RT's Top 50 Horror Movie List Unmasked

Check out the best-reviewed horror movies of all time!

Halloween is a great time for three of life's essential pleasures -- pigging out on candy, dressing up in a fun costume, and watching an obscene amount of horror movies. Thankfully, Rotten Tomatoes' Top 50 Horror Movies list has arrived, showcasing the best-reviewed horror movies of all time!

Although our list has scares galore, plenty of our picks do much more than cause nightmares. Some will make you laugh (Shaun of the Dead), jump out of your seat (Carrie), be amazed by breathtaking cinematography (28 Days Later), and bear witness to some great performances (Kathy Bates in Misery and Anthony Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs).

I made the RT Top 50 Horror Movie List! And I only had to sacrifice a dozen online critics!

Our list will hopefully inspire you to check out those classic horror flicks you may not have seen in a while, like the original A Nightmare on Elm Street, where a young Johnny Depp meets his maker. There are also plenty of lesser known horror gems for you to discover, like Canada's teen werewolf tale, Ginger Snaps. Although some horror fan favorites (The Shining and Scream) didn't make the cut, we've still got zombie flesh-fests (Dawn of the Dead), some German expressionism (The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari) and bizarre off-kilter thrills (Cat People).

So get on your costume, munch on a candy apple, and brace yourself. Rotten Tomatoes' Top 50 Horror Movie list is here!



Some guy you dont know

Bruce Campbell

Evil Dead I and II were in the top 10.


Oct 10 - 06:31 PM


Jane Holt

Psycho at #1? Not bad, but not having The Silence of the Lambs, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, and The Exorcist in the top ten? For shame...

Oct 10 - 08:19 PM


Adam Staple

The Exorcist and Halloween aren't in the top ten???


Oct 10 - 08:25 PM

Now it's dark

Kirby K

Did not expect to see David Lynch and Guy Madden in there.

Oct 10 - 08:55 PM


Justin Boyes

the exorcist needs to be WAY higher on the list! and the shining didn't even make this list? what the hell?

Oct 10 - 10:12 PM

Jen Yamato

Jen Yamato

Blame it on the reviews! Just think, if your favorite good horror movies didn't make it, the ones that did might be even better...right?

Oct 10 - 10:54 PM


andrew kruzel

Shaun of the Dead is not even a horror movie and no way is it or 25 movies better than Halloween, that should be in the top 5. Why is shaun considered a horror movie but Jaws is not?

Oct 11 - 01:32 AM


Alsan Ali

If The Shining didn't even make it on the list, I won't even bother reading it.

Oct 11 - 03:38 AM


Pas the point Vicens

wtf? Shaun of the Dead was good, but #3 on the Top 50 horror movies? I beg to differ.

Halloween, The Exorcist, Jaws, Poltergeist, I could go on, all deserve to be in the top 50. The only good decisions she did make on her list were the Evil Dead movies and Psycho.

Oct 11 - 03:49 AM


Pas the point Vicens

I meant top 10, haha.

Oct 11 - 03:50 AM

Some guy you dont know

Bruce Campbell

Has Rotten Tomatoes ever had a good list?

Oct 11 - 04:35 AM


Gimy Moo

i worked backwards, clicked all the way to #1..psycho, good call. lost respect for this list when i saw the Descent at #22...and stopped clicking after i saw Blair Witch. good marketing doesn't make a good movie guys, plain and simple...it was PURELY marketing. EVERYBODY believed it was true and thats the only reason people went to see it, and the fact that the actors and creators REFUSED for awhile to acknowledge it or flat out COME OUT and say it was fake...was a nice(stupid in the long run) ploy. case in point, the sequel made NOTHING and the trilogy was scrapped. great marketing...sh3t movie. the descent was a chic flick...nothing less, nothing more. not having Scream in the top 25 was stupid. these lists are dumb...

Oct 11 - 06:05 AM


David Jones

Oh, I get it. Its not really the 50 Best Horror Films but the best "Reviewed". IMO there is a difference.
I have been suckered in to seeing some of the good reviewed horror movies in recent years only to be disappointed.

Oct 11 - 06:14 AM

Some guy you dont know

Bruce Campbell

I love how when people don't like a great movie (like the Blairwitch Project or The Descent) they always come up with the most ****y reasons why it's bad.

Oct 11 - 08:21 AM


Matt Arnold

not a bad list all things considered. i do have some quibbles of course...the excorcist is far too low. it should probably be # 1 to be honest. Any list of horror movies that doesn't cantain the exorcist, halloween, and night and dawn of the dead is automatically suspect. and though they are good movies, night of the hunter and ESPECIALLY silence of the lambs ARE NOT HORROR. Not at all. I wish reviewers would realize this. And I also missed The Haunting and The Changeling, two great ghost movies. still not bad all around.

Oct 11 - 09:13 AM


Matt Arnold

oh yeah, and to agree with other posters, not having the shining on the list is criminal.

Oct 11 - 09:14 AM


joe smith

I know its best reveiewed but that list is void in my eyes, how can it not have the Shinning??? I was expecting that to be in the top 5!!! The Changeling should be in the top 10, The Omen? Poltregeist??? How about An American Werewolf thats a classic!!!

If it can have Shaun of the dead then it can have GhostBusters!

the Grudge should have made it maybe atleast 50 or something.

Blairwitch should be in the top 10

Oct 11 - 09:20 AM


Hunter Linn

all of this makes me nervous to even look at the list

Oct 11 - 10:36 AM

Scarborough Fair

Kyle Beaudette

Shaun of the Dead is indeed a horror movie, and it got really good reviews. This is a list of the BEST REVIEWED horror films.

Oct 11 - 12:05 PM


Hunter Linn

so if shaun of the dead is a comedy, then so is scary movie 1-?

Oct 11 - 12:30 PM

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