One Piece the Movie: Kaisokuou ni ore wa naru (One Piece Movie: The Great Gold Pirate) Reviews

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michael a August 26, 2009
it wuz alright. the only thing i didnt like about it wuz the graphics. it wuz a pretty cool movie nonethe less
starlimitz2 starlimitz2 ½ October 15, 2008
I love One Piece. I love its characters, its depth, and I love its style. This movie was somewhat of a downer in the ways of the series, but it was still entertaining. You still get a good bit of the show's original style of humor as well as strange villains with strange powers. However the story was a little lifeless and the extra-added child was an annoyance through-out the movie, though his grandfather was a delight to watch with Luffy and Zoro. Not a bad bit of entertainment, but watch it subtitled, not dubbed.
Alex H ½ May 28, 2007

For the uninitiated, One Piece is a popular manga/anime that tells the story of one Luffy D. Monkey, who, after being saved by the pirate captain Shanks, aspires to become the greatest pirate himself. The series depicts his adventures and his quest to become the King of the Pirates, and assemble the greatest crew to do so.

The movie pictured here (One Piece the Movie #4: Dead End Adventure) is one of my particular favorites. The crew have stopped on and island from their journey along the Grand Line, when they discover they're a bit short on funds. It's then they discover that there is a great pirate race, and the winning ship wins a large amount of cash. The group signs on, only to realize there is much more to the race than it seems...

The animation is spectactular (though it was better in the sixth movie) and is colorful, bright, and enjoyable. The characters are a blast, even the tacked in movie specific characters (though they seem to be somewhat under developed). The CG animation is somewhat dissapointing, but there's very little, so it's nothing too bad. The fights, particularly the final fight, are great to watch.

Overall, I'd highly recommend this movie. But if you're not a One Piece fan...some things may not make sense. If you're interested in real pirates (Not like that wimp Sparrow), I'd suggest looking for the series online or the manga in stores.
Samuel J December 17, 2012
A great short that stays consistent with the Anime and the animation reminds me of other Anime movies such as "Lupin III" or "Princess Mononoke."
Chirayu G July 11, 2012
this movie is pretty god but i im looking forward for a one piece spin off of GOLD ROger
Tyler H October 25, 2011
There's not much to remember from this movie besides the ending fight, but it still has its goofy moments and decent animation.
Hashaam Z. Hashaam Z. August 30, 2010
Just like the show this movie is awesome and amazing in numerous ways
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