Harrison Ford II? RT Typo?

First film was in 1919? Come on, how old is he? This is got to be a typo. Either that or it is major troll bait.
Tony Eddard Stark
04-25-2013 12:00 AM

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Nicholas Cobraetti

Nicholas Cobraetti

He was initially credited as 'Harrison J. Ford' due to SAG rules preventing 2 members with the same name. Once SAG confirmed the death of the earlier Mr. Ford, the latter was free to drop the 'J'

Aug 16 - 06:51 PM

Roman Zolanski

Gaylord Focker

There is amazingly another actor called Harrison Ford. Hey there were two Borts in a gift shop at the same time, there can be two Harrison Fords.

Aug 15 - 10:25 PM


Galen Mountfort

I think there must of been an original Harrison Ford who was a silent movie star. Technically the current one should be Harrison Ford II but I guess because he's the better known one he gets to be just Harrison Ford. Probably a typo that linked to the older one.

Aug 14 - 03:22 PM

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