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March 23, 2007
I hadn?t realised the film CRIMINAL was a re-make, of course it didn?t take me long to realise that this was the original film. I usually prefer to watch the original first, but found both equally entertaining and enjoyed both portrayals of characters in each film.

Always enjoyed the ending to this one.
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½ May 2, 2009
Guess I'm the only one here but I think the twist is dumb & almost ruins the entire movie
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August 3, 2007
A wonderful stroll with two scam artists proving why there's no one else to trust in the deceitful concrete jungle. a film that will hold your breath till the last minute. superbly written, acted and staged.
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April 22, 2006
If you like this too, you will definitely want to see CRIMINAL, the American remake. It's fun to compare and contrast.
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January 31, 2012
I really felt something for this gang of swindlers. The dialogue is sharp and the action has a nice pace to it. Good job!
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½ July 29, 2006
The less you know about this film, the better.
One of the best of it's genre.
½ December 1, 2010
This one has been remade in the US as "The Criminal". I can't honestly say that the original is better, it really seems to have been made for the South American audience (the ending is something that just doesn't happen in this part of the world), and quite frankly I liked the cast in "The Criminal" better.
June 4, 2010
I was easily conned by this one, should have seen the end coming from a mile away. Good fun though.
February 24, 2008
Watching this movie was spoiled by the fact that I watched the American version ("Criminal") first. This version was much better than the American version, but knowing what was going to happen spoiled it a bit for me. While having flaws, the movie was well-crafted and well-acted. One flaw was that why would he tell the buyer who his sister is. At this point in the movie, it is true that he thought he would be selling the real stamps, but why would want someone to know how to trace him. And in fact, if he hadn't said that, what excuse would the buyer had that he would have some influence in convincing him to let his sister do the exchange... Anyway, still an enjoyable movie.
April 11, 2007
A con movie that does a good job of keeping interest throughout. The plot was well thought out. From what I can tell the acting is good. It's always difficult to tell how good acting is in a foreign film. I thought the twist at the end was too predictable. Still a good movie with a lot going on.
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December 27, 2006
I don't know if I would call this a masterpiece but it was entertaining. I would not have guessed the ending and doubt you will either. Left one star off only because when I was forced to watch it a second time, I remembered it was actually my third time!
I have taken Criminal off my must see list.
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August 18, 2006
comparisons don't typically make for good reviews but honestly, i think el aura is superior to this movie. i'm not saying that nueve reinas was bad tho, it's a great flick, darin pulls off another great performance but the plot is a lot more accessible and predictable at times. it's a shame that bielinski's gone, he was just starting to move towards insanely unique directions.
½ August 6, 2006
I LOVED this flick! Set in Buenos Aires, it's really an interesting movie that makes you pay attention. Long live the Argentinian filmmakers!
April 22, 2006
This movie is a lot of fun! Pay attention, because the plot twists a bit, but I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this. Maybe it was just me, or the fiesta food in the Spanish room, but I thought this was a very fun/funny film. Love the scams.
July 18, 2015
Cada escena tiene un giro crucial, inesperado, e impredecible, en una historia irresistible y sumamente original, con un suspenso escalando sin pausas. Ricardo Darín está excelente, como un maestro de la estafa buscando vender unas valiosas estampas postales.
July 6, 2015
Enough twists and turns
February 19, 2015
A charming flick and great watch with humorous twists and turns with good performances by everybody. Its fun to watch how Juan pulls off the trick at last.
October 16, 2010
Un ejemplo de un buen guión.
December 26, 2014
Clever and twisty, Nine Queens is a memorable thriller.
½ July 26, 2014
Fun con-man movie that keeps the viewer glued to the screen through it's twists and pace.
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