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Paranormal Activity Reviews

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John M

Super Reviewer

November 12, 2009
Better than I expected but really I think im over this style of film.
Matt G

Super Reviewer

January 23, 2011
Not a monumental piece of work, but it still delivers thrills and never bores. It's basically pop-out after pop-out. It's incredibly cool watching it with the sound loud and the lights off.
Edward B

Super Reviewer

January 6, 2014
Paranormal Activity is a prime example of how creativity can prevail through budget limitations; this movie is original and downright creepy.

Super Reviewer

April 10, 2010
A young couple decide to film themselves at home in the hope that it will shed light on a series of unexplained incidents. Yet another dreary, pointless entry in the Blair Witch-style wobbly-cam canon, Paranormal Activity is a pseudo documentary cataloguing a series of bumps in the night as two mildly irritating middle-class Americans are plagued by a pesky home invading demon. In its defence, the protagonists are reasonably naturalistic, the casting director thankfully steering clear of the supermodel-cum starlets that usually adorn this type of thing, although the spookiest aspect of the film is Micah Sloat's resemblance to a young Freddie Mercury. There are still plenty of opportunities for the director to have Katie Featherston and her ample cleavage run around in her underwear while the bemused Sloat threatens to kick its ghostly ass for opening and closing the door and moving their car keys while they're trying to get some kip. It all ends with the inevitable demonic "twist" and the whole thing just reminded me of one of those Victorian charlatans who reamed the gullable by organising seances with the use of cheap conjuring tricks. More laughable than dreadful, Paranormal Activity didn't really offend me, mainly because it's just such a non-event.

Super Reviewer

January 14, 2010
This is as terrifying as a movie going experience will ever get! Most of the film relies on suspense and holds out until the very end to really get your heart-pumping, but it is a very clever and smart piece of horror cinema and probably one of my favourite horror films of the last decade. For having a budget of a mere $15,000, I applaud the filmmakers for making such a fantastic film. It does feel like it has a few place holders to keep the audience involved, but other than that, the camera placement is phenomenal, the actors are great for hardly even having a pay grade, and the movie itself is just awesome. I love paranormal activity and the end left me begging for more!
Christian C

Super Reviewer

March 29, 2013
OMG! Why?! Are people really THAT stupid?
Daniel P

Super Reviewer

February 2, 2010
When I was 16, the found-footage Blair Witch Project scared the pants off me, but now that a few (major) films are released every year in this style, I have a hard time suspending my disbelief. And in the particular case of Paranormal Activity, a movie that was advertised as being absolutely terrifying turned out to just look cheap and sloppy - if they were going for realism, (SPOILER:) the Demon Ex Machina at the end really took all the sting out of this. Realistic stories should have realistic endings, not just some supernatural bit tacked on. I sort of did and sort of didn't like the Reality TV-esque perpetual awareness of the camera, and to the film's credit, the effects used to make it appear something invisible was in the scene were rather good... though the downside was that, on its face, this movie was just a lot of staring at empty rooms or enduring inane conversations. I'll probably watch the next in the series, but only because my local public library has them all and Canadian winters are long. A disappointment, even for someone who came in with low expectations.
Everett J

Super Reviewer

October 14, 2012
"Paranormal Activity" was made for 15,000 bucks and proves you don't need name actors or a budget to make a good quality horror movie. This relies on doors moving and sounds other than blood and violence to get scares. The story is very simple and very effective. Micah(real name) uses camera to capture the paranormal activity that is going on in his house and to his girlfriend Katie. He films them sleeping, which trust me, after watching this will have you curious what goes on when you sleep. It uses the found footage gimmick better than a lot of movies have. Not the scariest movie ever, but good for a late night watch at home with all the lights off. Number 4 is coming out next week, so now is a good time to get caught up. The sequels aren't nearly as effective, but this first movie stands good on it's own.
Market Man
Market Man

Super Reviewer

August 17, 2012
Actually, this film scared me. It's one that you think about after you've seen it. The style of filming works effectively and builds the tension. The acting is also very good; the couple is believable. Impressive that this was made with such a low budget. On a side note, the house where this was filmed is only about five minutes away from where I live. Kinda cool.
Brian D

