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November 26, 2010
A total ridiculous load of nonsense packed with sexy girls in corsets, fishnets, gross bloody effects and plenty of lesbian demon makeout time mixed with human tits n ass...and it was totally cool.

Yep its a throw away film with a common, unoriginal, predictable, cliched character ridden plot which you've seen over and over but like other films in this genre ('Plane of the Dead' 'Zombie Strippers') it actually has some great makeup and effects which raise the film above other throw away films.

The makeup work is really nice and reminded me of Tom Savini's type of work, really spot on yet a little tacky looking at the same time, think 'From Dusk Till Dawn' and you're there. Unknown cast accept for Edward Furlong who looks rather bloated and permanently hung over but his name does lure the experienced cinema goer. It only needs one biggish name really doesn't it.

Pointless film, great horror effects = guilty pleasure. A decent tacky 80's throw back with sexy girls in very little clothes. Need I say more?.
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½ November 15, 2010
As far as remakes go, I'm as skeptical as the next horror fan. Very often Horror remakes will be hit and miss, and most of the time they'll miss the mark by a long shot. But thankfully, this is not the case with The Night of the Demons remake. The remake is one terrific blood soaked gore fest. I don't understand why the remake got so many bad reviews. The film is actually a well crafted film using obviously the premise of the original, but doing something very amusing with the whole idea and reinvents the formula in a whole new way. The result is an awesome remake with plenty of blood, guts, nudity and horror. Helming the film is director Adam Gierasch, a diehard Horror fan. Gierasch's directing is superb and his love of horror films shows on screen. The remake Of Night of the Demons is one of the best since My Bloody Valentine 3D. The film is great Halloween viewing and like the original, is a definite must see for all horror fans. Obviously the strength of the film lies within the gore content, and the film has no shortage of blood and guts. The cast is average, and there's not really anyone enjoyable on screen, so when they become Demons, you really don't care about the characters. Even if there's not really anyone great on screen, Shannon Elizabeth and Edward Furlong are the best here, and Elizabeth is perfectly cast as Angela. However I feel the characters aren't that great. But in the end, for a film like this, it's the gore that counts. The Night of the Demons remake certainly delivers on blood and guts, and it's what makes this film so much fun in the end. Night of the Demons isn't a flawless remake, but it's still much better than most remakes out there, and considering that this is a direct to video remake, its pretty good and very entertaining. This is one of the best remakes that I've seen in quite some time, is almost as good as Kevin Tenney's original film. However, this film will never beat the original. This remake also features a cameo from Linnea Quigley who played in the first one. A terrific and horrifying film that's sure to please fans of the original.
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January 25, 2011
Sure, okay. Whatever. Nothing new here. Some gore and flesh for those in need.
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½ January 12, 2011
Loads of hotties almost make this redonkulous movie watchable. You can tell they had this 'awesome ending' in mind that they really wanted to get to, but didn't know how. So they just made a really dumb, nonsensical and hole ridden path to it. Diora Baird is one of my top dream girls, and it's too bad she isn't exactly pretty after the first half of the movie. Worth watching with your wife one night if you are super bored and want to laugh a few times.
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July 27, 2010
"Uh okay. So, they're demons."

Lots of pretty, B-level actresses in slutty Halloween costumes being killed. Lots of dumb guys. A decent amount of gore. A paper-thin plot about some demons haunting a house in New Orleans on Halloween. Not very scary. Ample amounts of chessiness and campiness. Some okay monster designs. An amateurish script. Late-night tv quality production values. Some really terrible Halloween-themed rock music. A powerful urge on my part to fast-forward a lot.

That's basically my experience with Night of the Demons, in a nutshell. I can't compare this to the original movie, as I haven't seen it. But on its own merits, it's not funny or scary enough to really be worthwhile. But hey, boobs. Check the cast list and see if that makes this pretty mediocre flick worth watching for you.
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September 3, 2010
Nice remake to the same 1987 name movie.Story is near the same but the movie as change a few bits which is good in my book.There plenty of bloody gore and there a real sense of fun here.The first half is a tad slow and go's wild around the 40 mins mark.One of the best scene from the original is the use a lipstick and in this new movie they have re-invented that scene again with true style.Over all a soiled remake not the best in the world but there is fun to be had here.
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½ October 11, 2010
It was fun to keep a look out for a few friends who were extras during the house party scenes and the demon make up was pretty awesome but the film fails to entertain. No one's likeable, the gore is sparse and the plot is at best serviceable. WIth that said though it still ranks higher than the abysmal sequels to the original.
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½ September 26, 2011
I liked it! There are some parts in here that are VERY gross\disturbing\bloody\entertaining. It was a little slow-paced, but the pace eventually picks up. Not the greatest horror flick out there, but still a pretty good\entertaining movie.
Ryan M
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½ November 12, 2010

