution rights when this movie was made, pagal.
" the rigid backgrounds and limited character movements appear dull and crude"
I really think you must have mistaken My Neighbor Totoro for some other movie. I can't believe you can seriously call studio ghibli's animations 'rigid'.
"innocuous pop songs drone on the soundtrack."
What pop songs? My Neighbor Totoro has a beautiful soundtrack composed by Joe Hisaishi, baka.
I don't like you. -.- You are one of the fools that ruined a fresh 100%. SADness.

Jun 30 - 11:00 AM

Calvin Yong

Calvin Yong

Please, I beg of you. Don't try to make yourself seem smarter than you really are. You have no place to critique someone of Hayao Miyazaki's calibre when you aren't even familiar with anime and Japanese manga.
"Anglo features" ? Seriously?? You sir, are talking out of your a$$.

Aug 31 - 02:53 PM

Prasa Urithirakodeeswaran

Prasa Urithirakodeeswaran

How exactly is a film that was never marketed nor shown internationally until a decade after its original release "obviously aimed at an international audience" ?

Oct 3 - 06:25 PM


Jamie Flow

Read Ebert's review of this film.It indirectly refutes every point made in this sorry excuse of a review.

Dec 8 - 01:31 PM

Tiago Santos

Tiago Santos

I wouldn't presume to teach you your job, but you are way off the mark here.

Feb 16 - 04:54 AM

Maggie C.

Maggie Carlyle

This movie mixes cultures together in a remarkable way that can be understood by all ages and shows a land of imagination that is absolutely fascinating. Five year old children could understand this movie better than you and give the movie a real chance of its beauty and creativity.

Apr 25 - 07:53 PM

Jeffrey Stevens

Jeffrey Stevens

I simply don't understand how you can say this movie has "rigid backgrounds." The lush and detailed backgrounds in this movie are one of its strong points!

Jun 30 - 03:48 PM

Jeffrey Stevens

Jeffrey Stevens

I simply don't understand how you can call the backgrounds "rigid." The lush and detailed backgrounds are on of the film's strong points, certainly a lot better than Disney's dull and simplistic backgrounds.

Jun 30 - 03:53 PM

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