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Portman is herself partly to blame. Nobody with an upwardly mobile career who is suddenly being taken seriously should co-star in a movie with Ashton Kutcher.

January 19, 2011 Full Review Source: New York Observer | Comments (23)
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Chris Burge

Yep. If Kutcher is in a movie, you know its terrible. The guy sucks at choosing scripts.

Jan 19 - 08:02 AM

Peter W.

Peter Winters

And anything Chaotic writes must suck too

Jan 20 - 09:19 AM


Lateralus Grates

I think Pete wants some Kutcher penis.

Jan 23 - 04:41 PM


frzkj dfsfe

according to Mr. Reed it is as good as Inception :)

Jan 19 - 09:47 AM


Raymond Ogilvie

Nobody cares.

Jan 19 - 11:34 AM


Nate 2709

This could end up being Kutcher's highest rated Tomatometer movie, not that 47% is all that hard to beat.

Jan 19 - 11:20 AM


Raymond Ogilvie

Amen to that!

Jan 19 - 11:33 AM


ryan kramer

Using that logic Jim Carey should've stuck with the Ace Ventura series and no one serious should've ever approached him for something like The Truman Show or Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind.

I'm just saying, you never know.

Jan 19 - 12:03 PM

Wyeth James

Wyeth J

Jim Carrey is still a terrible actor, he just became self aware and decided to cash in on different types of films before his fifteen minutes were over. He's a con. He should have disappeared when we initially grew tired of him.

Let's hope that Ashton 'You just got Punk'd' Kutcher never realizes that doing the same thing is an option for him.

Jan 19 - 01:43 PM


ryan kramer

Your opinion of course, but I respectfully disagree. I thought his persona was a perfect fit for Truman and Sunshine.

Jan 20 - 09:31 AM


mc sw

You go, Rex!

Jan 19 - 05:26 PM

Peter W.

Peter Winters

You gay too?

Jan 20 - 09:18 AM

Brian B.

brian bunch

Why the hate for ashton he picks some bad scripts but his comedy and wit have saved them from being razzies. Everyone always hates the cool guy. jeez you people need to get up from the desk and go join everyone else in the real world. people love jim carrey and ashton get over it

Jan 19 - 08:31 PM

Peter W.

Peter Winters

Because people can't think for themselves. They just listen to critics and glue they're eyes on the tomatoe meter. Or they're gay fans of Rex.

Jan 20 - 09:23 AM


Raymond Ogilvie

But we don't love Ashton Kutcher. We hate him. He makes us see red. We'd be very happy if he died. He's a waste of flesh. He makes really bad movies. We were comfortable with him playing Kelso, but having him play leading roles is just uncalled for.

Jan 21 - 09:39 PM

Joe Houchins

Joe Houchins

This movie is not that good. Obviously. In this movie, though, AK is really not that bad. He does a bad script enough justice to make the movie watchable.

Apr 23 - 06:42 PM


Kristen Curtze

Though I do agree, Reed, that this movie was slightly risky given Portman's latest Black Swan attention, I still think she's transferring to her ultimate destination. Natalie has recently announced her intentions of shaping the realm of 'female comedy' by directing movies like The Hangover but with a female lead. I think this movie and her upcoming "Your Highness" are almost a test to prove if she fits in the more raunchy, humorous genre. Regardless, I think it's fantastic that an actress can be soooo versatile. Not many people can deliver a convincing ballerina on the edge of sanity while playing a 20-something begging for sex or shooting arrows in a medieval scene haha

Jan 19 - 08:58 PM

Robert Cowan

Robert Cowan

This chick wants to scissor Natalie Portman so bad its ridiculous.

Jan 20 - 12:29 AM


Kristen Curtze

HAH! Wow...I guess RT doesn't provide you with the advice of keeping any comments to a short, useless jab so that the point of comments/forum is rendered useless...

I'll take note!

Jan 20 - 04:44 AM


Eli Saamer

is Robbie C trying to take a shit in his pic? he's looking mighty constipated

Jan 20 - 06:12 AM


Kristen Curtze

Hah he was thinking REALLY hard for a good response...

Jan 20 - 06:55 AM


Lateralus Grates

Keep it up hero. I'm sure any minute Kristen will want to fuck you.

Jan 23 - 04:45 PM


Vito Galloro


Jan 20 - 05:12 AM

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