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Never Surrender Reviews

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September 25, 2010
another Ultimate fighting championship style fighting movie. Only this one has more fighting in it than Circle of Pain as well as more in the Caged ring. A Champion of the MMA falls into the underground fighting world where the steaks of the fights are different from those in the legal world. Fight to survive & protect your Consort) or end up a bloody mess. I rentee it cause Heath Herring was in it (the guy from Circle of Pain w/ the Mohawk) oh yeah & I thought I saw B.A. Baracus from the New A-team.. & checked out cast list & hey I?m good. IT was him. The lead annoyed the hell out of me doing his lines. They sounded fake & OMNG! The dialog was so damn cheesey in this a can of Cheese wiz came walking in the room to complain! I think I might have liked Circle of Pain better. I think there was ore of a story/plot line to it. This one was crap other than watching the fake (?) matches. F
August 25, 2009
Don't be fooled. I rented this just to see GSP, BJ and Anderson Silva, but it was a BOGUS movie made by some unknown guy (Hector Echavarria) with a big ego who had $$$ to produce and star as a big-time MMA fighter doing porn on the side. Not worth the buck I paid at Redbox!
May 8, 2009
This movie is about as good as a late night cinemax softcore porn, mixed with less than inspiring MMA infused brawls.
Marino S.
July 22, 2011
BJ's style of fighting was the most authentic, whereas most of the other fighters' styles were compromised because they're in a movie. So it's unrealistic, GSP is voiced over, ummm Anderson Silva loses, they throw in some nude scenes for more attention, the main character is some anonymous guy who sucks at acting, martial arts and his physique is worthless as well. Oh and, Heath Herring loses to a 60 year old Russian cave-man? Way to ruin a movie!
If they only tossed all these fine MMA fighters into the octagon and made a tournament, it would make more sense. Yeah, they're all from different weight divisions but on screen it wouldn't matter...
It was cool seeing all these fighters I've watched perform in the octagon for so long, but man oh man... It sucked so bad they, dare I say, almost embarassed themselves. Good thing Anderson had a brief appearance, it would break my heart if he had to act longer in this work of "art".
ryan s.
May 15, 2010
This movie has horrible plot and even worse acting. the director thought that since its a movie about mma that putting 5 mma stars in it would make it better, they were wrong. There is some softcore porn in it and with bad montages it is just horrible. watch if you must but it will make you lose about 3 IQ points.
Blurred Face Reviews
January 14, 2010
Never Surrender... Never subject yourself to this torture. I love MMA and its cool to see fighters in the movie but a horrible waste of time. Bad writing,bad acting,bad direction, just plain bad. Do yourself a favor Hector and retire. Not just from movies but from everything.
November 30, 2009
This movie is just plain horrible. In EVERY way. Hector Echavarria should be banned from making films. All I could think about is wonder how someone decided to fund a movie project with this as a pitch: I'll star in a movie where I'll have gratuitous sex with attractive women and then beat up real-world fighters in the least convincing fight scenes since...well, ever. This movie just sucks. The best actor was GSP and they dubbed him, even though he was speaking english. Seriously, the worst film I've ever had the displeasure of seeing. Also, this doesn't even deserve the 10% I seem to be forced to give it.
October 15, 2009
Save yourself before you watch this movie without being warned that it is not a movie but a ploy to pollute your brain with musclebound idiots beating the crap out of each other in the phoniest ways to sleep with the opponents girlfriend.....Dumbest plot ever and just a way for director hector echavarria to make himself look tough. Dont make a movie about yourself being cool you concieted creep....
neil s.
October 14, 2009
very bad acting. love ufc but would not recommend this movie at all
Russell P.
July 5, 2009
This movie is a lame excuse to cash in on the success and rising popularity of MMA promotions like UFC. As a person who is training to be a mixed martial artist I found the fights to be completely unrealistic. The story is bland and with terrible dialog and horrible acting from everyone except the trained professional fighters who should not be better then the actors chosen to portray fighters, seriously.
When you story revolves around the best Mixed Martial Artist in the world,fighting for to keep a hooker and win more hookers that should be the first sign that you have need to rethink your plot, did i mention that he can barely throw a realistic looking kick?
For future movies in the genre i suggest if you get some of the pound for pound best fighters in the world such as Anderson Silva and George St. Pierre you do not use them to fight random bar patrons and thugs who have worse aim then an Imperial Storm Trooper after a late night drinking bender!
The only points I will give this movie is that Heath Herring was surprisingly not a bad actor and there was enough boobs in the movie to keep me awake until the horrible anti-climactic ending.
Tommy G.
July 3, 2009
This movie was sub-par at best. The acting was horrible all around in exception for Patrick Kilpatrick, even with the forced accent and cheesy dialogue he was convincing, something the actors, UFC fighters who were brought in and actor/director lacked. The fight scenes lacked any fluidity and overused replays of "big hits" over and over again before switching out to a camera angle that placed a person several feet away to set up for another "big hit". Think along the lines of really bad fight movies from the 70's here.

The premise of the movie is decent but cliche, a world fighting champion goes to take his chances in the underground fight world where money is big a night with the opponents woman is the prize for a victor. The plot was sketchy and unfocused.

There's simply nothing good about this movie.
shawn g.
May 22, 2009
finally a realistic, gritty fighting movie. it doesn't have much of a story but since when did any MA film have one? i liked this movie for the real fighting and i was impressed by almost all the fight scenes. some of the points didn't click or make sense but that's o.k. with me.
paul i.
April 26, 2009
terrible movie, love ufc, but ive never seen a worse story, dialog or acting...
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