Super Reviewer

October 20, 2009
This one will seprated the movie goers just like the Blair witch Project did 10 years ago.This is a type of movie that needs you to use your imagination alot and if you can get around that then you will have a fun and scary ride.
Yes its alot of taiking but beyond that lays a creepy and scary movie thats needs to be seen in the dark and on a big screen.its not the scariest movie ever but there are alot of jumpy bits and the end its also a winner.
Highly recommand for all the blairwitch fans and also fans that like POV movies..
Nikhil N.
Nikhil N.

Super Reviewer

October 30, 2011
Revolutionary and a breath of fresh air, better than Blair Witch, and takes horror back to its roots when the smallest noises and minimal use of CGI still got me to cringe in my seat.
Tired of Previews
Tired of Previews

Super Reviewer

September 12, 2011
Directed (and written) by Oren Peli, Blumhouse Productions, 2007. Starring Katie Featherston, Micah Sloat and Mark Fredricks.

Genre: Horror, Mystery

Question: Do you ever do something you really don't want to do but someone dares you? Admit it - you have! You all should know by now that I am NOT a fan of horror films, right? Well, I just watched Paranormal Activity with headphones on (as instructed) because I was sort of coaxed into it. All I will say is that I am not a happy camper right now and it's dark...and soon bedtime. Drats!

Okay..that is all I could get down of this review before I forced myself to go upstairs to bed...YAWN...I am really tired because I did not sleep well due to viewing that film. Why, you ask? Let me tell you. When almost an entire movie takes place in the home, particularly in the bedroom with creepy things like noises, banging and the sheets being taken off by some thing, it is just NOT conducive for sleeping well - at least not for this person.

So, here I am the following day after viewing yet another horror film only 8 days removed from my last one. Therefore I can't wrap my sleep deprived head around this, I am back. Where shall I begin?

First, I have to say I am more than considering changing my name now. If you find this perplexing read my review of the last horror film I viewed recently: Fright Night. I'll wait......... Got it? Good! Hearing my name over and over and over again was just too unsettling for me. ENOUGH!

Second, the story was pretty decent. It took a slightly different approach to a common horror theme. I really thought Paranormal Activity was just about a plain, old haunting. It is not. In fact, the twist the film-makers used brought a haunting to a whole new level - a level that when you think about, even after the movie, it freaks you out and sticks with you awhile.

Lastly, the way the movie was shot with the handheld camera by the characters brought more realism to the story. Sure, it reminded me of The Blair Witch Project (yes, I saw that one, really!). However, in Paranormal Activity, I did find some of the scenes a little choppy or unnecessary to the story. Some of them just seemed thrown in or perhaps I need to view it again to make sure I didn't miss something but that is not going to happen. The scare factor of Paranormal Activity is now deeply locked in my brain and will forever be there just waiting to pop out when I least expect it.

So, let me describe the scare factor a bit more for those of you who haven't seen this movie yet. Many horror films like to overdo the blood and guts or show too much of a creature. Those tricks can be scary and work well, but what is scariest, to me, is when the film-makers force you to use your imagination. Usually what we can think up is far worse than what they can show realistically.

Case in point: There is a story about problems with Bruce, the mechanical shark, used in Jaws especially with the opening scene (you know which one I am talking about). Bruce just wouldn't work no matter how hard they wanted it to so Stephen Spielberg came up with using just the fin and pulling the girl down in the water. We were supposed to see the big man-eater chomp her up but since we didn't see what was attacking her we had to imagine it. That was horrifying and that scene may go down as the all time scariest scenes on film.

So with all that said I am not going to tell you anymore about the film. Except I should say that this one will probably stick with you awhile and whatever you do, if you hear noises or voices in your house don't agitate whatever is making the me.

My favorite thing: When I actually thought it wasn't that scary and I guessed I was finally maturing. Then...

My least favorite thing: ....I realized I was just as much of a chicken as I normally am about horror films.

