Box Office Guru Wrapup: Oz Powerful, Burt Not-So-Incredible


Moviegoers cared about only one magician as the blockbuster Oz the Great and Powerful easily led the North American box office for a second time while dueling magic men Steve Carell and Jim Carrey saw their new comedy The Incredible Burt Wonderstone get flat out rejected. Meanwhile, the Halle Berry thriller The Call overperformed and enjoyed a solid second place debut. Back to Article


Andrew Brinkerhoff

Andrew Brinkerhoff

Eh. Can't say I'm surprised, but still eh. :\

Mar 17 - 06:53 PM


Typhon Q

I'm going to guess that men made up about 99% of Spring Breakers' audience.

Mar 17 - 07:29 PM

John M.

John Moffet

I was at one of the three theaters that showed the movie. It wasn't anywhere near that percentage. 50/50 male-to-female ratio would be more accurate.

Mar 18 - 07:44 AM

Matthew R.

Matthew Reimer

I feel like this is the box office from a couple weeks ago. Must of been a slow and crappy weekend for movies.

Mar 17 - 08:06 PM


Jim Ylonen

If Oz taught me anything, it's something I never knew counted in its scheme: fake magic is more powerful than real magic.

Mar 17 - 08:11 PM


Val Mordas

Saw Oz and meh... The visual effects were pretty wild, but the story and some of the acting were dripping with cheese.

Mar 17 - 08:51 PM

King Crunk

King Crunk

Hopefully I will get to catch Spring Breakers this upcoming weekend.

Mar 17 - 09:53 PM


This Guy

I saw Oz this weekend and really enjoyed it. Hope it keeps doing well.

Mar 17 - 09:57 PM

John M.

John Moffet

I was at one of the three theaters that showed the movie. It wasn't anywhere near that percentage. 50/50 male-to-female ratio would be more accurate.

Mar 18 - 07:44 AM

Dick Travis

Mick Travis

Screw everything in the theaters right now: my thirst for the new EVIL DEAD has reached new levels. I will be there opening night with the strongest stomach I've ever had, this is going to fucking rock!

Mar 18 - 11:48 AM


Big Brother

I actually agree with you on this, call me a sucker, but I'm excited for it.

Mar 19 - 05:46 PM

Jonathan Edward O.

Jon Owens

I'm stoked!!! that IGN review got me pumped! I hope it makes some money so we can finally get Evil Dead 4!

Mar 19 - 11:06 PM

Janson Jinnistan

Janson Jinnistan

"My dream has always been to infiltrate the mainstream. I always thought that was the way to do some serious damage." -- Harmony Korine

Hats off. And it's sweeter that the release of this film coincides with Joe Francis declaring bankruptcy.

Mar 18 - 12:01 PM

Sean D.

Sean D

Spring Breakers seems kind of interesting. Oz was enh. The other ones I have really little to no interest in.
The next ones I want to see are Evil Dead (because I want to see if they don't screw it up too badly) and The Place Among the Kinds (because Ryan Gosling is talented and delicious)

Mar 19 - 05:39 PM

Janson Jinnistan

Janson Jinnistan

"Spring Breakers" only interest me in its subversive potential. It's worth noting that Korine specifically sought out Disney actresses so he could put them in these situations.

My apprehension with "Evil Dead" is how little of the Raimi touch it seems to be keeping. Maybe that's what some people want. But I happen to love the original "Evil Dead", as do many of its loyal cultists, and I don't like being told that the very elements that I love about the original are what are being "corrected" in the remake. It's like George Lucas, should the fans feel like we've been wrong all this time?

Also looking forward to both of the new Gosling projects, "Place" and "Only God Forgives". My taste tends to swing toward Eva Mendes, but at least I'm hip enough to live and let love.

Mar 19 - 06:23 PM

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