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Once Upon a Time in China 4 (Wong Fei Hung ji sei: Wong je ji fung) Reviews

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December 28, 2014
A lot of people criticize this movie because Jet Li's not in it. I don't see what wrong with the movie. It has a great story plot and a great hero who I look up ts once of his first movies,. Sure Vincent Zhao may not be as fast as Jet Li, but this was one of his first movies.(I found out in wikipedia that when filming for this movie, one of the things went wrong on set and he injured his ankle to the point that it hasn't been healed even recently. It made his lose some of his flexibility and made him harder to do stunts. He completed the film anyways. And yes, he performed his own stunts. He has doubled for other actors too) He portrayed the character "Wong Fei Hung" greatly and I loved his lion dance scenes. His Lion Dancing is better than Jet Li's although I think that's mainly because Jet Li's Lion dancing in Once upon A Time In China 3 is more to fighting rather than actually dancing. Many people who hadn't grown up in Chines culture wouldn't know this. The comedy may not be as much as the previous installments but I'm guessing that's because this installment's story plot are much more serious as it talks about war instead of the previous installments which talked more about internal affairs in China. I think its a great movie to continue Wong Fei Hung's legacy nether less. Maybe this time the story is meant more for Chinese audiences instead of international audiences, that's why it's ratings aren't as high. I think that if you hadn't been brought up around Chinese cultures, you'd probably not understand some things in the movie. (You can make a guess though, you just won't see the full picture in your mind)
August 30, 2010
Incredible Kung-Fu Movie with Grandious Fight Choreagraphy, Acrobatics, Lot of Chinese Culture and a Bombastic Soundtrack. The Movie is settled while the Boxer Riots in Tsingtao and the Hero and his Men fight against the Order of the Red Lotus a Female Sword Figther Squadron who massacre German Civilians and also against the Army of the 8 Allieds under the Rule of a Evil German General which contains Soldiers of 7 European Nations and High Skilled Japanese Ninjutsu Fighters.
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