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October 8, 2007
A wacky, silly occasionally hilarious tale of a group of unlikely superheroes who struggle to stay together after their leader, Captain Amazing (Greg Kinnear) is taken, and a new villain (Geoffrey Rush) emerges as a legitimate threat to overrun their city with evil. The set designs perfectly match the acting, overdone and colorful, and even when the film veers all over the place, it still remains largely entertaining. However, the running time is much too long, there is no reason for a movie like this to surpass two hours. With that said, it is funny in spurts, and Ben Stiller's energetic performance is often enough to keep the movie watchable. Far from perfect, far from terrible, just an average little weird film.
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October 8, 2007
Not the worst superhero movie ive ever watched however i wouldnt say its that great either! Its amusing in places but not enough for it to be honestly called a comedy! I don't like Ben Stiller as an actor and so he was the one i disliked most in this movie which isnt a surprise! Good cast in my opinion but not a great movie, watchable on a wet sunday afternoon whilst doing the ironing and catching glimpses of the actual movie!
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February 1, 2012
A guild pleasure.
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September 6, 2010
Absolutely hilarious! I love this movie. It features a large cast of great comic actors playing washed up and ridiculous superheros trying to defeat an over the top super villain played by the brilliant villain actor Geoffrey Rush. If just reading the names of the actors and characters doesn't convince you to see this movie, think back to shows like Super Friends, because this movie is like a live action satire of that. Overall full of laughs, fun, excitement... but mostly laughs.
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June 19, 2011
A very happy and funny (not as much as it should be) film with a good cast. All the main cast had good chemistry and worked well together. It could have been much funnier. It was just a bit loose. Spleen was probably funniest with his weird facial expressions and Rush was brilliant as Casanova Frankenstein - the show stealer. Really funny with his finger nail at the end. The Bowler wasn't funny and was slightly irritating with her Dad Ball though.
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December 21, 2008
Funny, action packed, and very strange. Just my cup of tea.
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December 9, 2009
Well this Movie isnt exactly "a Men in Tights" Movie. Bunch of loosers come together they think they can fight the crime and all. Motivation is everything and one day they really turn in to real Heros everyone with their Talent. I liked William H. Macy with his Scoop and Shovel. Enjoyable but easily forgettable. Some eeew scenes such as " picking nose".
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½ August 15, 2009
"Mystery Men" isn't an excellent movie by any means, but it could've been worse. It's about some heroes who want to become superheroes just like Captain Amazing. Captain Amazing gets kidnapped and it's up to The Shoveler and the rest of the crew to try and rescue him and save the world from Casanova Frankenstein's wrath.
Parts of "Mystery Men" are funny and parts of it are interesting, but overall it comes up a little bit short when you compare it to some of the great movies of the year. I would recommend seeing it if there's not anything else on tv, but I wouldn't recommend buying it. NOTE: That was my Amazon review from the year 2000.
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July 31, 2009
so awesome
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½ July 20, 2009
With a different director, this coulda been a contender. It is a flawed masterpiece (that's right, I said the word 'masterpiece' in conjunction with this film). Despite some dodgy editing alongside a director known for making commercials (and it shows!), it actually has many ingenious concepts. The idea that Champion City's most successful superhero is obsessed with his own celebrity and is therefore portrayed as a bad guy ties in perfectly with the anti-capitalist themes in the film. The problems arise when the style of comedy reaches juvenile level, and though at times that brand of humour is funny there is perhaps a little too much of it. There are, however, many hilarious moments, some of which are incredibly subtle for such an 'in your face' production. For example, when Captain Amazing is complaining to his agent about losing his pepsi endorsement he talks about what it means to him, in his heart, and he promptly hits his chest where his heart would be only to hear the hollow sound of his suit's exterior. Pure anti-capitalism! Finally, a mention of the cast. The film has a wonderful cast: Ben Stiller, Bill Macy, Hank Azaria, Greg Kinnear, Geoffrey Rush, Jeanne Garofalo, Eddie Izzard, Paul (Pee-wee Herman) Reubens and, best of all, the deep-voiced singing legend that is Tom Waits. So, a masterpiece? a silly but funny superhero spoof? or a superhero spoof that is unsure what it really wants to be? It is rather open to interpretation but one thing is for sure, it's funny!
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½ August 8, 2007
Ohh this is sooo good, before Stiller hit the big time, this is such a good comedy, great cast, great ideas, alittle camp but that just adds to the look and feel. Ever heard of a comic book hero called 'The Tick'?? well this is the closest thing to the live action movie. If you know what Im talking about you'll know what to expect, if you don't then you might not like this.
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½ April 28, 2009
"We're not your classic heros. We're the other guys."

