Los Angeles Streetfighter (Ninja Turf) Reviews

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March 9, 2012
This was a heck of a film. It is a Korean film shot in LA. It features street gangs who are interracial, are enrolled in college, and fight each other with 4 foot sticks; you know, just like real street gangs. One is lead by a typical gang leader / college student, a man with a receding hairline who is about forty and lives with his mother who's about the same age as he is, maybe a bit younger. Not the actor I would have chosen for the roll, but he is probably world-famous in Korea, so why not? To the extent there is a message to the film, it is that America is a bad place for Koreans, and that Los Angeles though violent is completely devoid of guns. The budget is low, the fights poorly choreographed, the dialog is badly dubbed (even the Americans), the screenplay is lousy, and the direction and editing is amateurish. Still, there is a certain camp quality to it, and I've wasted time in worse ways on a Friday night.
September 20, 2008
I recently came across this movie through "ON DEMAND" on Comcast. If you love great 80's B movies then this will be a true joy. The original title is "LA STREETFIGHTERS" released in 1985. The movie opens in a highschool type of setting with a bunch of gangs picking on a Vietnamese guy named Tony who is portraying a good boy who so happens can kick some ass. While being harassed, a bad ass name Young (looks 35yrs old) comes to his rescue. He opens up with a real bad re-dubbed fob accent. The action is non stop with Young and his friends karate kicking a stereotypical LA white and mexican gang (20 mexicans in one car). Young is a tormented soul who becomes best friends with Tony and at one point even tries to get Tony a whore. This movie is a classic and is worth watching simply for the horrible accents and acting. I can't remember when I lauged so hard at a movie. I never grew up in LA in the 80's but if it had a bunch of kung fu fighting gangs it would have been pretty entertaining. I think that this movie is only available on VHS so bust out that dusty player and buy this movie.
October 20, 2006
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