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Night Train to Mundo Fine (Red Zone Cuba) Reviews

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Super Reviewer

April 13, 2011
This movie is so bad! The director was the star and played other roles in the crew as well, so this was basically a pro-am flick. The story has something to do with a guy who escapes from prison, joins up with a renegade army of like 8 guys who go to Cuba to fight, most of them end up dead, he returns and I'm not sure what was going on after that. I really wonder how he got John Carradine in this movie. Overall, it's one of the worst movies out there.
December 1, 2006
If I hadn't seen this as a part of MST3K, I wouldn't know to make fun of it. I'd just be really deeply disturbed by it.

Another Coleman Francis classic, (eh, kind of) full of dirt and sleaze and.. Cuba.
January 11, 2013
When I first saw The Beast of Yucca Flats, Coleman Francis became an instant legend in my eyes. I love the Beast of Yucca Flats: it's so horrible and inept in every way it becomes enjoyable to watch. But Night Train to Mundo Fine takes Coleman's ineptitude from his two previous films and explodes it into a wonderland of nonstop, start-to-finish blunders and low-budget failures. THRILL as the same five men climb up a cliff a dozen times in some sort of apparent effort to convince the audience the men are an invasion landing force. SHOCK AND AWE is what you'll feel as a huge chunk of the plot involving Cuba winds up being nothing but poorly acted, directed, and written filler. IMAGINE exciting scenes like flying planes and moving trains because Coleman Francis couldn't afford such things. AMAZE as our writer/director/actor shows off his monotone, nonsensical acting "ability."
Jack Pearl
October 31, 2011
Red Zone Cuba (original title Night Train to Mundo Fine) is one of the most pointless, poorly made, mind numbingly boring pieces of garbage ever put on film. It has no production values, no plot to speak of, no scenes that create excitement, fear, suspense, or humor, and no reason whatsoever for existing. This is a film with no target audience, little hope of making a profit even given its $30,000 budget, and no sign that director/writer/producer/star Coleman Francis had any aspirations for this project beyond finishing it.
You probably have never heard of Coleman Francis, and with good reason. Francis was a third rate actor who snagged minor roles in B-movies and TV during the fifties, then somehow got it into his head that he was capable of directing. Let me make something clear: He was not. He had no business directing films, writing films, appearing in films, or holding any job in the film industry beyond that of theatre usher. I?m not saying that Francis was one of the worst directors ever; I?m saying that he was THE worst director ever. I have seen infinitely better movies made in a week by a group of twelve and thirteen year old Boy Scouts for a merit badge class. Army training films public service announcements from the fifties are on a higher plain of existence than anything that Coleman Francis has ever produced.
Roger Corman will never be considered a great director, but his films were at least good enough to gain cult status. Michael Bey may not have any insights into plot, characterization, or working with actors, but at least he knows how to film good explosions. Ed Wood was hopelessly inept in everything he did, but there was such earnestness to his work, such a cheesy feel and a desire to please that his films have become classics of unintentional comedy. None of this can be said for Coleman Francis. His movies are dead zones of monotony and idiocy that suck all joy from the room and the very life from the viewer. Sitting through one of them is like watching paint dry in slow motion while getting a root canal in the lobby of the DMV.
By now you?ve probably noticed that I?ve yet to say what Red Zone Cuba is about. I must admit that I have been putting it off as long as possible, for my sake and yours. If you?re still reading by this point, Red Zone Cuba is about an escaped convict and two drifters who get conned into joining the Bay of Pigs invasion, which in this film involves about eight people on each side, including a white Fidel Castro. The three are captured, and spend just enough time in a Cuban prison to overhear a fellow inmate talk about his wife and the tungsten mine he owns.
After escaping and returning to the US, they kill an old man for no discernable reason, meet the wife of the guy they left behind in Cuba, and are caught by the authorities just before reaching the tungsten mine. In the film?s only bright spot, Francis?s character is gunned down as he tries to flee. If you have any idea why someone would use this as the plot for a movie, please tell, because I am utterly baffled. Why, in a story that begins and ends with three destitute losers in the American Southwest, did Francis decide to include the invasion of Cuba? This must be one of the most aimless, meandering storylines ever filmed, with nothing holding this string of events together, save for the presence of the three central characters.
So like I said earlier, there?s no real story. There?s also no real acting or dialogue. Francis and his costars are as wooden as cigar store Indians, reciting their handful of lines with no more emotion than an answering machine. At least there?s no baffling narration in this one. Seeing John Carradine?s name in the opening credits gives us brief hope that someone in this disaster will know what they?re doing, but alas, he only appears in the first two minutes. I am somewhat at a loss to explain his presence in this film. I know he needed the money by this point, but how much could he have been paid out of a thirty thousand dollar budget? However much it was, it must have broken the bank, because I can?t see where else the money went. In a move of almost unparalleled cheapness, Francis actually used Nevada as a stand in for Cuba.
So if you haven?t figured it out by now, the whole point I?m trying to make is do not watch this movie under any circumstances. There is absolutely nothing to recommend it. The original cut will scar your very soul, and even the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 version will leave you struggling to stay awake. I find the very act of making and showing anything this cretinous so despicable that I can only give it zero stars. The fact that Red Zone Cuba is not the worst film Coleman Francis ever made is less a compliment to the movie than a source of unending shame to the director.
March 11, 2012
One of the worst film's I've ever seen. There really is no plot to the film. It's almost as if the creators simply picked a location on sight and filmed at it to whatever crazy idea they could come up with. It's never explained why the awful characters went to war, why they went around and killed people, or what their intentions were. Very terrible, but a decent MST3K episode as the movie is perfect for the series.
August 26, 2007
MST3K did a great job with this, but even with their hilarious commentary it was still painful to watch, almost as painful as Manos.
June 10, 2011
I only saw the MST3K (Mystery Science Theater 3000) version of this. Usually when I see the MST3K version of a movie, their commentary makes it an enjoyable experience, but not even they could save this disaster of a movie. When I saw it, it literally ruined my night. I can only imagine how horrible the full version is and pity anyone who has actually seen it.
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