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½ July 9, 2011
The Opposite of Sex works as both a wonderful, if cruel, character study, and a parody of audience expectations. Christina Ricci plays an absolute bitch in this movie. Her life revolves around ruining the lives of others. She doesn't even seem to get that much out of it, her reward is to cause people pain. Whether that be acting out at a funeral, inviting herself to stay, getting pregnant, or stealing her half-brother's boyfriend. Ricci narrates in a self knowing tone, explaining why we feel sorry for certain characters and not others. This often works comically, especially when building sympathy for her brother, she then shows the clips where he doesn't sit around brooding. On the opposite end of the spectrum we have Martin Donovan. He is so painfully nice you just want him to lash out. He's an absolute joy of a character, bringing a chilled and relaxing counterpart to Ricci's hobag. We also have Kudrow as a woman so scared of her own life she interferes with others. She tells everyone how to live their life, and her journey is one of the sweetest as the film reaches a satisfactory and moving conclusion.

This is a film about the power of sex, but also how there are other things out there. The only downsides were that it was sometimes too smart for its own good, and the homophobic and lack of knowledge concerning aids seemed very dated.
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June 19, 2011
Satirical and biting (altho it lags in a couple of spots) herein is an indepth commentary on relationships, and often the picture is not Hollywood pretty. One of Ricci's best performances (perhaps her best film period) and Kudrow matches her easily blow for blow. A smart film is good to watch.
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July 23, 2009
Oh my god, I never knew Christina Ricci could be such a stabby bitch. I always wondered what Don Roos would be like without the Hollywood homogenization of Happy Endings, and I guess this is the prefix. I'm not sure how I feel about it. Funny? Yes. Entertaining? At times. But it didn't make me think, and it didn't always make sense. I don't really think I'm suited for black comedies anyway.
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April 13, 2011
Everything about this film is philosophical, moving, real, and funny, except for the main attraction: Christina Ricci and her plaintive whine. The script breaks down stereotypes of love, lust, gender, sexual orientation. Love isn't always about caring for another; it could be a moral obligation. Lust isn't always about fucking; it could be as Lyle Lovett's sad-sack says, "Say it's concentration. Say it's supposed to focus your attention on the person you're sleeping with, like biological highlighter. Look for me first in any crowded room. And I'll do likewise."

Dede's narrator character seems to be the storyteller necessary to reveal all these other characters' stories. There's no rhyme or reason to her manipulations. Her redemption moment is nice, but the audience is never truly aware of her original impetus for seducing her half-brother's boyfriend.
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½ September 23, 2007
An OK movie. Strange cast of actors - Christina Ricci, Lisa Kudrow, Lyle Lovett, etc. Christina's role uses sex to get what she wants, and she doesn't seem too picky with who. She sure turns everybody's life upsidedown. Will she grow up a little too?
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June 21, 2007
This audacious skewering of straight and gay relationships, dysfunctional families, and manipulative movie conventions is wickedly funny for half its run and then gradually withers.
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½ August 15, 2007
Intelligent script with many great one liners is marred somewhat by an intrusive knowingly post modern voiceover. Lisa Kudrow gets all the best lines as a cynical teacher.
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May 11, 2007
Man... Christina is awesome in this.
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February 6, 2012
Great seductive turn for Ricci here. Another brilliant Martin Donovan performance as well. Don't get enough Donovan lately I'm afraid.
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½ August 19, 2008
This was a crazy romp played out in the mind and narration of a 16 ("Sex-teen'?) year old. How far can a "juvie" play the minds and souls of 5 adults?
See this to see how far over the bar of sexual preferances she goes!!! It's a CRAZY classic!
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½ August 30, 2008
"A 16-year-old girl visits her gay half-brother and ends up seducing his boyfriend, thus wreaking havoc on all of their lives". Christina Ricci stars as said delinquent and narrator, who manages to play the role well enough that I still hated her by the end of the film, yet believed she was redeemable. Everybody starts out happy (well, mostly happy) and ends up spending most of the movie in misery. I wouldn't say there were morals here, but there certainly were adult issues and ideas about sex, which is refreshing for a film to take seriously. I found it failed as a comedy, however.

Surprising highlight: Lisa Kudrow as the sister-in-law who always seems frustrated about, well, everything.
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½ April 15, 2007
What sets it apart is the Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang-esque narration that is mostly there to make us forgive the cliches, but it does so entertaingly and with a funny edge. Lisa Kudrow has many priceless moments, but that doesn't surprise me at all. Friends, anyone?
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October 29, 2011
A suburban teacher's life spiralled out of control after his gold digging half sister comes to visit. Everyone gets tangled in this black comedy about...well, sex. It wasn't very funny but Kudrow and Ricci both had excellent performances.
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½ May 29, 2011
Original little kooky comedy-drama, Ricci's sarcastic voiceovers are a highlight.
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½ August 28, 2007
Crazy sexual energy and some really strong acting.
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September 6, 2008
A brilliant black comedy lead by Christina Ricci, here playing a character with plenty of spunk - in every sense of the word, yet smart and tough with it. It's really her film and everything else revolves around what she does as she screws with not only the other characters but (brilliantly) the audience as well. Very worth watching.
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½ December 28, 2007
Christina Ricci is devilishly sexy, manipulative freak, bitch from hell main character in this as-dark-as-could-be comedy. Lisa Kurow is also one to watch out for.
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½ May 21, 2007
Great indie flick.
½ April 17, 2013
It was ok. Back when Christina Ricci was smoking hot. Aside from her lounging around in bathing attire I don't recall a lot of this movie. Not remembering a lot doesn't help it's case but I recall it being ok.
½ July 30, 2010
If you've never seen this movie, you must watch it immediately! This is Christina Ricci at her best. Her first real "adult-like" role. The one liners & ironic humor made this a movie I can watch over & over again. Lisa Kudrow is fantastic in this as well.
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