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March 4, 2013
Nitro Circus's feature film didn't quite have the same success as those that Jackass put out, but in reality they're not too far apart. This movie is fun for what it is, and what it is, is a bunch of fearless(at least they appear that way) extreme sport athletes doing crazy stunts. The crazy stunts range from tricycle double backflips to seeing how many times they can roll a car. None of these ideas are too bright, but they all seem to work out in an entertaining and dangerous way. The film is basically just watching the different experiments in pain and danger. In-between there are interviews with different people and we also count down the time until the teams first live show in Las Vegas. 

The film is alright for what it is. These aren't my favorite things to watch, but I do find everyone in the Nitro Circus crew to be likable. In the end, you should no whether you'll get any enjoyment out of this all before even starting it. If you like watching people cause injury to themselves then it may be worth a look, if not, stay away because that is all this is.
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½ November 26, 2012
Nitro Circus delivers some cool stunts, but in terms of substance, there's nothing else to offer. The attempts at comedy, doesn't have anything that stands out, and after watching members of the team whip out constantly, this movie becomes tiresome and stupid. This film could have been something great, I mean some of the stunts were fun to watch, and I enjoy Travis Pastrana, but this one failed to deliver something truly memorable and fun. I've had more fun watching Jeb Corliss videos on YouTube than watching this painful attempt at delivers a stunt movie. After a while, I found myself not caring what was happening on-screen. This is a tiresome film that despite the fact relies on cool stunts, is not a film worth seeing again. Beware about this one, you've seen it all before and though some things that Nitro Circus do are cool, it lacks depth and a reason to exist. For example, they could have gone into the history of Nitro Circus a bit more and introduced each member and give them a reason why they have that rush of adrenaline. No reason is ever given, and it's just stunt after stunt, along with a few fails, and bad attempts at humor. I'll give these guys credit, what they do is cool; however it did not necessitate a film. This was poorly done and it would have been better as shorts instead of a full on feature length movie. Fans may enjoy it, but I didn't enjoy the way I thought I would. In fact, I thought it was awful as a feature.
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August 8, 2012
Hey, lets make a Jackass movie but take away everything that made Jackass interesting and throw in Channing Tatum for no reason AT ALL!
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August 11, 2012
Yawn. That's about all I could do during this movie. I don't know where they were trying to go with Nitro Circus, but it was a very, very watered down version of Jackass filmed with a number of guys who just weren't interesting. Even the 3D was lame. They didn't do anything with it.

They didn't seem to know how to make this work in a way that would lead to the finale they wanted. It was just one lame stunt after another with one or two interesting ones added for good measure. Top it off with a couple of interesting stunts and there you have it. Nitro Circus in 3D.

