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½ July 23, 2011
A cute different take on the romantic comedy. Portman and Kutcher actually have a very good chemistry in the movie and the supporting cast is actually quite good. Despite going in with limited expectations this was a very enjoyable movie.
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½ October 24, 2013
This plot has been around before - can a couple have regular sex without falling in love? At least in the movies, it is not possible. At least the rest of the plot around that basic plot was interesting.
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October 16, 2012
Two successful twentysomethings agree to have a "friends with benefits" relationship, but they predictably fall for each other.
I think the only things I liked about this film were the few charming moments and unique courtship ideas. Adam makes Emma a period mix featuring songs like "Bleeding Love." Instead of flowers he gives her carrots. It's cute. But that's the extent of what's good about this film. The characters are plastic, and there's nothing interesting about the story. With a long exposition and supporting characters with nothing unique about their support, the film is poorly structured: the first time Adam and Emma have sex is clearly ridden with emotion, and Natalie Portman's version of an emotionally unavailable woman is more emotionally available than many women I could consider soul mates.
Overall, this movie sucks, but I am considering making my next love interest a period mix, only I'd include The Hush Sound's "Wine Red."
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January 20, 2012
Predictable, unoriginal, and cliched. This movie is the perfect storm for a bad Rom-Com. It has a couple cheap laughs (one or two) and is cheesier than a bowl of Kraft. It's just another forgettable romantic-comedy.
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½ January 10, 2012
I chose to watch this movie only because Friends with Benefits was not on Netflix, and this was the closest thing I could find.

I began watching this movie, expecting for it to be a stupid, shallow chick flick. That's pretty much exactly what it was. This movie lacked any depth in the script and the entire premise was painfully shallow. "Wait *dramatic pause with tears in his eyes*if you come any closer I'll never let you go." Oh God....seriously? Unnecessary melodramatic bullshit. I laughed when he said that. I wonder if the writer's realized the cheesiness of the script. I guess that's what they were going for.

The plot itself was very predictable as are most romantic comedies. I have to say I did not like Natalie Portman's character one bit. Portman put on a pretty good performance considering the terrible script and plot. However Portman was an executive producer, so I'm sure she could've improved the movie so it would've sucked less. Anyway, Portman's character Emma seemed kind of 2 dimensional and underdeveloped. She doesn't like relationships, prefers to stay independent, etc. I feel like everything was rushed in the beginning, and we didn't really find out any of this until later. I just feel like the characters were just cliched and thrown together. I don't think they were really thought out that well. I didn't like Portman's character mainly because she strung her "fuck buddy" along clearly aware that he loved her then dumped him. I don't think she was really ready to be in a relationship at all- including a physical one. I'm not really sure why she wanted a fuck buddy in the beginning--what brought that on? Also, why did Adam (Ashton's character) want a fuck buddy? To numb the pain of his ex girlfriend? Um...okay. Good plot, guys. Never seen that one before.

I did like the camera shots of this movie though. The near last shot of them holding hands, I thought, was rather cute. And despite the awful character developments Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman did a pretty good job with their performances. Getting teary eyed as if they really cared about each other. I have to say though, Natalie Portman is not funny. Everything she did that was supposed to be humorous made me cringe. It was really dumb. She was trying way to hard. Her character annoyed me more than anything.

In the end, I genuinely hate pretty much all romantic comedies, but this one sucked almost as much as Valentine's Day. Someone else gave this movie 100% (probably a stupid girl who wouldn't know a good movie if it kicked her in the ass) and stated that the Notebook was also just as "amazing". These kinds of people should be banned from using Rotten Tomatoes.
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November 18, 2011
It's pleasant, but certainly not a memorable nor even particularly original film. Very cut and paste, fabricated Hollywood fare.
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½ January 21, 2011
A slightly above average Rom-Com, good to see a modern take on the genre for a change. It has it's funny moments, silly at times, a good all round cast. Although why "Ludacris" is in a Rom-Com I'm not sure? It's enjoyable enough, but still suffers from the typical cuteness at times and being a predictable Hollywood Rom-com in the end. If you like this also check out A lot like love with Kutcher and Peet in the lead roles.
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January 22, 2011

Letīs say that Greta Gerwig made me watch this film or maybe the idea I canīt take off of my head that, definitely, everything has two opposite sides: if watching films and writing about them seems to be the perfect job, then you are forced not to only watch terrible ones but also to form consistent opinion about them. I mean, you have to say it sucks in a more elaborate way. That said, let us press forward.

