Too many miscast!

It may have just been me but it was hard to enjoy the movie when too many of the roles were miscast. I like the actors/actresses in their other movie roles but this one was a miss. There was great potential for this to be a classic like the original had Disney taken more consideration into giving the roles to actors/actresses that aren't seen daily on the covers of Vogue, Cosmopolitan and entertainment magazines. For starters, Mila Kunis (though gorgeous) looks too modern for her role as Theodora. Rachel Weizs (Evanora) spoke with a trace of English accent, while Kunis did not. Sisters from a different mother? James Franco pretty much played the role of Oz as a 21st Century James Franco. The other problem is that Franco lacked charm as a conniving magician. The role needed the likes of someone like Ewan McGregor, who has played scamming but extremely charming characters before. McGregor would've also fit the time period better. Plus, there was a lack of chemistry between Franco and Michelle Williams. I wasn't convinced that she was "the one that got away". All in all, Disney was looking to sign big-named stars to reel in moviegoers. I was one of those moviegoers. All the while I kept reminding myself that this was a kid movie (since I brought along my kids) and to hold off any sort of high expectations.
My T.
03-11-2013 10:34 PM

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IronBob M.

IronBob McGee

It got better as it went along but Franco wasn't the actor for this movie but he was passable to a point. Only Johnny could have pulled this one off.

Mar 17 - 01:03 AM

Austin W.

Austin Williamson

What? Depp would've been a terrible choice, he's a great actor but not Oz. Whatever criticism you find in James Franco's performance probably wouldn't be any better in the hands of Johnny Depp.

Mar 18 - 06:02 AM

James Adams

Adam Pass

I think Johnny depp would have made the perfect Oz. They shoulda, and probably coulda cast him as the role!

Jul 20 - 07:28 AM

Patrick Fairchild

Patrick Fairchild

While I loved the movie, I can kind of understand what you're saying. While I noticed Franco was off a little bit, there were moments where I could see a bit of Frank Morgan in his character(the actor who played the wizard in the 1939 classic). He wasn't bad, but he wasn't great.

Mar 16 - 08:01 PM

Sean Moore

Sean Moore

That's the way to bring it! You have a good point and clear idea much more than the film ever manages...too bad!

Mar 15 - 10:40 PM

Eric Theriault

Eric Theriault

well said....I loved the film...but thought it could have been much better cast....when I think of the a young wizard of Oz...I never think of James Franco....although he is a good actor...and did well.... Kunis as the Wicked Witch...I didnt like....for the same reasons as you have said....something didnt fit...

Mar 15 - 06:20 PM

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