Rating: R
Length: 86 minutes

Review: 6 out of 10

Super Reviewer

March 12, 2012
Paranormal Activity is a solid supernatural horror film that is one of the most memorable films in the genre in quite some time. The film delivers effective chilling sequences of horror that will stick with long after you've seen this film. Paranormal Activity for me is a better attempt at the found footage/documentary style genre of horror films. Though not the greatest in the genre, I personally feel that Paranormal Activity brought something that was missing from the genre and that is genuine tension. Paranormal Activity is a pulse pounding horror flick that is simple in its execution. Simple, but it delivers effective terror. Most horror flicks these days concentrate on quick jump scares, though somewhat effective, it doesn't have the same effect as slow paced horror where it takes time to build the dread into the viewer, thus the viewing experience is more enjoyable and more frightening. The horror delivery isn't rushed and it succeeds in delivering effective horror. Personally, I much preferred this film over The Blair Witch Project. I felt that the jolts were more real this time around, and director Oren Peli had a much more in depth comprehension of what makes a truly horrifying horror film. Though not perfect, Paranormal Activity delivers the scares and jolts that is much needed in today's horror films. For those looking for something scary, Paranormal Activity may delivery the spine tingling chills you so desire. Though not a truly original concept, Paranormal Activity definitely captures the essence of terror really well, and in the end, it's what makes a worthwhile film to watch.
Tyler R

Super Reviewer

January 11, 2012
When I first saw the trailer, I decided this was going to be one of those movies where I either hate it or love it. I ended up loving it. The hype surrounding this movie was ridiculous, especially considering "Blair Witch Project" had done this type of thing before. But the hype didn't dumb down the film at all. This movie does start out slow and it takes a while for something to happen, but when stuff happens, it surpasses expectations. This film not only involves scares, but the build-up to scares. Something creepy happens and you know it's only leading up to something scarier. Something else happens in this movie that rarely happens in others: The girl is smart. I'm not saying that I think girls are morons in sitiuations involving evil, but that's just how horror movies depict them. 90% of horror movies have a big boobed, blonde who, when hearing a noise, either goes to investigate or calls out and asks if anybody is there. Yeah, as if the killer is gonna respond by saying "Yeah, I'm upstairs." The girl in this movie is smart. When she hears a noise, she stays in bed because she, like everybody else, knows that there is no place safer than under your covers in bed. (Unless you have your foot hanging off the side of the bed and the demon drags you across the hallway.) This movie also has genuine scares. There aren't any jump scares in this movie and it sill scared me. Most of the time jump scares aren't even scary, the only reason you jump is because of reflex. Paranormal Activity messes with you psychologically by giving you the idea that you're not safe in your own room, let alone your own house. This is what all horror movies should be like: Real scares, solid acting, great intrique and some "I'm sleeping with the lights on tonight." moments.
Wildaly M

Super Reviewer

November 16, 2011
I can certainly understand how the novelty of this film and it certainly delivered in the suspense/horror department. I did not particularly like the characters but if you're looking for a different type of horror movie, you're looking in the right direction.

Super Reviewer

August 13, 2010
I thought this was going to be better but I honestly didn't think it was scary at all. I liked the 2nd and 3rd ones much more.
Directors Cat
Directors Cat

Super Reviewer

October 29, 2011
It's suspenseful and well filmed with a mockumentary camera style. However, the suspense nevr really delivers as it didn't scare me like it was supposed to. Paranormal Activity was well-done in every other way considering its low budget and it will certainly entertain mainstream teenagers and adults. Howveer for fans of true horror, Paranormal Activity is extremely over-hyped.
Christopher H

Super Reviewer

October 28, 2011
The most over hyped horror movie since Saw. The movies plot reduces to two minute scenes of objects slightly moving or loud noises and ten minute scenes of the annoying couple talking about what happened in those two minute scenes. Lather, rinse, repeat. The couple in this movie is unlikable and annoying, I wished the demon would have gotten to them sooner just so the movie could have ended sooner. I've seen youtube pop up scare videos that were more suspenseful than this movie. There is nothing scary about objects slightly moving. The movie's biggest mistake is it reveals everything in the first twenty minutes. In order to make a good horror movie, some things need to be left to the imagination.
Alexander D

Super Reviewer

June 14, 2011
***Disclaimer***: PARANORMAL ACTIVITY is not scary. It just has an extremely terrifying mood and a terrifically groundbreaking core.

