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It's basically a zombie movie set-up on an industrial spaceship, a fast-moving B-movie that throws out lots of theories that don't stand up to the light of reason...

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James M.

James Mclean

your an idiot!!!

Jan 29 - 05:35 PM


Lateralus Grates

Wow. Way to refute the reviewers analysis. No wonder cinema is in such poor shape these days, the film industry knows people like you require nothing in the way of plot or depth. You're the idiot.

Feb 3 - 10:15 AM

Thomas K.

Thomas Kelleher

Sean, you review because you can't make films no? And this is a good example of why. While it is an action movie, it is also thought provoking on many levels...what will the earth be like with 4 or 5 times the population? If we never approach light speed how would we travel to another galaxy? How would people evolve if left alone in space with perhaps some chemical help? and there you are focusing on the size of the vents. Bravo.

Be honest did you see the ending coming? I didn't and that makes it pretty unique in this age of cookie cutter endings and spoon fed story lines. Then again maybe that is your speed.

Feb 11 - 10:44 AM


Thomas Barton

i agree, thomas...this clown is worried about the duct size? mr. axmaker, how else would you be able to move enough oxygen throughout this massive ship? but that is another argument altogether...just explain to me what theories don't stand up to reason? this is a cookie cutter review because you sound like a lazy critic...cite an example or go watch *ghosts of girlfriends past* again...sounds like more your speed

Mar 11 - 06:58 AM

Doug M.

Doug Masters

You people on this website are amazing. The whole "someone reviews movies cause they can't make them" really makes your words lose credibility.

His review without the thought about vent shafts is pretty spot on, it is a zombie movie set-up on a big space ship...

That being said I particularly loved the movie, but I just had to comment. The most hateful people on this planet are movie fans, heaven forbid a reviewer not like a movie.

May 21 - 03:28 PM

The Apologist

Kyle Young

Far from it. Read this blog.

Aug 1 - 01:30 PM

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