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Even granting the artist his license, America is much too big and various to be satisfactorily reduced to the dimensions of one mental ward in a movie like this.

May 20, 2003 Full Review Source: New York Times | Comments (44)
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Nathan Hynes

Dec 29 - 03:39 PM


Daren Fowler

It isnt about america you idiot it is about longing to be free and society putting clamps on its citizens its bigger than just america. What the ****?

Jan 13 - 02:32 PM


Jacob Williamson

haha what a dick

Feb 18 - 02:11 AM


Dan Treppel

I must agree... with my peers, u hav no *****ing idea wat ur talking about and should have ur qualifications as a critic removed

Feb 27 - 07:55 PM


Dan Treppel

Feb 27 - 07:57 PM


c d

What in the hell are you talking about?! This isn't an L.A. youth center its a freaking mental institution, this movie deserves a 100%, thnx gramps

Apr 9 - 12:09 PM


Brandon Beckelheimer


Jun 2 - 10:57 PM


Miroslav Radačovský

Amrica is really too big, even idiots like u has opportunity to write review, or is it some kind of joke ? One of the best movies ever this is.

Jul 9 - 01:24 PM


Tony C

Another useless RT reviewer. Not surprising you work for NY Times.

Jul 18 - 06:36 PM

Ed Wood

James Bevins

You are an idiot!! What an awful review! You should be the one lobotomized.

Aug 13 - 05:03 PM


niall kennedy


Aug 25 - 06:51 AM

Cat Stevens

Cat Stevens


Sep 11 - 11:56 PM

Derek Fleek

Derek Fleek

bad review on one of the greatest movies ever made.

Sep 29 - 10:02 PM


Jonny Petersson

Nov 20 - 06:31 AM


m z

This movie is fantastic. You're a complete moron.

Dec 1 - 10:58 PM


Bryon Pav

No no no no no! This movie is a rare treat, not something to be shat on in a damn New York Times review.

Dec 20 - 10:25 AM


richard ormonde

my god. this jackass gets paid for this.
this is one of the greatest movies of all time for christ sakes. he must give bad reviews to every film if he cant give a good one to a masterpiece.

Jul 9 - 01:09 PM

Bedram B.

Bedram Bararpour

Calm down guys. Poor dude died of cancer 8 years ago. He liked being tough on some great movies (such as Godfather Part III), and was probably the most respected critic back in his day. No need for all the flaming.

Jul 17 - 10:46 PM

Jonathan S.

Jonathan Sicard

read the review again and tell me it isn't completely fucked.

Jul 6 - 06:26 PM


Jeff Leister


Aug 2 - 04:57 PM


mike mikeson

You need to be thrown into an insane asylum for preventing this classic the 100% it deserves.

Typical New Yorker. Always the ones giving bad reviews to good movies.

Aug 4 - 04:37 PM

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