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September 10, 2007
Great for its time and Freddy Kruger will always be a classic character!
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½ January 4, 2008
Pretty lame, in all honesty. Was looking forward to this one as it brings Nancy's character back in, but it still wasn't that good. Maybe my expectations were too high, but pity help me, I still have three elm movies left in my box set!
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January 4, 2012
Alright, that's it, this is the last Elm St. movie I ever want to see! Here I thought that after that horrendous second movie this one would be worse, but no, it was terrifying, and I went back to my nightmares with Freddy. The original scream queen Langenkamp, who played Nancy in the first movie, returns to help teenagers fight Freddy. Just like in the first one, the teens try to stay awake, and we are unaware of when they accidentally fall asleep only to be killed in some crazy way. I loved that they all tried to band together using their dream powers to fight him, it was very exciting. I really liked this movie, although it scared the socks off me.
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October 4, 2011
This is probably my favorite entry in the series. "Dream Warriors" thankfully rebounds from the ridiculous "Freddy's Revenge", and actually advances the concepts presented in the original. The most notable creative progressions are the dream sequences. The imagery involved is disturbing, and instead of just random slashing, Freddy tortures the innocent using the victim's hopes and fears. Freddy was still meant to be scary in this movie, so his warped sense of humor works nicely. This is the sequel that was most imitated in the watered down movies to follow. It's a movie from the 80's so it is corny in parts, but it is a very good horror movie. Highest possible recommendation.
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June 9, 2010
This is a redeeming sequel to the weaker Freddy's Revenge. What makes this film a better, more entertaining film is a strong cast, some terrific directing, great script writing and the involvement of Wes Craven. Dream Warriors is one of the best Nightmare On Elm Street sequels and has a very strong story. You end caring for some of the characters who fall victim to Freddy because the film is well written that the characters really come out on screen. Also one thing that is worth mentioning the soundtrack to this fine horror film was made by 80's metal band Dokken, so it really rounds it out to be a great film with a terrific soundtrack, great cast, great story and is one of the best sequels in the franchise. A must watch.
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March 4, 2008
The tide of 1980‚??s horror sequels continues with this third chapter in the series of films that ruined the housing market on Elm Streets throughout the country. This time the film actually doesn‚??t occur on Elm Street (unless you count a few dream sequences in the house from the first two films, though it looks like a victim of the mortgage crisis), but in a psych ward for adolescents. All the kids on the floor are threatened by the same boogeyman with razors on his hand and the fashion sense of a blind man Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund), causing a suicide rate only rivaled by Tokyo test takers. One new patient named Kirsten (Patricia Arquette) seems to have the ability to pull people into her dreams as a means of support, a gift that is used by her new doctor Nancy (Heather Langenkamp), our hero princess from the first film.

Dream Warriors develops the original Wes Craven formula a little better than the last film, but this is the film where our nightmare man becomes campier than the first two films. True, the second one sucked but he was still pretty freaky the ten minutes he‚??s actually in the movie. In this one he begins to turn into snakes, televisions, and big breasted nurses and throwing out funny quips like ‚??Welcome to prime time bitch!‚?? when smashing a teens head into a TV or claiming to not believe in fairy tales when squaring off against a nerdy wizard obsessed kid. The fear of the character is washed away in the need to say some zingers.

As in all horror sequels this film was made cheaply by getting some low rent actors, most of whom you‚??ll never hear from again and the legendary John Saxon, reprising his role as Nancy‚??s father. Of course Laurence Fishburn is in this as an orderly, but he can only do so much with what he‚??s given to work with here. The story is ok. It‚??s much better than the last film, but still doesn‚??t hold a candle to the original film.

This third installment in the red and green money machine is an acceptable sequel in horror cinema. It doesn‚??t live up to the original film, but it‚??s just good enough to keep the nightmare alive.
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½ July 1, 2007
The first half of this film feels promising as the best of the series to date. The set up for this was a much better storyline and the ?puppet? scene is the big thing I remember from this series of films.

It was during the second half the storyline it seemed to drag and a little boredom set in.
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December 3, 2009
It's nowhere near a good movie, but almost so hilariously bizarre that it's fun. The idea of having kids fight back against Freddy whit superpowers was just an odd place to take the series. Even though it has some return appearances from Nancy, it wasn't enough to save it from being a sub par horror movie.
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½ August 15, 2009
While I was watching "A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 - Dream Warriors," I thought to myself that this is what a sequel should be. Nancy (Heather Langenkamp) returns to the lineup in this third installment of the classic series as a past victim who will do anything to help out the teenagers that Freddy Krueger is now terrorizing. However, to help the kids out, she needs their cooperation and the help of Dr. Gordan.
What makes "A Nightmare on Elm Street 3" a great sequel is that it has a lot of good horror scenes such as Freddy turning into a snake and trying to eat Kristen (Patricia Arquette), and it also has good suspense, and even a sense of adventure. Dr. Gordan insists to Nancy's father that he shows him where Freddie Krueger's bones were buried years ago. At the same time, Nancy, Kristen, and the rest of the ones who are being terrified by Freddy's nightmarish wrath, and must team up to do what they can to save themselves. That's when the sense of adventure comes into focus.