When a film is really bad, you know it from scene one. As if it wasnīt enough, the next scene happens to be even worst. I always ask myself if you guys are really that stupid, i.e., the frat party: "This is a frat party. You just have to be drunk and look hot. Watch and learn. Hey. Hey! Iīm so drunk".
Hum, yeah. Next.

Two people decide to be sex friends, but of course things wonīt work out as they "expected". Everything is so predicable and boringly silly (like the boyish discussions between Adam and his friends) that not even the upside-down bunch of carrots is able to bring some fresh air. And letīs pretend we didnīt understand the prejudiced joke when Adam wakes up naked on someoneīs couch and sees an Indian look alike girl that not really fits into the beauty standards (e.g., slimness). But he is a nice boy and he only gets a bit scary when a gay guy, not into the beauty standards either, tells Adam he had left his socks in his room. Let us turn off the tv now, please.

*The one star goes to Hugoīs 99 Problems song, played for no more than 30 seconds maybe, but which rhythm immediately caught my attention.

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½ January 21, 2011
You know, there's a lot of things to say about No Strings Attached, it had some great moments, and had the potential to be an extremely funny, charming and witty film. Having said all that, I truly believe that No Strings Attached could have been a lot better, especially considering that it boasts a cast with Oscar/Golden Globe winner Natalie Portman (Black Swan, Thor) and the dimwitted but hilarious Ashton Kutcher (That '70s Show, Valentines Day). Despite that, it's not that terrible, but definitely predictable and did not exceed my expectations. Although you probably know every detail of probably the most simplistic plot of all time, I'll try and condense it to you in at least one thousand words: occasionally in the 15 years since summer camp, Adam and Emma cross paths. When Adam finds out that his ex-girlfriend is living and with his dad, he drinks, and calls every girl in contact list, and eventually ends up passed out naked in her (Emma's) living room. After this, if my extremely detailed plot summary wasn't simple enough and you need more clarity on what will obviously occur next: Emma and Adam begin a 'friends with benefits' type deal and begin sleeping together frequently. Here's the catch: the first person to develop feelings for the other person loses the 'game.' I'd like to state that No Strings Attached isn't your typical sex comedy, and it isn't, but it is filled with one too many romance cliches, which gets repetitive over the course of the film. Another thing is that a few of the scenes drag on and seem to be extended only to make the film longer. Now before I get to the good stuff, there is just one more flaw I would like to point out, which is a lot of Emma's dialogue. Her character seems as if she doesn't know what she is ever doing and complains about basically everything. Now, on to the average stuff... No Strings Attached is so close extremely charming, witty, and funny film by Ivan Reitman, who has executively produced a few of my favorite films (I Love You, Man, Disturbia, Old School) and Directed the classic Bill Murray hit Ghostbusters. What I'm saying is that this film is in good hands with a great director like this. Also, I laughed a lot during this movie, pretty hard a few times! With stars like this and scene stealers like The Office's Mindy Kaling, it makes up for a load of the films flaws. Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman have amazing chemistry and were perfectly cast in this film, which make it surprisingly entertaining. Much like the superior 'Friends with Benefits', these share the same premise, which has been way overused and I'm just getting downright sick of them. Of course you can quite easily predict what is going to happen in the end, and if you cannot, there is something wrong with you. These FWB-type romantic comedies are as predictable as a children's film, which is saying something. If you are looking for a decent sex comedy on a saturday night then I recommend you see No Strings Attached.
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½ August 21, 2011
Good rom com about friends with benefits. The chemistry between them is good. Emma who is hung up about love and emotional attachment wants sex without strings. Adam came out of a bad breakup and finds out his dad has hooked up with his ex.
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½ January 22, 2011
"It reminded me of my senior prom. I got a handjob on the dance floor to "Who Let the Dogs Out?" "

Natalie Portman comes out of award season on the top with her Best Actress awards for her performance in "Black Swan" including the Golden Globe and Oscar in the near future, probably. For her first film in the new year, she takes on the romantic-comedy genre for the first time since her performance in the 2004 film "Garden State". Her co-star Ashton Kutcher, however, is no stranger when it comes to the romantic-comedy genre with his last few films being in that area ("What Happens in Vegas", "Valentine's Day", "Killers"). These two together, they create a very awkward, but realistic chemistry with their character's Adam and Emma. Their relationship begins when the two meet as teenagers sexually frustrated at a summer camp and from there we seem them as strange acquaintances right through the early years of their adulthood until they are both thrown into each other's lives for the final time. Emma, is a successful doctor, isn't looking for a relationship. She works eighty hours a week and doesn't want a relationship. Adam is an aspiring writer looking for his break working on the set of a high-school series, which is very similar to "Glee". The two decide to have a relationship with no commitment, just sex. But, how long will it take before a knot comes into their strings?

