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No message, no car chases and explosions, no 3D - just relaxing entertainment

December 14, 2011 Full Review Source: | Comments (16)


Sean P.

Sean Poirier

cut off your balls

Dec 14 - 09:13 AM

Alec Masson

Alec Masson

^I second that motion

Dec 14 - 01:47 PM

Ian Mccleery

Ian Mccleery

This old man is sad movies arent silent black and white 25 minute long movies, with some kid making $.05/hr cranking the projector

May 1 - 12:48 AM

Jeremy Parker

Jeremy Parker

I'm glad we rate movies on what they don't have now, instead of their own substance.

Dec 14 - 02:27 PM

Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones

I don't think he has any balls to cut off, if he thinks this is quality filmmaking.

Dec 14 - 07:47 PM

supeerior  g.

supeerior geinus


give me a break... TBH (TO BE HONEST) FOR THOSE WHO DON'T KNOW. Twightlight got better ratings OUTSIDE of rottintomatos, THEREFORE its a better movie. Git over urself if your seriously thinking that there movie is anywhere better than this shit.

Dec 15 - 03:16 PM


Jane Ridley

The fact that you cannot spell for shit doesn't say much for your ability to rate films effectively! Apparently TWILIGHT is a top film of yours yet you cannot even spell it.........and you're criticising someone else?! wow.

Dec 15 - 04:06 PM

Brian Waite

Brian Waite

Grammar police!!!!!

Dec 16 - 10:30 PM

Justin C.

Justin Coffman

He rated "Jack and Jill" to be "unexpectedly good". There really is no coming back from that.

Dec 16 - 06:34 AM

George K.

George Kovka

'No message' and 'no plot' are often one and the same. It's very rare you can pull off a good movie with such little formula. Case in point, this is what, at 7%?

Dec 18 - 05:55 PM

Alec Eiffel

Alec Eiffel

My god, this guy is so terrible

Dec 25 - 05:55 PM

Scott Kirby

Scott Kirby

What an idiotic review. take a Geritol Cooper and retire.

Dec 26 - 03:31 AM

Dexter Davis

Dexter Davis

Guess anyone can be a movie reviewer these days.

Dec 29 - 09:25 PM


Richard Hertz

These people are right about you Jackie K. Cooper. I don't know if it's more of a case of you being a shitty reviewer or just having terrible taste in movies. Probably both. But then RT is best known for being an aggregate movie review site and the more opinions thrown into the mix the better. Even if that opinion usually makes no sense whatsoever.

Jan 1 - 12:54 PM

Tommy H.

Tommy Edward

So you think boring, bland and pointless movies are good movie? I don't understand why you're a film critic. Since you like life to move at a snails pace maybe you'd be happier as a golf commentator.

Jun 9 - 07:10 PM

Evan Gadarowski

Evan Gadarowski

Someone must have convinced him that he was watching "60 Minutes" and not New Year's Eve. Poor grandpa.

Jul 15 - 08:26 AM

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