Remember THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT? The film that started the "found footage" sub-genre? (Well, I don't remember, as I've never seen it.) The sub-genre was lost for eight years, until the 2007 Spanish horror film [REC] was made, at which point filmmakers decided to go back to implying violence to generate terror on an amateur film camera. That's where PARANORMAL ACTIVITY comes into play.

Rather than treating us to an average, lackluster gore-fest or "torture porn" party like SAW, director Oren Peli achieves revenge on us by using his childhood nightmares from films as mild as GHOSTBUSTERS, and transforming those into the idea of an unmarried couple, Katie and Micah, the first one having been haunted by a demonic presence since her childhood. Her profanity-and-technology-gaga boyfriend Micah, who carries the gigantic home video camera through at least 85% of the film, thinks she is making it all up, and he decides, somewhat jokingly, to set up the camera on their dresser to record all happenings during the night.

It's not the violence, blood, or gore that scares us with PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, because there was none. The ridiculously petite $15,000 budget this film was made on could have easily paid for gallons and buckets of blood, but instead, Mr. Peli is clever. He decides to scare us with bloodcurdling shrieks, repeated name-gasping, and a haunting Ouija board. All of that makes PARANORMAL ACTIVITY a creepy, original must-see.

Super Reviewer

February 3, 2011
The Psychic: You cannot run from this- it will follow you. It may lay dormant for years. Something may trigger it to become more active and it may over time reach out to communicate with you. 

"What Happens When You Sleep?"

Paranormal Activity is one of the most effective horror films I have ever seen, and I do believe it is a scary film. It freaks me out like no movie I have ever seen. It is a film that has sort of divided horror fans. This is a masterpiece for the fans of slow burn, leave it to your own imagination horror fans and just extreme boredom for the fans of gory, big body count horror films. I like both types, but I'm more a fan of the ones like this. It takes much more skill to do something like this and when you succeed at it, the sum total is amazing. 

Paranormal Activity takes place in a San Diego home where boyfriend, Micah, and girlfriend, Katie live together. It's implied that things have been going on before the movie starts. Katie returns home to Micah and a camera. He has plans of filming everything that is going on in the house and hopes to catch some cool otherworldly stuff going on. They have a psychic over where we learn about Katie's past; mainly that this isn't the first time things like this have happened to her. As the entity starts escalating what it does during the night; Katie gets more and more freaked out, but throughout it all Micah seems to not be taking it seriously and kind of plays with the entity. 

The coolest thing about Paranormal Activity is just how little the budget is and how much the amateur filmmakers were able to do with that budget. That small budget benefited it more than it hurt them, because it made them have to use some different techniques in order to scare its audience and I think they obviously succeeded. 

Another part of the movie that splits people is its ending. Some will feel like it is cheap and others will totally love it. Put me on the love it side because I don't remember ever jumping as high as I did the first time I watched this film. What happens at the end of the movie took me completely off guard. Maybe it isn't the most intelligent ending possible, but just for scaring me, it gets points.

The only downer about the movie isn't even the movie itself, it's the fact that it is going to mimicked forever. There have already been ripoffs like Paranormal Entity, and this will launch endless remakes that may be fun through the first two or three, but after awhile no one is going to give a shit anymore. This franchise is going to run into the same tiresome rehash of sequels that other franchises like Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street have seen. 

Still, this is the best haunted house movie of the first 2000's and in my opinion one of the scariest movies ever. People have different opinions on what is scary though and this may not be scary to a lot of people. For example with me; The Exorcist is known as one of the scariest movies ever, but I don't find it all that scary. But this movie is just plain freaky in book. Even if you don't find it scary or even like it, there is no denying what a great accomplishment this is.
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