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½ October 3, 2012
Cute. Funny...I have to admit that I laughed really hard when she got caught in the sex suit. Now that was precious!
½ January 11, 2009
I was duped into thinking this was actually a gay movie. The reality is that no one in there 50's are confused about their sexuality. I understand where the movie wanted to go but I wasn't very convinced. The sex scenes made me uncomfortable and the Never Again slogan was used so many times it was redundant!
February 5, 2007
Funny funny movie! Well worth the watch and good for a lot of laughs. If you like When Harry Met Sally or Something's Gotta Give, you will LOVE this film!
January 3, 2010
My MoM Would Just Loove this !!! It Is soo rare they make a love story for 50's and over it is funny Funny And Funny It Holds The trueness Of Being Jaded By Love That You Would become a NONSEXUAL lol that is soo cool .. the best part is when she is trying on the sex toys in her long mirror and he brings his mom to meet her and she can't get the strap on dilly doo off hahahha soo crazzy This is fun ..
December 24, 2007
The good performance from Jeffrey Tambor can't overcome Jill Clayburgh's abrasive performance. Nicely written movie, but a bit disjointed. Very funny at times. It gets a bit sappy at times as well.
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