Kinka Usher. Ever heard of him? He's a commercial director who got a shot to make a feature film. So, have you heard of him? If you haven't, I guess the main reason is that he hasn't been given a second chance because this film, "Mystery Men" is probably one of the worst films I've ever seen.

A bunch of people who have very unimpressive superpowers, form a group to fight the evil supervillain called Casanova Frankenstein. What powers do they have then? One is good at shovelling, the fellow with the stupid accent can throw forks, the one who got a gypsy curse can fart like none other. Mr Furious should be able to release his fury when mad. The girl in the group can throw a bowling ball. Amazing! Simply amazing!

"My name is Spleen. If you want to know my powers, pull my finger."

I don't know if the filmmakers intention was to make a seriously funny film that makes fun of the whole superhero genre. If so, the director and the producers have failed big time. I can't even categorize this as a parody because it simply is so bad, filmmaking at its worst. Think of it that the budget was nearly 70 million US dollars. Most of the money may have been put to the art direction. They've tried to create a Gotham City like metropolis but Champion City looks like something from a cheap TV series.

I feel sorry for all the actors who've contributed to the outcome of the movie. The acting is a perfect example to be shown at acting courses of how not to act. And think of it that there was a lot of comedic talent in the cast, like Hank Azaria and Ben Stiller but nothing funny here....

A two hour long parody of superheroes with many intolerably bad scenes? Please, avoid.
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½ April 18, 2009
Imaginative and kooky. The pacing is a bit slow and if this is meant to be a satire, I don't think the world the film creates seems like a place where superheroes could exist, you know what I mean? It's all a little too human.
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½ May 30, 2006
The Shoveler: We're not your classic heroes. We're the other guys.

A gaggle of comedians star in this funny movie based on a little known comic about wannabe superheroes who end up tasked with the challenge of saving their city.

Within this group you have 90s funny Ben Stiller as Mr. Furious, a man who fills with rage and starts to stomp around and say seemingly threatening one-liners. Hank Azaria as an obscure history figure, the Blue Raja, who hurls forks at foes. William H. Macy, playing it very straight, as the Shoveler, a man who shovels better than anyone. Kel Mitchel as an invisible boy, who is only invisible when no one is looking. Paul Ruebens as the Spleen, self explanatory. And Jeneane Garofalo as the Bowler, a women with a special bowling ball.

The Shoveler: If we had a billionaire like Lance Hunt as our benefactor...
Mr. Furious: That's because Lance Hunt *IS* Captain Amazing
The Shoveler: Don't start that *again*. Lance Hunt wears glasses. Captain Amazing *doesn't* wear glasses.
Mr. Furious: He takes them off when he transforms.
The Shoveler: That doesn't make any sense, he wouldn't be able to see.

Normally occupying the city is Captain Amazing, played by Greg Kinnear, but because of bad PR, he decides to release an old nemesis of his, Casanova Frankenstein played way over the top by Geoffrey Rush, who ends up kidnapping him.

It then becomes up to the wannabes to save everyone, with the help of Tom Waits as a weapons man.

The Shoveler: We've got a blind date with Destiny - and it looks like she's ordered the lobster.

This concept lends itself to a lot of very funny one-liners and outrageous production design and costumes. This is all used for the better, as it becomes very fun movie to watch.

There are a number of different comedians at work, all with different style, and it gives this movie the life it needs to go with its plot. For every dumb joke, there are a number of somewhat witty one as well.

The Blue Raja: Well, there's The Sphinx, of course.
Mr. Furious: The what?
The Blue Raja: The Sphinx.
The Shoveller: I know this guy. Big crime-fighter from down South. Big-league hitter down there.
Mr. Furious: What's his power?
The Blue Raja: Well, he's terribly mysterious.
Mr. Furious: [dismissively] That's it? That's his power? He's mysterious?
The Blue Raja: Well, TERRIBLY mysterious.
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July 24, 2007
a cult film by any stretch, beautiful in its campiness, cheesiness, and parody-ness... such an awesome cast
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June 27, 2007
Kind of boring, and a very weird movie....
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June 7, 2007
Sometimes I'm in the mood to watch "Mystery Men", sometimes not. It's a hit or miss script about a team of loser superheroes with very unusual and not-very-useful powers. Funny in some scenes, like the superhero hiring campaign, the disco villains, and the great training montage. But most of the jokes I didn't find funny. Shame on "Shrek" for using the same "All Star" song!
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May 16, 2007
The idea of a 2nd string of superheroes should have been fun, but yet it wasn't. Most of the cast just irritated me, although Hank Azaria as the Blue Rajah was a standout. Then again, Ben Stiller pretty much ruins every movie he's in for me.
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April 5, 2007
Had high hopes for this one, but it sucked.
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