One highlight of the film is how accurate and realistic the interactions between Adam and Emma are when they're together. The two, acting weird around each other, is exactly what you do when your in a relationship. Your yourself. A lot of romantic-comedies nowadays seem to forget what makes the movie good, not the story, but the chemistry between the characters. "No Strings Attached" hits that spot-on. The casting of Portman and Kutcher is the golden choice, as well, because I haven't witness such on-screen chemistry in a romantic-comedy since Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel in "(500) Days of Summer". Portman's performance as Emma is great. Could you expect nothing less from her? Ashton Kutcher, on the other hand, actually does a good job here. I remember years ago when he used to host "Punk'd" and he was such a bad actor. He was okay on "That 70's Show", but his movies were horrible. His past few movies have been major improvement in his career, but "No Strings Attached" definitely tied the knot on that statement. He isn't playing himself here, he's playing Adam. A character. Adam is pretty likeable, he wants to be a writer, and that being my true dream as well, I liked his character all the more. The film doesn't just grasp onto the character's lives in the present, we get back-stories and enough information to really feel a connection with them.

The supporting stars here do just as good a job as the main stars. The most notable character here is Adam's father Alvin, who is dating Adam's ex-girlfriend, and is also quite the daredevil when it comes to trying new things. Kline, a strange choice, is pretty funny here with the outrageous character he has. With this film, we also get Mindy Kaling (The Office), Ludacris, Cary Elwes ( who seemed like a 'see if you can point out' cameo), Greta Gerwig, and Lake Bell. All the characters here, wheatear they were Adam's friends or Emma's, all have chemistry with one another no matter what scene.

Director Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters, My Super Ex-Girlfriend) is known for outrageous works with comedy and there is no difference here. "No Strings Attached" is as R-rated as they come and Ivan Reitman, directed a pretty heavy script, does a fine job giving the film a very light touch. There is one shot in particular from the film that I really liked and that was a night-time sky-shot of the city lights all turning on and off. It was quick, but it was a great shot, I think. But, of course, he does a great job with the rest of the film as well. I look forward to see what he does with "Ghostbusters 3".

Elizabeth Meriwether, the writer behind the movie, creates a very raunchy, but also touching, story between two very real characters. She does a great job creating all of the different characters in Adam and Emma's lives as well as writing the two of them, as well. The story itself isn't too original, in fact, the film is very similar to last year's "Love and Other Drugs". The only difference is that "Love and Other Drugs" grasps more on drama that it does comedy while "No Strings Attached" does the complete opposite. The film also has the perfect length. The movie has enough gags and creative moments that the film never seems to drag on. I liked her idea that Adam worked on a TV show set. It made his character's life seem more interesting. As well as Emma being a doctor. The script does a fine job not only focusing on the sex-story but of the lives of the characters as well while everything is going on. As for the script, I thought it was great.