I despise movies which exist for anything other than of art. Art is in the eye of the beholder; and even campiness could pass as "artistic" once in a while. Just look at "The Evil Dead". Now look back at the direct-to-video remake of "Night of the Demons", which is anything but artistic. You know what, it wasn't artistic at all. It was stupid. That's what it was. While not the worst thing ever to release on DVD directly for horror, "Night of the Demons" only gets some recognition because it is a remake of a cult classic. Never have I seen the 80's original although I have reason to feel skeptical of its existence (given the quality of most 80's horror films). The point is that no matter how good "Night of the Demons" was, it got a very crappy remake. What makes "Night of the Demons" so bad is itself; the mix of boobs, blood, and camp. Sure, it delivers a decent amount of the first two things, but those are never selling points for anyone with a real brain. Maybe video-junkies will sit around and enjoy it for all its nudity and breast-shots, but anyone of considerable intellect would want to look elsewhere for "entertainment". Anyways, "Night of the Demons" does not have only one fatal flaw, but many, many more. It's inconsistent whether it's trying to scare us or make us laugh. It's also super-gory and seems to focus more on spills than chills or thrills. Please. There are too many movies like this already. We don't really need more. This is not horror; this is not campy. This is one thing and one thing only; crap. Pure, utter crap. I recommend that you avoid it if you can, which you most certainly can as well as you are not physically disabled in any way. Please, don't feed these movies your money. Don't even give them your time. Because despite what you think, time comes at a price. It's better to get more than what you paid for, right? And it's no good if the movie can't give you your hour and a half back. I mean, really. That's just disappointing.

The film opens quite well. I liked the incorporation of a "silent film" style at first. And then the movie descended into utter, modern crap. The gore and girls can't make up for the lack of interest in "Night of the Demons". This is a painful 93 minutes to endure; featuring very few entertaining scenes. The story, if it has a story, goes a little something like this: a couple girls rent an old Mansion for a huge Halloween party. At the party, many emotions go back and forth between people. There is lust and longing for lost love. When it all boils down to anything, it boils down the intense sexual desires of each individual "character". With hopes of getting drunk and laid, the boys hook up with the girls for the party. Everything is going smoothly until SOMEONE gets just a little curious. Too curious. Soon, the film shifts from partying to blood and guts. I've seen such a thing happen before, and I've seen it done better. The rest of the film is spent with characters trying to survive against (you guessed it)...demons. Many will say that I am missing the point to this movie. Perhaps the thing is meant to have no story whatsoever and essentially rely on several bloodbath scenes to hold it up. Does that SOUND like a movie to you? Maybe. Maybe this IS a "movie". Actually, you know what; it's not. This isn't a movie. Not even. It's far from being a film and it can't even work well at being a "movie"? Pathetic, much? I'd say so. With a lack of actual characters and a serious lack of creativity, "Night of the Demons" is limited to its own stupidity.

The cast is utterly awful. Dare I say it, the movie itself deserves better. Shannon Elizabeth is awful, Monica Keena is awful, and what do you know, Diora Baird is awful. The only reason such people were chosen for a movie like this is for people to simply stare at them. They may be attractive, but they are also very empty. There are some cameos put into the film, although each one has to be shown outside of the general film. That's how pathetic it kind of is. The actors are equally as bad as the actresses, although they do look better when they're all demon-ised. I'll admit that much.

On a more positive note, "Night of the Demons" looks pretty decent for a direct-to-DVD movie. Be it low budget, but it also has some decently impressive visual effects. I'm not saying that it LOOKS great, since I admire pretty stuff at the best of times, but I'm saying that it doesn't look god-awful. The soundtrack is mostly rock and roll, and you know what...I didn't like it. I do like me some rock once in a while, but this is just...pathetic, for the most part at least. The film's atmosphere just isn't good enough for the visuals and music to count as positive attributes. Anything else, I absolutely hated the thing. It felt so pointless; so boring. I cannot forgive such a movie for its arrogance. I highly recommend that you continue being unaware of its existence. That's probably for the better. Why I took its existence into account is my own business. For horror, perhaps? Unlikely. For blood? Again, that's unlikely. Blood is not a selling point especially when it's neither funny nor disturbing. But you know what; I don't blame the movie itself for being so dumb. I blame the filmmakers. It's THEIR fault for screwing with a decent premise in the worst of ways. I can't say that it's my fault for hating the final product either. My criticism is never my fault. It's the sin of the filmmakers.

