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September 6, 2010
This is a ridiculous, predictable, and goofy comedy, but it has the two Coreys! Only watch this if you're a fan, because it's a fan film really. Otherwise you'll probably see it for the stupid comedy it actually is... Well, it's somewhat entertaining anyway.
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May 16, 2010
Total and utter dribble from start to finish!! had no idea what was going on or why, its a complete waste of time and money and have no idea why they even made it. Maybe to boost the two Corey's popularity and film CV's haha
½ April 2, 2010
Ooooh, lookey lookey. A movie starring what used to be Corey Feldman and what used to be the living Corey Haim. Shall I make an inappropriate Haim joke? Sure. This movie sucked Abe Vigoda's earwax. Thanks for the memories Corey.
½ August 14, 2007
60's psychedelia meets 80's party movie in this forgotten 90's gem! I can see why people hate this movie, it really is ridiculous, however, I can't help but be impressed with the sheer amount mayhem that was packed into this wonderful film. I've certainly seen nothing like it ever, and likely never will again. This was the eighties sexy comedy genre making its last gasp and going out with one hell of a bang.

Corey feldmans uncle needs help saving his island, so what does feldman do? Enlists Corey Haim of course! The two go undercover to try to save the island.
Now some of the background looks horrible but I believe its intended that way and it adds to the hilarity. Honestly I believe the whole movie is supposed to appear to be cheaply done but it pays off. Anyone who is a fan of cheesy comedies should definitely give this movie a chance.
½ April 19, 2015
Gave it a chance because it was National Lampoon but it's just another in the long line of the two Coreys's list of bombs.
March 16, 2006
possibly the worst movie I have ever seen.
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