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½ October 24, 2010
Never Take Candy From a Stranger, is a very unique movie in many aspects, not to mention the delicate subject matter; paedophilia.
From the legendary Hammer Film Productions, known for their english, colorful and characteristic horror movies from the late 1950s all through the 60s, they made this crime/thriller, set in Canada. What impresses me the most about this movie besides the daring plot is the superb direction by Cyril Frankel. You really get as shocked as the character, Jeans's mother after hearing the kid's revelations about their "games" with old Mr. Olderberry.
It's gets really creepy towards the end as well, which qualifies this as one of the best movies in this genre I've ever seen from the 1960s.

9-year old Jean Carter and her friend, Lucille, are on the swings on a playground when Jean loses her candy money in the grass. After looking for it in vain Lucille tells her that she know an old man who always got candy for little girls...
Jean later tells her mother about the "game" they had been playing earlier that day, and her mother, gobsmacked, decides to report it to the police. It turns out being a little bit more complicated then she first expected since the old man is the father of the biggest shot in town, and being newcomers in the town, the Carter-family is having lots of trouble getting any response from Lucille's parents or any credibility at all from the other people in the village. The whole thing gets more difficult since they got no proof for the accusation but Jean's testimony.

Very good movie that deserves more attention.

I owe a special thanks to Monsieur Rick for this!
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