Another entry into 2010 remake hell. Whoopdie doo. Like I NEEDED more remakes. Like anyone did. But as always, there are "filmmakers" who are willing to make stuff for nothing but profit. In that way, "Night of the Demons" is yet another potboiler amongst the many other films out there. It is one of the stupidest movies to release this year, being repetitive, boring, and uncreative. It lacks so much ambition and creativity that it's just...not entertaining. That's inexcusable. I should like movies like this. After all, I liked "The Evil Dead". And I liked "Cabin Fever". Weren't those both nothing but flesh and blood? Indeed they were, but they were also funny. The problem with "Night of the Demons" is that in an attempt to be cool and gory, it fails to generate the laughs that should come with decent camp. In so many ways, it is highly forgettable. Consider it an experience that could be called "truly regretful". I don't have a problem with fans of the original enjoying this remake, but I do not predict that I am alone in my opinion. Thank goodness.
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½ June 19, 2012
No great shakes but this mid-profile Hollywood horrorshow works much better than most other '70s-'80s remake attempts. In fact you can skip the first 45 minutes to get the good stuff, and with an R-rating there is plenty of blood and well-made grotesque demon masks. Shannon Elizabeth is at her sluttiest and Monica Keena a major hottie, plus some fun cameos like original NOTD star Linnea Quigley and Troma horror vet Tiffany Shepis.
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½ September 20, 2011
It's hard to figure out what to even say about this movie. I guess I could say that if you for some reason wanted to watch one of the worst movies ever made, this would be your pick.
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June 28, 2009
An interesting re-make of the '80s movie, starring Shannon Elizabeth, Monica Keena, Edward Furlong, Diora Baird, and Michael Copon.
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November 15, 2010
Very average remake. Few OK scenes and decent makeup but very skippable. Needed more gore quickly and some more T&A wouldn't hurt. Furlong actually looked on death's door from the start (though I think that is just how he looks now).
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½ October 11, 2010
"Night of the Demons" is a fun and fast remake is full of gore, guts and rock n' roll.
October 20, 2012
This one seemed never to end and when it did, it was a stupid ending. One suspends a great deal in these sort of siege movies, but this one, well, there was just not enough of Shannon Elizabeth. And I could not believe that at all.
October 18, 2012
This was just too bad to even be campy horror fun. Yes there were a few knowable actors but they were all terrible and the lead girl, I couldnt stand looking at her lip injections the whole movie. The effects and makeup for the most part are really good. Haven't seen the original but most people tend to think this version is just as good if not better, so that means I will not be seeing it.
½ June 1, 2012
Angela (Shannon Elizabeth) decides to hold a banging Halloween party at an abandoned house where centuries ago six people went missing and one woman killed herself. Unfortunately the party doesn't last long as the police arrive and kick everyone out.

So Angela is stuck in the house with some of the party patrons, and discover they can't leave because the gate is locked. They investigate the house and find six bodies in the basement in a secret room. Angela accidentally gets bit by one of the skeletons and slowly turns into a demon, infecting some of the other guests, turning them into demons as well.

It's up to Maddie (Monica Keena) and her ex boyfriend Colin (Edward Furlong) to stop the demons before they kill them too - because if they inhabit seven bodies by morning, the demons will rule the world.

Yes, the film is just as stupid as it sounds. Apparently, there are seven demons that were evil - even too evil for hell - so Satan cast them out, and if they inhabit seven living bodies, they get to rule the world. Everything about the film is stupid - from the story to the acting to the effects - everything.
November 15, 2011
Night of the Demon promises and delivers at an inept direction. I love the soundtrack to it which I wish I could have said the same about the other cast mates. The film has stooping along a party when police come in and shut it down. Six people are left and go around exploring, being dummies. Soon, they are attacked by demons they have to fight them off to survive. There is some good gore and laughing sequence, but Night of the Demon is very bad and inept film. Yet, it crappiness makes up for it, but just a little bit. I would have preferred the film dedicate its time watching partiers dying instead of having to hear six dummies.
½ October 17, 2011
Just another sex-filled bloodbath. Movies like this could seriously stand to tone down the nudity and gore a bit and work some more on the actual plotline. Oh, and Edward Furlong plays a drug dealer; isn't that ironic.
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