Robert Englund Evicted from Elm Street?


That Nightmare on Elm Street reboot is still on -- but it sounds like it might be time for Robert Englund to finally pack away his ratty old sweater and razor-tipped glove for good. Back to Article



Jerome Sibol

How about Heath Ledger? I hear he made a great psychotic murderer in TDK!

..too soon?

Feb 5 - 10:49 AM


Steven Gilpin

Larry David. That's all I'm gonna say.

Feb 5 - 10:55 AM


frank burger

jimm carry but not as the fun house freddy
just think a bout it be for you blast me
he could be really creepy

i think im gona get killed for this

Feb 5 - 11:37 AM

Jack le Critic

Jack Blanc

Tim Roth does a nice line in nasty...looking forward to his Abomination in the Hulk.

But really, do we need this? How about a new villain for the 21st Century?

It's all too lazy, lazy, lazy...

Feb 5 - 11:55 AM


william mccloskey

That pisses me off! Englund IS freddy. No one can do what he did. Thats bull****!!!

Who else can do that!!! I know Andy Dick? hahaha that would be funny!

Feb 5 - 12:03 PM


High Lonesome

Colm Feore

But they'll likely go with a much younger actor...because it would be quite stupid to put someone in as Freddy who is close to Englund's age.

Feb 5 - 12:23 PM


Scott Seals

Huh... that might be weird. I'm usually not one to whine about a new character taking on a role, like the whole Kirk thing. Typically, I figure "who cares" and let them get on with it.

Robert Englund is so eclectic though, and so grafted to Freddy, that if I see anyone else portray Freddy like FREDDY, it'd feel like watching a Robert Englund impersonator.

Oh well, we'll see how this turns out.

Feb 5 - 12:28 PM

Dane Cook is NOT Funny

Jennifer K

I am thinking Nathan Baesel. He played Leslie Vernon in Behind the Mask: the Rise of Leslie Vernon. It was a little horror movie that was quirky, scary and funny. He was just the right amount of creepy and funny in it.

Feb 5 - 12:47 PM


james cochino

haven't we learned anything over the past two years. they are going to get some wb brat who's claim to fame is appearing on the cover of seventeen the same month his show debuted and got canceled. casting will be a mix of no names and barely knowns, with a few cameos of old characters for good measure. the story will either be based around the beginning or the end or both. the music will be a combination of the original score and godsmack. it will get about 14% on the tomato meter, and beat all box office records ever set for an opening weekend.

Feb 5 - 01:30 PM

Leonardo da Turtle

Chris Hunter

willem dafoe is the best choice i have heard so far. he is scary in anything he does.

Feb 5 - 01:48 PM


Tom Bidinger

i think its funny how people throw in huge names into the ring. granted these would be hopeful casting choices, but there is no way in hell Christian Bale, John Malkovich, Robert Downey Jr., or Johnny Depp would do anything like this. their talented actors, but wtf, use your head. its gonna be some no name guy and none of us will care about the movie, because horror movies nowadays suck. they're just an excuse to show lots of gore and nudity. they don't have interesting plots, the characters are retards, and the biggest reason they suck is that they don't do their job, which is to scare people.

Feb 5 - 02:15 PM

Jack le Critic

Jack Blanc

It'll be a B-Movie actor, Defoe is too much quality for this kinda stuff...remember, not many actors want the stigma of playing a child killer. Englund wouldn't be doin much if he wasn't doing Freddy, maybe a bit TV and low budget stuff. V the Return pt 2 perhaps?

Feb 5 - 02:24 PM


Dan Weston

I heard the next remake is going to be The Exorcist with Dakota Fanning.

Feb 5 - 02:54 PM


Connor Hughett

It's hard to imagine anyone else playing Freddy other than Englund. It's like doing a Pirate movie with someone else other than Depp playing Jack Sparrow. But if they really want to do something new, and break away from where the franchise is now. Like what Chris Nolan and David Goyer have done with Batman franchise. Then I say more power to them. Just along as the powers at be get the right creative minds involved with the production.

Feb 5 - 03:18 PM


dethburger hates Flixster

There was a time when it was thought no one could play Frankenstein's monster but Karloff....WRONG!

Horror icons WILL be remade...always have, always will.

Wes Cravens New Nightmare should be mentioned somewhere here...great way to reinvent the Freddy franchise I thought...and opened the same day as Pulp Fiction. (I think PF really took some of this movies thunder away.)

As for this "reboot", take it to the 'Hood....ala Candyman. You could build a great backstory where the parents kill Freddy because no one cares that its urban kids being murdered. Once Freddy invades their dreams then it can also become a plot device too. Don Cheadle IS Freddy.


Do it in suburbia and have Kurt Russell play Freddy.

Feb 5 - 03:38 PM


joe tigano

daniel day lewis or crispin glover

Feb 5 - 03:52 PM


damv bat

mmmmmm maybe a woman freddy
now thats showbuisness

Feb 5 - 04:48 PM

Daniel Aaron

Daniel Gentry

it might be a trip if he made him more of a bruiser freddy never looked like he could physically challenge anyone so if the got some one more brawny not jason big but muscular and not as many one liners more serious possibly cerebral could be a trip more mind manipulation before the kill observing the mental break then stepping in thoughts off my dome. P.S if he came in mine it would be a short movie.;)

Feb 5 - 05:16 PM


Doug Whitmore

I can't see Willem Dafoe in this... he would just strike me as awkward. Funny one of you should mention Depp. I think it could be interesting for him to come back and play in a remake of the movie that launched his career. Perhaps not as Kruger, but as one of the other male leads. I agree that Englund will forever be the man in the sweater. It would be difficult to name another, they'll have to get get a no-name.

Feb 5 - 05:28 PM


Tyler D

The pedo from "Little Children"

Feb 5 - 05:30 PM

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