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Sloppily gums the subject of abortion, never discovering truth or feeling. It's all forgiveness and climactic smiles, missing a great opportunity to bring a direct point of view forward worth some honest post-screening conversation.

March 23, 2012 Full Review Source: | Comments (6)


Suzette Greer

Suzette Greer

And how many of the women who are dealing with post-abortion regret will be interested in the intellectual side? Forgiveness is the most important step in the post-abortion issue. Then can come healing. But if one is more interested in quantitative measures, they totally miss the point anyways.

Mar 23 - 11:35 AM

Ellie Ryan

Ellie Ryan

Post-abortion regret usually only happens when a woman is berated for her decision by people who should be offering her support.

Mar 25 - 08:19 PM



What do you mean by "support"? A woman is getting something she's biologically (emotionally) attached to destroyed, sometimes in some of the most disgusting ways possible. Regret happens because it's NATURAL to care for the young and unborn, it's called MFA - Maternal-Fetal Attachment. You're the one that's trying to convince women otherwise. Another thing, most women are not "berated" by others (at least those close to them) because they never tell anyone they had an abortion. The only "guilt" they could possibly get, in relation to social factors, would be from Pro-Life advocates in the news, web, etc., and why shouldn't they? "Roe" of "Roe v. Wade" said it was empty swing sets that haunted her. Who are you to trivialize such hurtful feelings and tell a woman she shouldn't be having them?

Mar 30 - 11:03 AM

Ellie Ryan

Ellie Ryan

First of all, the research on Maternal-Fetal Attachment isn't at all well established, and even if it were, it doesn't simply pop into existence at the moment of conception. Like any attachment it has to develop over time, and I highly doubt that it's likely to happen during an unwanted pregnancy.

Also, Norma McCorvey, the woman who went by the pseudonym Jane Roe for the Roe v Wade case never had an abortion. She did change her stance on it, but she had carried all her pregnancies to term and put them all up for adoption, which is what the pro-life crowd recommends as an alternative to aborting the pregnancy. Any haunting feelings she has now couldn't possibly have come through an abortion.

I'm appalled that you would even suggest that the stigmatization of abortion is something that should happen. That it's good that we needlessly traumatize women who have been traumatized enough already by the thought of others using them as a baby factory against their will.

If you want to stop abortions, be an advocate for avoiding unwanted pregnancies.

Apr 1 - 03:12 PM

Joe Black

Joe Black

"Little effort is made to understand Hannahâ??s biological mother as well, which does a great disservice to the traumatic issues the filmmakers initially look to expose."

..... Excellent point, that reveals the typically deceptive employ of religious movies. Falsely implying this has to do w/ forgiveness between human beings, while priority preaching necessary forgiveness from invisible figments.

Abortion is a serious and real matter. Religious bias and imaginary gods have no place in the decision.

Apr 10 - 09:28 PM


Myron Kinsey

Lol don't you just love it how pissed of the fundies get when you criticize their crappy movies lol!

Sep 17 - 10:14 PM

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