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½ January 10, 2010
Typical WWII film suffers from overlenght but has a good cast.
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March 6, 2013
Sure it is exciting and gets the troops going but it is a film of its era..something created to rally the troops in the last years of the conflict in Asia but without full artistic merit.
January 21, 2008
Any one who has ever liked any of the "team flix" made about WWII (Guns of Navarrone, Dirty Dozen, etc.) should watch this. Not only as one of the first ones, it is seminal, but is truly better than anything ever made since. It is extremely gritty, raw and yet full of spirit and admiration for the super-human task these men did. It's not only entertaining, it is also morally right. A great film.
½ May 25, 2008
This was pretty good as far as war movies go. And Flynn was great in his part. Not as much action as I thought, instead having occasional scenes of intense battle; it was pretty good.
½ December 22, 2014
Good WW2 drama.

Covers one of the less glamorous and more treacherous sectors of the war - Burma. The jungle conditions, complete with diseases and isolation, make for a gritty, uncompromising battlefield.

Against the backdrop of the actual Burma campaign (sometimes using footage of the real commanders, rather than actors), we have this story. Full of daring and endurance, guts and determination.

Very authentically made. As it is filmed in 1945, the US soldiers have the genuine equipment they would have been using during the campaign, from C-47s and P-38s to Tommy guns and M1 carbines.

In order to capture the dash and dare of the mission, who else for the lead role but Errol Flynn. This did create one issue for me in that his Australian accent is obvious, and he is playing an American officer. I guess we could explain that away through thinking that maybe he is an Australian who emigrated to the US.

On the downside, this movie was made during WW2, so does have big dollops of jingoism, nationalism and pure gung ho-ness in it. Thankfully, more limited in this regard than many WW2 era movies.
½ May 23, 2014
Friday, May 23 2014

(1945) Objective, Burma

Directed by Rauol Walsh of some of the most memorable gangster movies of all time- he's directing a WWII movie starring Errol Flynn as Capt. Nelson leading a platoon of soldiers to Burma to perform two tasks, one) is to locate the Japanese radar station communication centre and then, two) it is to destroy it, since air plane bombers can't bomb approximate locations in a forest and that it needs to be confirmed. Tagging along with them is a seldom old news reporter Mark Williams (Henry Hull) wanting to be a witness to the whole ordeal. And actual war footage has been used to solidify it's authenticity was a nice touch, but still could've been better.

To complete it's objective was a cinch since not a single casualty happened despite commanding many soldiers, for the impossible only came when they're supposed to reach for the empty spot where they were supposed to be picked up from the very same planes that brought them there. That it became the problem since the Japanese soldiers were also onto them. What didn't make much sense is the fact that, although the radar system was already destroyed, why can't the American air force send bomber planes on the Japanese soldiers that were pursuing American soldiers before, instead of making them walk several grueling miles for reinforcements. Why can't additional paratroopers dropped off earlier, now that the Japanese radar system had already been destroyed? I'm still baffled by this question ever since I watched it what could've been an insightful war movie, but instead drag it's viewers to a very long journey instead that's similar to something like "The Dawn Patrol" and 1943 "Sahara" starring Humphrey Bogart.

2 out of 4 stars
½ July 9, 2013
Outstanding film, you get a real feel of the war,This film is never dull or boring, the story follows a group of men who 's plan to destroy a Radar station goes wrong, leaving the men stranded,Errol is superb as are the rest of the cast
March 30, 2012
We jump out of planes and guys shoot at us.

A platoon is sent into Burma to destroy a Japanese radar station during World War II. The execution of their mission could save many lives and ultimately lead to helping the air force identify strategic bombing locations; however, once in Burma the platoon will struggle to make it out and back to safety.

"Even if my mother in-law is in one of them it's a great site."

Raoul Walsh, director of A Private's Affair, A Lion is in the Streets, White Heat, Cheyenne, Hot for Paris, and The Monkey Talks, delivers Objective Burma. The storyline for this movie is fairly good and contains fascinating characters. The script and premise is interesting but fairly common for the war genre. The cast delivers excellent performances and includes Errol Flynn, James Brown, William Prince, George Tobias, and Henry Hull.

"There were some moments there I wished I was someplace else or anywhere else for that matter."

We continue to DVR Errol Flynn pictures and my wife discovered and recorded this movie. I found it entertaining but pretty standard for the genre. I did thoroughly enjoy the characters but didn't find it particularly unique. Overall, this is an entertaining picture for the genre but nothing remarkable.

"When you're dealing with monkeys you've got to expect a few monkeys."

Grade: B
½ February 21, 2007
At first, it's a pretty boring film, but towards the end, rife with suspense. Flynn does an excellent job in this average propoganda film.
February 27, 2005
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