hello eveyone

Decided to join this website.
04-22-2013 07:38 PM

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Lord Tutweiller

Lord Diego John Tutweiller of Trolldonia

Absolutely!!! Come, I shall give you the grand tour!!! (Throws open great doors to reveal Oompa-Loompas and chocolate river).

Apr 24 - 04:18 PM

John Tyler

John Tyler McClane

Epic Willy Wonka reference.

Apr 24 - 04:24 PM

Brian Harris

Brian Harris

Have you? Have you decided to join this website?

Apr 23 - 07:34 PM

Emperor Chase Steele

Emperor Chase Steele

Welcome to Thunderdome. You picked a bad time to join the site lol.

*offers my hand* Come on. I'll show you around.

Apr 23 - 06:07 AM

hollis m.

hollis mills

Haha we shall be your tour guides

Apr 22 - 08:44 PM

John Tyler

John Tyler McClane

Welcome to RT, protecting you from obnoxious Internet trolls everywhere.

Apr 22 - 07:52 PM

Bad Ash J. Gilmore

Bad Ash J. Gilmore

Congratulations! Want a prize? Seriously though welcome to the site. Be warned there is an EXTREMELY high number of trolls roaming the forums lately.

Apr 22 - 07:40 PM

Alex M.

Alex Maverick

But it is fun to oblige the trolls's need to feel important.

Apr 22 - 08:04 PM

Bad Ash J. Gilmore

Bad Ash J. Gilmore

Indeed it is.

Apr 22 - 08:07 PM

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