Total Recall: Mark Wahlberg's Best Movies


During the early 1990s, while he was flashing his abs and modeling underwear as Marky Mark, few could have suspected that beneath Mark Wahlberg's b-boy cap lurked the soul of a thespian. Now, of course, that's no longer the case -- with more than 20 roles and an Academy Award nomination (for The Departed) to his credit, Wahlberg has compiled an impressive filmography over the last 15-plus years. With his latest project, the Will Ferrell co-starring buddy cop comedy The Other Guys, arriving in theaters this weekend, we thought now would be the perfect time to take a look back at Wahlberg's best-reviewed major roles. It's time for Total Recall! Back to Article


Mark T.

Mark Taylor

disagree... pretty bad movie

Aug 5 - 01:54 PM

Mario J.

Mario Juarez

its a real good movie

Aug 10 - 10:23 AM

Smartest Person Here

Greg Bonnette

Four Brothers caught me off guard- I laughed a lot and enjoyed it. Three Kinds, also rocked. Still, still, still, do not know why everyone likes The Departed so much(believe it is because so many good people were involved, people think they have to like it). I just can't get past the whole premise-cop in mob, mobster as cop. I've read comic books which were more believable.

Aug 5 - 02:03 PM


Alexander Rojas

I know this was nearly a year ago, but I can't believe you like Breaking Bad (which is the best show) and not like The Departed. The Departed had a great script, not just good actors. You can't believe that premise? It's possible and was wonderfully done. It was beautiful how ironic it all fell together. I would say I seriously doubt your username, but since I see that Breaking Bad icon I will let it sly, barely.

Jul 20 - 10:47 AM

Matt J.

Matt Jordan

With the exception of Boogie Nights...I would rather be tied to a chair and forced to watch every episode of Hanna Montana while Paris Hilton read War dn Peace to me. Marky Mark was a horrible rapper and an even worse actor. Donnie is a much stronger actor and does not get half the attention...sad.

Aug 5 - 03:16 PM


Graham H.

Damn, 9 and 10 are both rotten. Whatever, Boogie Nights and The Departed make up for it.

Aug 5 - 03:51 PM

fraser m.

fraser monty

i know it should be a 10 it was a disgrace compared to the origonal

Aug 5 - 07:50 PM

Mario J.

Mario Juarez

its just both your opinions(not that it matters).

Aug 10 - 10:23 AM

Chris A.

Chris Akley

He is good when the script is good and bad when the script is bad--Great in Boogie, 3 Kings, The Departed, horrible in The Happening and Planet of The Apes. I must admit that Shooter is a guilty pleasure of mine. Its great escapist fun.

Aug 5 - 08:07 PM

Aurora B.

Aurora Bellard

good vibrations!!!! gotta love Marky Mark, such a deserving actor, and due for his Oscar or Golden Globe. :D

Aug 5 - 08:44 PM

Earth Giant

Wayne Schenewerk

I'll be the first one to say it, I enjoyed "The Happening," saw it twice, and added the DVD to my collection... so there! For top class Wahlberg, go all the way back to "Fear" and don't forget "The Corrupter" - it was excellent all around.

Aug 5 - 08:54 PM


Mardia Joan

You're not the first to say it, but thanks for playing anyway.

Aug 6 - 07:25 PM

J T.


I was really suprised to see that 'Boogie Nights' wasn't #1 on the list

Aug 5 - 10:50 PM

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