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February 4, 2016
Seeming very nearly like the setup piece for a imminent TV series, this film creatively introduces a hero who uses his supernatural gifts to fight crime, which pretty much sounds like a CW offering come to think of it. It relies on quite a lot of CGI for the action but, while seldom boring, it also fails to completely engage. We are given Characterization Light so as to speed us along to the next action sequence lest we get bored, left with the feeling that we'll get more in depth stuff once the series starts up. Oh well.
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½ November 16, 2014
Fun, mildly exciting and surprisingly moving for a film that seems like it would be half-baked. It's certainly fun to watch and worthwhile. Nice CGI special effects.
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November 4, 2014
From Stephen Sommers comes the supernatural action film Odd Thomas. Based on a Dean Koontz novel, a short-order cook named Odd, who has the ability to see the dead and other supernatural creatures, notices a built up of bodachs, who feed off of death and destruction, and realizes that something catastrophic is about to happen. Starring Anton Yelchin, Addison Timlin, and Willem Dafoe, and the cast is fairly decent; Yelchin in particular is quite good at delivering the satirical comedy along with the action. But the storytelling is a little weak, as there's a lot of inorganic exposition that breaks up the flow of the film. While it doesn't entirely work, Odd Thomas is an entertaining and fun adventure.
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October 22, 2013
Decent effects and story, the ending got me a little teary eyed but i still felt disapointed with the film.
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October 27, 2013
Odd Thomas (Yelchin) may seem like an average young man living in an average small California town, but he possesses a unique gift: the ability to see the dead. Local Chief of Police Wyatt (Dafoe) is aware of Odd's, er...odd ability and the two work together to track down the killers of the wronged ghosts who approach Odd. As well as ghosts, Odd can also see "bodachs", malevolent spirits that kill anyone they discover has the ability to see them. When a mysterious stranger, who Odd nicknames "Fungus Man", arrives in town, he brings with him a huge number of bodachs. Odd, along with his girlfriend Stormy (Timlin) sets about investigating and soon discovers his town is in grave danger.

Thanks to a legal dispute between the film's financiers and its producers, 'Odd Thomas' is currently sitting on the shelf without a distribution deal in most territories, including North America, meaning the only way to see it right now is if it turns up at festivals like Horrorthon.
Adapted from a popular Dean R Koontz novel, which has spawned several sequels and prequels, the film tones down much of the source material's dark tone in favor of PG friendly adventure. As with his 'Mummy' movies and the much slated 'Van Helsing', writer-director Stephen Sommers again takes a horror concept and turns it into an overblown action romp.

'Odd Thomas' feels like a movie stuck in 1995. The snappy smartass dialogue reminds us of the awful Tarantino wannabe movies that were so prevalent in the latter half of the nineties and the visual aesthetic, like this year's equally bad 'RIPD', owes much to 'Men In Black'. It's a film that thinks it's a lot more clever than it actually is, full of annoying flashbacks and ludicrous exposition devices. Odd spends half the movie speaking to Stormy on the phone explaining the plot, simply because Sommers has no idea how to construct a screenplay with any kind of natural flow.
After 15 minutes I hated everything about this film and by the climax I had a pounding headache from listening to the awful constant dialogue, of which there is an unsufferable amount as well as a voiceover, just in case we may have missed any plot details. Thanks to its shelving, you may never get to see 'Odd Thomas' but that's probably a good thing.
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February 20, 2013
Based on the novel by award winning writer, Dean Koontz, comes the wildly successful Odd Thomas. This story was so popular, that it's become an entire series, one that Koontz has worked on almost exclusively since it's release. This unique story focuses on a unique man, with a unique name. Odd (Anton Yelchin) is a short order cook in a small California town, where he lives a relatively normal life with his girlfriend, Stormy. Odd is no different than any other twenty-something in town, except for the fact that he sees the dead, specifically people who died prematurely and under suspicious circumstances. They can't talk to him, but the spirits lead Odd to the evidence he needs to find the truth. When a strange man comes to town, the spirits lead Odd to be suspicious, and with good cause. Anton Yelchin stars and once again shows off his loveable charisma. There is something about him that makes Yelchin the guy that everyone wants to be friends with, an ability that comes across in every character he plays. Odd is no different, as he is this complete weirdo, but with an innocent quality, that just makes people want to like him. Here he's more than just a lovable goofball, but he's also an unofficial detective and hero, that people turn to in there time of need. Everyone knows he's weird, but few know his secret, one of those being the Chief of Police, played by the legendary Willem Dafoe. Dafoe usually portrays the bad guy, and it was interesting to see him take on a different challenge. Odd Thomas is smart and extremely well written, with a terrific cast, that really brings the story alive with their own unique style. The story may seem like it's a little out there, but it's not just science fiction, it's a story that crosses many genres and has something for everyone, an easy choice for our list of must see movies!
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½ May 21, 2016
An interesting take on the supernatural ability genre. I enjoyed this but it suffered from being too low budget which is a shame. The ideas were interesting but they just needed to be better executed.
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May 5, 2014
I don't understand why this went straight to DVD. For any fan of the book this stays very true to the source material. Well for the most part. I think Stephen Sommers did a really good job turning it into a movie. Even if he left out two main characters (Elvis and Ozzie ). Fans will still love this movie and I believe the casting Anton Yeltsin as odd Thomas was a great choice. Addison Timlin as Stormy Liewellen well she looked the part but her acting wasn't totally fantastic, just serviceable. She still managed to make it known that she is the heart of the movie.

