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As often happens when films are intent on getting a message across, Once Were Warriors can't stop itself from overdoing things.

February 13, 2001 Full Review Source: Los Angeles Times | Comments (12)
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Fay Nilsen

Go spend some time on a reservation where the "natives" don't have hope, money or opportunity and see if this still seems overdone.

Mar 12 - 02:34 AM


Fay Nilsen

Go spend some time on a reservation where the "natives" don't have hope, money or opportunity and see if this still seems overdone. Better yet, visit Auckland's public housing slums.

Mar 12 - 02:35 AM

luke h.

luke henderson

how dare you say this movie over does the domestic violence in new zealand you obviously havent been to south auckland and seen the effects this is in no way over done it just mite seem like that to the sheltered people of los angeles, next time you right a review make sure you know what you r talking about before you make a comment on it

Nov 12 - 02:17 AM

Anna F.

Anna Foley

My father has been in the police force for many years (he is now a detective) and said he always got annoyed when people said Once Were Warriors is over-the-top, unrealistic or a bunch of worst-case-scenarios put into one film, because the movie is dead on and he sees this kind of thing every day. Many people in New Zealand live like this.

Mar 28 - 03:32 PM

Morgan  G.

Morgan Guinness

what an ignorant fool...

Aug 31 - 06:04 PM

Kelly H.

Kelly Hamilton

Couldn't see the full review. What's overdone? You'd know that how? Your from Los Angeles. That's life for some people in New Zealand. Yup your ignorant.

Jun 22 - 08:05 PM

Alex Stowers

Alex Stowers

Its ignorant, nonchalantly placed critique like this which makes you unqualified and unfit to be a film critic.

The raw delivery of the film is beautifully executed and whether its "over the top" or not the powerful emotion and acting in this film are argueably some of the best in my opinion and in many others, AND, for a film critic to refer to this as "over the top" is incredibly idiotic i mean what is any film or tv show without exaggeration.

Do not presume that it is overdone or "over the top" UNLESS you've actually been to New Zealand- To South Auckland for that matter and witnessed life there first hand.

Jul 23 - 04:47 AM

Louie Sinclair

Louie Sinclair

that's not a review. give south auckland a go, you 'll find it quite overdone there

Sep 18 - 03:21 AM


mario ucci

I think that when the critic says things were overdone, he meant the filmaker gets the message across and then he keeps making sure the message is clear over and over again. It is coming from a film-making point of view rather than the reality of life in New Zealand, but the critic could have overdone his statement to make it more obvious and with less ways of interpreting it. The film is fantastic and has taught me a lot about New Zealand. I am from Brasil and this has done the same as City of God has done for my country.

Oct 2 - 09:41 AM

Amanda Broughton

Amanda Broughton

So, one scene of violence is enough? Oh I got the point of the movie, no more rape now. That isn't relfective of real life buddy! This is how it is.

Feb 19 - 02:21 PM

James S.

James St

Hey, lets drop this reviewer in South Auckland for 6 months and see how he fares hahaha.

May 26 - 05:47 AM

Robinson Yang

Robinson Yang

you a hater

Aug 14 - 02:06 PM

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