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This is the worst sort of horror film, one that cloaks its shameless pulls at the heartstrings in overemphatic sound design, hyped-up visuals, and a tear-streaked lead performance by Belen Rueda.

February 5, 2008 Full Review Source: UGO | Comments (10)



Byron Swaim


What other films in this genre do it for you then? If this is the "worst sort of horror film" are you implying that the Nightmare on Elm Street and the recent Saw Franchises pull it off better?

Are you just not a fan of semi-intelligent thriller movies? Do you want the blood and guts doled out to you in troves?

Keith...seriously....quit being a slippery dildo on this one and rewatch the movie.


Mar 28 - 12:45 AM


Nile Baker

omg! that was a hilarious comment! "slippery dildo?!" wow, you definitely told him!! I agree though, he probably doesn't like children very much. Anyway thanks for the laugh and for putting him in his place.

Jun 4 - 12:15 AM


Ewan B

You clearly dont know the genre that you are talking about, perhaps you prefer more movies based on Tom Clancy novels? I'm sorry but you obviously were affected by the film and that annoyed you, either that or you decided to dislike it before you saw it. There are no heartstrings pulled at any point in the movie, other than the ones you allow to be pulled. And of course grim events like the deaths of children are going to be emotionally affecting, i dont see how they couldve dampened the impact of something like that. Also these hyped up visuals, where are they exactly? i found it to be very conventional and traditionally filmed. Overemphatic sound design? Yes, there were spooky sounds, its a spooky film. Tear streaked performance? The woman lost her son. Seriously, go back to watching Segal movies. Either that or do a proper review, either way grow up.

Apr 12 - 04:29 PM


Joey Z

Oh so you prefer the sadistic films where "entertainment" is defined as watching people get tortured. You're sick.

Jun 1 - 03:44 PM


eva ten

You look like a typically film school nerd. Your comments are from a film school text book. You probably have never made a successful film in your life. What makes this film so great is everything that you are trying to criticize.

Jun 24 - 11:36 AM


Frisby 2007

You certainly don't know what the genre is do you? Then what is the genre to you? If you hate a movie because the genre, then don't bother calling yourself a critic

Dec 5 - 08:58 PM


Chad Bennett

What a clueless imbecile.

Jul 23 - 02:26 PM

Neil L.

Neil Lewis

Mate, go back to college or something, cuz you ain't no film critic!

Jul 8 - 07:10 AM


Alexandra Borrero

You're the worst sort of reviewer!
This is one of the most fresher horror movie I've seen in years. Obviously you don't know the difference between a good movie and a bad one.

Mar 27 - 07:12 PM


William Tuttle

Keith, Keith, Keith . . . You've never had any real emotions, have you? I feel sorry for your sort of people. And by "sort of people," I mean "clueless nimrods."

Mar 28 - 01:37 PM

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