if you haven't read the book you will still enjoy this movie although it will be better for you if you read the book first.

Stephen Sommers this is his best directing to date especially after that crap that was G.I. Joe
May 16, 2016
Disappointing adaptation of the novel, hit only the basic plot points and the acting was... not good. Especially from the actress playing Stormy. That line delivery... wow.
April 12, 2014
I liked this movie, but I have read all of the books so I had a better understanding of his character.
January 8, 2016
I love this movie. It's quirky, funny, scary in parts and the ending makes me cry every time. It's right in line with another great paranormal movie The Frighteners. I got addicted to the audio books in this series and just finished the last book this morning. So wonderful how everything was tied together and it all came full circle back to Pico Mundo. I really don't get the negative criticism about this movie. Then again, I don't get the high tomatometer ratings that a lot of other movies get - including Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I'll watch this movie anytime over that disappointment.
½ December 16, 2015
A little sloppy, but the characters were fun and the premise was interesting. Kinda reminds me of Peter Jackson's 'The Frighteners'
November 3, 2015
Thomas is no ordinary man, and for this odd guy seeing dead people is just another day on the job!!!
September 26, 2015
Excellent movie. I loved the story line. Didn't read the books, but this definitely makes me want to. I recommend this movie to everyone! Just wonderful!
August 11, 2015
8/11/2025: I was pleasantly surprised with this film. The special effects weren't great, but the story was fun and interesting until the twist in the end.
June 28, 2015
Anton Yelchin pulls off the role of the infamous Odd in this book adaptation based on the novel by Dean Koontz. Odd Thomas is visually pleasant and very inventive with its visual effects. It's script is humorous and lighthearted though unusual. But it's the heartbreaking ending that really makes it great and worth the wait.
June 28, 2015
I initially had no interest on this movie, but I decided to give it a try. And the end result was actually a pretty fun and enjoyable movie. Anton Yelchin was great as the lead Odd, as well as the supporting cast. It really was better than I expected and it seemed like the type of movie that could've easily find its audience and be a modest success, but sadly it never was given a chance and so most people won't even know about this movie. Still, it's a very exciting film and fast paced that has a mix of genres and plays them very good. Overall, the movie was a lot of fun and with a good cast and story that has a little of everything, it should be a win win for everyone that watches it.
~June 28, 2015~
March 24, 2015
If all book adaptations could be like this, I would be a happy, happy person! Odd Thomas manages to keep it's source material's wit and humor. Ultimately, it is a love story. Any fan of Buffy or Firefly will enjoy it's light-hearted vibe, all the way up until the very end.
March 7, 2015
Quickie Review

This is what R.I.P.D. or "Warm Bodies" should have been more like. Was it a little unbalanced and "teen" movie in tone? Yes. Was it an obviously low budget movie with predictable jump scares and some lame plot points? Yes. Was the script a little ham handed and were the voice overs a cheap way of dealing with the material so the movie could "TELL" instead of "SHOW?" Yes. Did it do a better job telling its story and making me give a care than R.I.P.D. did and have a far less forced romance sub-plot than "Warm Bodies?" HECK YES! And Anton Yelchin has more acting talent and charisma in his lip quiver at the end of the movie than either of the leads in "Warm Bodies" did for the entire duration of their film. This kid is good. I hope he get some real challenges soon because if he works his career right he is really going to wow the world.
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