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½ February 1, 2011
Probably one of the most twisted love stories ever made into a film. It's set in South Korea and is about a gangster who finds instant attraction towards a young college student and becomes so infactuated he conjures a plan that has her forced into prostitution under his watchful eye in order to pay off her loan. It's an interesting film for sure but it's quite disturbing and unpleasant as the poor female victim struggles with her desperate situation who grows to both loathe and love the man responsible for her predicament. The 'Bad Guy' also struggles with his love and guilt towards the woman whilst trying to maintain order in and around the brothel he monitors leading to some violent confrontations with clients and other gangsters. Very well acted by all. It did have some slow moments though. It won't be for everyone - especially feminists - but it's worth one viewing for those not easily offended.
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November 14, 2010
There's some exceptional visual trickery present in Bad Guy - Kim Ki-Duk's play at duality and reflection with constant graphic references to glass and mirrors, though obvious, yields some great-looking results - but unfortunately the metaphor just doesn't sustain Bad Guy. It's an interesting byproduct of a film that preoccupies itself more with repetitive scenes of violence or threatened violence, which starts out menacing but falls victim to diminishing returns until you've basically tuned all the sound and fury out. Worse yet are the utterly bland main characters, a hopeless and unsympathetic brat-cum-prostitute and the progenitor of Kim's archetypal but unpolished silent man of action. Like the film, these characters and their respective performances are competent, but completely lacking in dramatic inflection. You spend nearly the entire movie waiting for it to break the cycle of total sameness, but by the time it finally does you're beyond caring.

Totally skippable. It doesn't even have the distinction of being significant chronologically for Kim - The Isle came first and is, by all accounts, better. It's good that he went on to make much more provocative, fleshed-out films than this. I guess it served as a stepping stone for him.
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½ October 9, 2008
Not just a sick movie, Imo it manages to make a few fair points, Thoought provoking with some impressive moments
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½ June 2, 2007
Kim Ki Duk has an amazing ability to create characters who are real. In fact they are so real their actions seem unrealistic. In this film, we see a very unlikeable man fall in love. He is obviously socially incompetent and becomes obsessive. Like many of Duk's films there are no easy answers, and not everything is justified. Brilliant performances and some confrontational scenes add to the shocking impact. Another quiet and engaging piece.
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February 4, 2007
Harsh, cruel, uncompromising yet also strangely uplifting masterpiece by Kim Ki-Duk, like most of the master's works this one is not for everyone.

At its core it could be viewed as an incredibly unconventional love story with sado-massochistic overtones, but reducing it to that would be a disservice to the film. There is so much more going on, at the edges of the frame, such magic, such hope even ammongst the nihilism that the film is able to get away with a lot, especially during the last 30 minutes, as by this point it has long since established itself as a poem first and foremost.
December 14, 2007
A strange film of a thug's attraction to a woman who's clearly out of his league, which spurs him to contrive a scenario in which she is at his mercy and in great debt. Forced into prostitution, he is her pimp, and he watches her intimate encounters through a one-way mirror with a weird mixture of satisfaction and growing attachment.

Soon he realizes that he loves her?

A great looking film, but somewhat puzzling if considered in the rational world we live in, but this film follows its own logic entirely and makes it work.

Well worth a look.
January 7, 2013
What the heck was that? Awful. There are no dialogues, the plot was ridiculous and almost all the scenes the girl just slapped the guy's face while he tried to be affectionate to her in a wild way.
½ December 16, 2008
It takes a totally screwed up mind to conceive of a love story where the only love that takes place generally gets wiped off a woman's stomach with a Kleenex. This is the love story for the person who always dreamed of meeting that special someone, falling in love and turning them into a prostitute just so you can watch them be raped over and over. So, in closing, this is my kind of love story.
July 31, 2009
Pretty good movie by Kim Ki-duk. I would say this isn't as good as Address Unknown but better than 3 Iron. Worth watching and there are some interesting scenes.
½ April 27, 2008
Pretty good but missing something. But in the end, you have a hot naked Asian laying in the fetal position and crying a lot. Thumbs up.
June 6, 2007
Interesting and pretty compelling. If the lack of exposition doesn't interest you the cinematography might keep you in your seat.
March 15, 2007
I had this movie recommended to me by a very good friend of mine here on Flixster. Just like all of the foreign movies I have watched. This is definately my least favorite of the foreign movies that I have watched but it still wasn't a bad movie. I haven't watched a single bad foreign movie yet.

Anyways...this is definately a strange movie but it's also pretty good. Basically it's about a girl that gets into a bind because of money and is basically forced into prostitution. Then she is spyed on by a guy through a double sided mirror. The guy is connected to her though in a way that I don't want to describe because it will give too much away. You just have to watch it.

It's pretty bad that a movie that is my least favorite foreign movie still gets 4 stars. These foreign films are excellent. I'm still adding to my viewing. ^_^
February 25, 2007
Nope, didn't like it. Nothing redeeming in the characters or story. Loved "The Isle," but this - not so much.
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October 19, 2006
i made the mistake of judging this as another korean revenge movie about halfway through it. by the end of the movie i wasn't quite sure what the main theme was but kim ki duk tends to have that effect. the acting was great and the nonconventional camerawork was very much kim's style, unique, simple, dirty and clever. bad guy is more similar to the isle than to 3-iron or spring, summer, fall... so don't watch it unless you're in the mood for a fairly brutal story with moments of terrible suffering.
½ May 18, 2010
A harrowing tale from my favourite South Korean director/writer. As is usual with Kim Ki-Duk there is little dialogue yet he manages to en-rapt the viewer, giving you a frank look at the world of corruption and a loss of innocence.
January 3, 2010
UNIQUE* Either you'll love it or hate it .. This film Depends on A Persons insight Into what the director's Main Goal Was.. Its A simple Yet complex Film of A Mild Insight to Human transformation And how easy it is to corrupt An Innocent mind.. This was a deep journey into a dark side of life .. Different I likey *!
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