Talks Begin for National Treasure 3

Cage pushing for International Treasure.

National Treasure was never intended to be a franchise. When the first installment did well, the filmmakers started from scratch to come up with a sequel. This time, though, they built in a potential part three. National Treasure: Book of Secrets mentions the mysterious page 47 of the president's secret book, which could be whatever they decide it should be in National Treasure 3.

Star Nicolas Cage gave the screenwriters a lot to live up to with one simple improvisation. "The way we left the movie, the President asked Ben, 'What's on page 47?'" Cage said. "I wanted to figure out what I could say that would really make people interested in what's on page 47 without saying it, so I thought of the words 'life altering.' Whatever it is, it's going to have to be life-altering."

Director Jon Turteltaub is not holding himself to the page 47 idea. "We can always tell people that's the fourth movie," he said. "That doesn't work. I've actually seen movies that seem like they're setting up for the sequel and that wasn't the sequel."

Even producer Jerry Bruckheimer said that the mention of page 47 is as far as development on National Treasure 3 has gotten. "The writers might know, but I don't know," he said. "And they're not going to tell me now because they're on strike."

Still, Cage already has ideas. "I believe that it should become more and more International Treasure," he said. "I was very happy to see that we went to London, England and Paris, France, but I'd like to see the movie go wider still. I'd like to go into Africa, Egypt, Asia, and keep going. My hope is that Ben is recruited and he gets a dossier from these other countries about their history, and has to download it and learn it, and then try to go on these hunts on their behalf. That would be a lot of fun for me."



Tim Higginbotham

Is it just me or does the Disney/Bruckheimer team always put out a sequel or two to a film that never intended to become a franchise? Look at Pirates of the Caribbean. Part 1 did amazingly well at the box office and because of that, they turned it into a franchise and popped out 2 more sequels. Looks like that's the same case for National Treasure. Not to seem like I don't like either film series, I love PotC and National Treasure was cool but it looks like it's going to a trend for any future collaborations between Bruckheimer and Disney.

Dec 17 - 07:48 AM


Tyrone Jackson

F#CK !

Dec 17 - 07:54 AM


Jim La Rose

I guess as long as there's money to be made, sequels are inevitable. I don't mind these types of movie as much as I do movies like Legally Blonde or Miss Congeniality getting sequels. With a comedy the jokes just get old, with an action movie- CGI and set pieces get better (while the story probably won't).

Dec 17 - 09:00 AM


Gimy Moo

can we see how 2 does first people? i liked the first one, kinda reminded me of the Mummy/Indiana Jones vibe. but the second one...well, i laughed at the trailer because it was so corny. it just looks so stupid and badly done. considering the last Cage movie i saw was Ghost Rider...i'm not diggin' on this sequel, and the 3 talk seems WAY too premature

Dec 17 - 10:51 AM


Sal Rizzo

i cant believe this ****

the first movie was serioulsy one of the worst movies i ever saw

Dec 17 - 11:50 AM


Jose Jose

I really thought the first one was horrible. Why else was it played on TBS within a year.

Dec 17 - 12:15 PM


Shawn Jensen

I enjoyed National Treasure quite a bit. If Book of Secrets doesn't go off the edge like Pirates did with Dead Man's Chest, I'll be up for a third Treasure. It was very Indiana Jonesy and I miss that in adventure movies as of late.

At any rate, it sounds like Mr. Cage is well vested in much more than a trilogy if things go well.

Dec 17 - 02:14 PM


suzie smith

Part three should be the one where Cage tries to find his *** with both hands and an *** map...... but fails.

Dec 17 - 02:21 PM


David Dubie

why why why...
they are not Indiana Jonesy it's wanna be Indiana Jones mixed with some awful movie, why make more of them.. well besides making a crap load of money from idiots that don't know any better or people that go to make fun of the movie.. please save us somebody

Dec 17 - 08:43 PM

Midtown Killa

Josh Bailey

your a straight moron homie. If you think national treasure is the worst movie you've ever seen i cant wait to here your favorite.... O let me guess broke back moutain lol you ***

Apr 2 - 11:25 AM

Midtown Killa

Josh Bailey

your a straight moron TheHerald . If you think national treasure is the worst movie you've ever seen i cant wait to here your favorite.... O let me guess broke back moutain lol you ***

Apr 2 - 11:26 AM


Alsan Ali

Really, did you people find National Treasure THAT bad? I thought it was kinda entertaining and a hell of a lot better than the Da Vinci Code which it blatantly ripped off. Plus I'd rather see Nick Cage tied down to this franchise than go and ruin other movies.

Dec 18 - 12:58 AM


Jasper Oosterveld

The first one was fine and entertaining but not a brilliant movie but i have to give the person who is responsible for casting a big thumb up because many directors would be jealous of the cast! haha, Hellen Mirren, Ed Harris, Harvey Keitel what the ****!

Dec 18 - 01:29 AM


Joanne Newton

Oh come on guys the first one was awesome, i don't think they could of got a better charater then Nick Cage the amount of awesome movies he's been in in pretty cool, to behonest i can't wait forthe second and hope to god they bring a third one. But aye i guess thats me :)

Dec 18 - 01:33 AM


Jonathan Y

The damn TRAILER to National Treasure 2 made me want walk out of the theater...

Dec 18 - 03:45 AM


Brian Bara

National Treasure was a fun, mindless popcorn movie. If the sequels are of the same caliber, that's fine. If, like the Pirates movies, they get progressively worse, I won't be wasting my money.

Dec 18 - 09:30 AM


Randal 1013

i really hope the writers refuse to write NT3.

Dec 18 - 11:42 AM


Jaz Zimmerman

I loved the first movie. I am looking forward to the second movie. But they should hold off on making a third National Treasure movie until we see how well the second one does. I watched some sneak preview scenes and they were great, I hope the movie does well.

Dec 19 - 02:55 PM


Eddy Alfonso

HAHA this is my first time on this site and i just cant help but laugh at all of you wannabe critics. I hope Disney makes 100 Pirates and 100 National treasures just for you.

Dec 22 - 10:16 PM


evan McFarland

Well to you people who think national treasure is bad, I have 2 words, **** YOU. If you think that national treasure is the worst movie you've ever seen then you obviously don't see that many movies. Seriously national treasure 2 was good. I laughed my *** of at the buckingham palace scene. If you think it's bad then you probably expect every single movie to be like pan's labyrinth.

Dec 24 - 01:13 PM


Paul Evans

I thought both National Treasure 1 and 2 were great movies. My wife and I have been to the places that they visited in the states and it was fun to watch and see familiar places. I wish the second one would have taken just a little longer to get to the treasure, but still was very pleased with the movie and can't wait for it to come out on DVD so we can watch closer and see what we missed in the theater. I hope they do a third and fourth. If Back to the Future can have good sequels, I don't see any reason National Treasure can't. Personally I no longer have the need to see a lot of sex or killing in a show to find it entertaining and that is just what National Treasure was, entertaining. I loved all of the characters and the show really fits all of them. I give it a two thumbs up! Can't wait for the next one.

Dec 25 - 08:06 AM


Reen Ho

Well.... i kinda like National Treasure. Seriously. & i'm quite happy the 3rd part is coming out. I didn't get to finish the first, but i already watched the second. & it's really good. Cant wait for the 3rd installment

Dec 27 - 12:09 AM

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