The special effects for "A Nightmare on Elm Street 3" are also top notch. If you like horror movies, I recommend getting this movie. NOTE: That was my Amazon review from the year 2000...possibly best in the series.
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½ June 12, 2009
this is crap crap crap, but if its halloween and your girlfriend says hey should we watch Hills have eyes 2 or Nightmare 3? i hope the choice should be obvious
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February 18, 2008
I can't imagine a better third horror movie that so bravely strides on the live wire fence separating solid horror story from campy self indulgence. I love this movie, and though I disagree with Wes that the story should have ended with the first movie (one main thing I want to research is how Craven currently considers this oversight) but I do agree with Wes that if the series should have stopped at some point, it should have been at the conclusion of Dream Warriors. In my opinion, as the following three movies decline exponentially in story value. Though the idea of a team working together and they all have a "special power" is very superhero and done with full 80s flair. At the same time, the effects are at peak and the dream setups are still juicy (and bloody). In this one, Freddy plays mainly on his territory - in dreams. The return of our heroine Nancy is very welcome and the heirs to her powers seem like formidable pupils, but they are also very human, moreso than previous "group of kids" subject to Freddy's spree. At the same time, because of the "super-hero" aspect I can see how someone would promote the idea that the story operates on archetypes, but I have to disagree and say that this is an original piece and done with expert crafting.
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January 24, 2007
THE best Nightmare sequel.
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April 23, 2007
Stupid, but fun.
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½ January 29, 2008
The title says it all, "dream warriors".
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July 30, 2007
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May 29, 2007
Directed by: Chuck Russell.
Starring: Heather Langenkamp, Patricia Arquette, John Saxon, Robert Englund.

This was the nightmare film I grew up watching, it was the only one in my dads collection as a little boy and I enjoyed it so much, since then I watched the other sequels and instantly saw how atrocious they really all are, but I rewatched this and saw exactly everything that I liked about it as a child.

This time around, Chuck Russell has taken the helm after the atrocious second film and with Wes Craven, among others helping to write the script, it stays true to what made the original so great. Although I do prefer Wes Craven style of tension and atmosphere, Chuck Russell does a damn good job, I felt like he was a visionary with this film where he plays around with camera angles and doesn?t keep the camera in one place. There is some tension here and there and the atmosphere is great, but what I really liked was the setup of Freddy Krueger. I personally felt he was a little underused in the 1st film, this time around, he has more screen time and his background is given more meaning?.and not to mention that this is Robert Englund?s best role as Freddy. The acting this time around is a major improvement, Patricia Arquette is much better as the leading lady, showing some impressive acting, Heather Langenkamp is back and she actually surprised me, she has vastly improved from the first film. In relation to the kills, I preferred the way they were setup in the first film and how disturbing they were, but one in particular in this film (involving sleepwalking), haunted me as a child.

It is without a doubt, the only other really great nightmare movie, on some levels, it surpasses the original, on others it doesn?t, but as a whole, it stands very close to the original and should have been the only sequel made. Another classic film.
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July 20, 2006
Dream powers? Oh, please. Ok, it's a cute idea, and it might have worked if it weren't for the D&D geek. "I am the wizard master!" Good grief...

The death scenes were inventive and mostly fun (especially the "hungry" needlemarks), but everything else was just...blah.
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½ August 6, 2007
Third "Nightmare" movie in which Freddy continues to terrorize the dreams of the last of the Elm Street children. They all end up in the psychiatric wing of a hospital where dedicated doctor Neil Gordon (Craig Wasson) and original survivor Nancy Thompson (Heather Langenkamp) work overtime to help and protect them.

One of the strongest entries in the series (at least from my perspective), this shows more imagination than the second movie and the talents of the cast and crew are evident. At this point, Freddy was still a scary figure and the nightmares are well realized (excellent special effects, too). I agree that there is good camaraderie among the young cast and that this entry shows a little more hope for the intended victims than other entries.

Good, entertaining horror sequel.

Among the four writers who worked on the screenplay are original "Nightmare" creator Wes Craven, director Chuck Russell, and future director Frank Darabont, based on a story by Craven and Bruce Wagner
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½ June 9, 2007
This Elm Street film was awesome! For once, we have a group of kids, with special dream powers, teaming up to defeat Freddy. The group dynamics were great. The special effects and production design were highly imaginative. The script was very polished. Lovely Nancy was back from the first Elm Street film. Everybody had such great chemistry working together. Freddy started his one-liners, but still had a scary edge. I loved how they devised customized dream-deaths for each of the kids. There was a nice amount of gore. Lovely stuff. A perfect Elm Street film. A model for the following sequels. Great stuff!
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