Nitro Circus just isn't worth seeing. One TV episode of Jackass is more fun, entertaining and charismatic than the entire Nitro Circus movie.
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August 9, 2012
NITRO CIRCUS doesn't bring anything new to the table. However, this group of daredevils are really fun to watch.
½ May 29, 2015
This is a rip off of Jackass, it is so obvious. Their are really cool stunts that make this movie a little fun, but other than that this movie gives you nothing and bores you in throughout the movie.
November 3, 2014
Jackass-lite that is nowhere near as memorable and the cast of characters are pretty much carbon-copies of that crew. The Nitro Circus guys may be talented athletes, but their stunts are mostly derivative and by the fourth replay, they get old super fast. They make a big deal out of having a girl on their team, yet she does one fucking stunt and from then-on she's on the sidelines cheering; big whoop. Some of the stunts are just insane and these guys truly are risking their lives, the most inspirational being a guy "on" a wheelchair as he puts it, doing insane stunts and showing that you should never give up. There is also one scene where one of the members is seriously injured and hospitalized, which is pretty hard to watch and we don't usually see that in these extreme stunt shows. It doesn't compare to Jackass in entertainment or humour, so for me it was merely "okay" escapism.
July 26, 2014
it had some pretty crazy stunts, but it wasn't as entertaining as Jackass is, Jackass has more variety and its more hilarious.. A lot of these stunts were Dangerous but a lot of them seemed similar to other ones they did.. not enough variety.
½ June 8, 2013
the tv show was funny and stupid that's what made it so good! it was my favorite show on tv! this was like an epic documentary highlighting their accomplishments. that's not what the audience wants! I was expecting something more on the lines of jackass
½ November 9, 2013
Throughout the entire film, I kept thinking that this was nothing but a lame PG-13 version of Jackass, but far less entertaining. The film doesn't have many interesting stunts and since the film is apparently labeled as a comedy, it was definitely one unfunny comedy. Another thing that I found dumb was the addition of Channing Tatum. I think that he is a pretty good actor, but putting him in the film was dumb and unnecessary. Overall, this is one huge bore.
March 25, 2013
Of course critics are going to bash this film to no end. It isn't Casablanca or Citizen Kane (both of which were so utterly boring that I fell asleep before having to re-watch them to give them a fair shake). Nitro Circus is a movie for extreme sports fans. Travis Pastrana is perhaps the most talent extreme sports athlete to ever live and Nitro Circus is a show that fans of his will undoubtedly love. Other than Streetbike Tommy and Travis the other members of the group are rather bland but all still very talented. The stunts are inventive and fun to watch (fail or completed it is all the same). The format of the movie was a bit untamed and had no continuity but for the most part Nitro Circus 3D was fun. Again if you don't like extreme sports or spent 4 years in school trying to discover big words to destroy movies like this (movies which your scholastic minds are unable to comprehend) than avoid it. Otherwise sit back and enjoy athletes who aren't scared to launched from a blob off a 60 story building.
March 20, 2013
its a movie length showing of the crew doing whattthey do best. if your looking for death ir character work go else where. I think that's where critics fall short and don't understand its a movie for fun. they do stunts and crazy shit. its fun to watch but if your looking for stupid stunts and comedy go watch Jackass.
½ January 14, 2013
Be prepared to skip through a lot and don't even bother not watching it in 3D...some of the visuals are the only reason to watch it. I have seen a few of the TV episodes and they are a lot better than this crap.
½ January 5, 2013
On strictly an entertainment scale it earns a solid 3 1/2 stars, yet it is no JACKASS that's for sure.
January 3, 2013
I love this group of awesome people. they are totally original. snd pastrana is the most sweetest thing on earth. dont miss seeing this movie
December 26, 2012
it is awesome to say the least. What these guys do to entertain us or at least on a smaller stage themselves is completely insane and captivating.
November 23, 2012
OMFG this shit is fucking SPECTACULAR!! As Johnny Knoxville said, "Same mother, different father." - Jackass on steroids sponsored and funded fully for your entertainment ... their story of success and interviews and commentary from similar extreme "athletes" and fan's commentary. ABSOLUTELY MUST SEE!!
½ July 27, 2012
Being a huge fan of the TV series, naturally I had to see this film. A mix between a documentary and live footage, the Nitro Circus Team shows us why we loved the show so much. Definitely upping the ante on some of the stunts, and the humor consistently makes you enjoy it. It's nice to see the other celebrities and big names chime in on the documentary part to see how they feel about the show and the Nitro Circus crew's crazy, life threatening stunts. Definitely a good film for the Nitro Circus or Jackass fan! Probably be adding it to my movie collection! 3.5/5 JD
November 18, 2012
Reading the reviews of these idiot critics is hilarious. Here's one of the funnier ones, "The personalities on screen have such limited shticks, such one-dimensional ideas, that they're no fun to hang out with." These "personalities" are actual people who are simply doing crazy stunts. Obviously it's not a movie for everyone but you can't be ignorant or arrogant enough to use the same method of analysis for this type of film as you would for the snore-fests that typically wins Academy Awards. To try and do that just proves that these people shouldn't have a job. Bottom line, my only knock on this movie is that is wasn't more like the show. That actually tried to spin a little bit of a story and time duration into the hour and a half and it wasn't necessary. If that would've made it more like the show (like how the Jackass movies are exactly like that show) it would've been better. Other than that, if you like seeing crazy people do crazier stunts and have some good laughs while doing so, you'll enjoy this movie.
½ November 18, 2012
When a bunch of Jackass knock-offs land a show, they get popular. When they get popular, they get a movie deal. When they get a movie deal, we're stuck with this piece of crap that a mentally retarded duck could've created.
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