Overall, "No Strings Attached" is one of the better romantic-comedies from the past couple of years. The two main stars have excellent on-screen chemistry, the best I've seen since "(500) Days of Summer" and they're performances are on top. The film may not grasp onto something completely original, but, its done much better than similar films to its kind. This is "American Pie" for adults, I say see it.
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February 13, 2011
No Strings Attached is fun, has good jokes, but is boring and not memeorable. The plot could've had more work done like Friends with Benefits to make it interesting the whole way through, it just could've been better. Actors are good and Kutcher and Portman had good chemistry in my opinion. The jokes were well done and laughed a lot, even if it was a romantic comedy, it was the first romantic comedy I have laughed at in a long time, and I hate rom coms. Overall this was okay, much better than I thought it'd be.
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July 12, 2011
No Strings Attached is a perfectly good movie that recognizes what it wants to be. In a sea of romantic comedies trying so hard not to be romantic comedies, it's nice that something like this is fine with being one. Sure it's got some cliches, but they're cliches that I enjoy and have no problem seeing. At the center of everything, it really has a good story and characters that are fun to watch. I enjoyed seeing an Ashton Kutcher that wasn't trying to be the king of all things hipster and more back to his old self. Natalie Portman also does really well here, but that shouldn't be a surprise. The two of them together though is what really makes the movie believable and worthwhile. I think it's cool that they finally found a way to have a traditionally structured love story where the characters are allowed to be together for basically the entire movie, instead of just at the end. This knows how to balance its comedy and surreal moments in a way that makes it come off as pretty believable instead of what might've been your typical raunchy comedy. Ivan Reitman has made a triumphant return from the days of My Super Ex-Girlfriend and really made a solid romantic comedy that's extremely accessible and genuinely well made. There's no pleading to the audience; that might be it's strongest asset. It's good enough for you to like it without there being an overuse of comedy, quirky moments and unlikable side characters.
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January 12, 2011
I really enjoyed this movie. Both Portman & Kutcher did a good job. I also enjoyed the roles of Lake Bell as Lucy, Adam (Kutcher's) assistant, Patrice (Greta Gerwig), who was Emma's (Natalie Portman's) nurse friend & roomate. I also liked Chris "Ludacris" Bridges who played Wallace & Jake M. Johnson who played Eli, Adam's friend who ends up becoming Patrice's boyfriend. Olivia Thirlby was also great as Katie, who was Emma's sister. This movie was hilarious & such a cute romantic movie and before you decide to toss this film aside, give it a chance, it might surprise you.
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½ July 2, 2011
If you like looking at Natalie Portman, you may take a fancy to the movie. Otherwise, you might find it a bore.
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January 12, 2011
Not bad. No Strings Attached gets off to a rocky start with a string of unfunny jokes and a forced premise. But thankfully, the movie eventually falls into an entertaining, if entirely conventional, groove.

Kutcher plays his usual heart of gold, sensitive, funny guy, which I can take or leave. But Portman kills it with a sense of humor and beauty that reminds me a lot of Mila Kunis.

Don't get too excited at that R rating, this isn't a raunchy sex comedy, despite the premise. It's most assuredly a romantic comedy.

I doubt No Strings Attached will be anyone's movie of the year, but it's certainly not as bad as the first 15 minutes had me worried that it would be. Check it out if you're interested
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June 15, 2011
So-so. There was something about it that didn't quite mesh well.
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½ January 19, 2011
Sexy and smart romantic-comedy which benefits even more from its likable lead cast.
The ending is predictable and a few of the background actors deliver lackluster performances but Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher fit every nicely together as the main characters, you could really tell they had fun working together.
The best part of the film is the surprisingly accurate and realistic interactions that Emma (Portman) and Adam (Kutcher) together. They are definitely not faking it as they recreate relationship situations by acting weird around each other, which is exactly what you do when you are in a relationship. Their supporting cast was also very important to the entertainment of the film and the theme of differentiation between relationships. The most notable character being Kevin Kline's portrayal of Adam's father Alvin as he dates his own son's ex-girlfriends. The film is all about comedy aspect of all of these relationships and leaves out drama for the most part without totally forgetting about it.
This rom-com film is better than Love and Other Drugs with lot of laughs and entertaining.
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½ January 12, 2011
Cast: Natalie Portman, Ashton Kutcher, Cary Elwes, Lake Bell, Kevin Kline, Greta Gerwig, Olivia Thirlby, Mindy Kaling, Talia Balsam

Director: Ivan Reitman

Summary: Emotionally unencumbered and sexually satisfied, friends with benefits Emma (Natalie Portman) and Adam (Ashton Kutcher) have an open relationship that suits them just fine. That is, until those pesky little things called feelings enter the picture.

My Thoughts: "May I ask why we must sit through these romantic flicks and never see anything new? At least try to be original! OK, I won't rant. The movie is semi funny, predictable, and yep that's about it. I did like Emma. Her character is relatable. But the story is just blah. All sex not much story makes for a boring flick. I don't know why I put myself through this with these romance films. Oh wait, yes I do. Because I dare to think one might be original and have something completely different to offer. But as usual I am mistaken and disappointed with the lack of imagination of these films. On to the next disappointment!"
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½ January 12, 2011
So unfortunate for Natalie Portman after her Oscar winning performance in 'Black Swan', her next project is a comedy movie that could easily be a harsh target of the critics.. But Portman shows that she deserved her Oscar with her performance in this movie, light movie but good performance from her.. As for Kutcher, he once again trapped in the same genre and he seems comfortable with that, even though I hope he should consider himself playing in a drama movie.. For the story itself, yeah it's predictable but still enjoyable to be watched.. Kutcher and Portman shows a great chemistry and Portman never looked sexier before.. Overall, it's a usual romantic comedy with 2 reputable actors (Kutcher and Portman) as their main character, it's not that good but it wasn't bad either.. At least it's a good film to be watched in your spare time..
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