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May 5, 2015
It isn't as engaging as the first, but the Paranormal activity 2 still brings the scares and tension found in the first as well as showing not all horror sequels are crap.
½ April 4, 2015
As equally entertaining as the first movie, and in some ways scarier.
March 28, 2015
Coming from a Person who loves Horror Films I absolutely hated the first Paranormal activity. I thought it was really boring and not scary except for the ending sceen. However I would like to say that this Movie is a vast improvement over the first. It's not one of the best Horror Films I've seen though, it's just a Movie where you watch it and you enjoy it. Anyway the Movie follows Katie's sister's Christie's Family as they are filming their newborn Baby Hunter with their Video Camera's around the House. However their happy Life is soon interrupted when they come home to find their whole House trashed. They believe it was a Robery at first so they decide to set up a bunch of Security Camera's around the House but they soon realize that the evil Entity that haunted her and Katie as Kids has come to her once again and starts doing very sinister things to her and her Family. Like I said this Movie was definitely way better than the first Film but it did have it's flaws like the first. It's major Flaw was that it had way too many jump scares and jump scares do get really old after a while. I will admit though that there was one jump scare during the Climax that got me real good even though I totally saw it coming. The part I loved the most about this Film probably was that it had really good acting and the Actress who played Christie's Daughter did the best Job in my opinion. The Actor who played Hunter was also good too despite him obviously having no lines. This movie was also pretty scary in my opinion but not something that would keep me up at night unlike the shining and John Carpenter's Halloween. The ending however I thought was the scariest part because it didn't rely on a jump scare to scare you. It was all played by Suspense. Another Flaw with this Movie is that it did have slow parts and those two Flaws are why I'm giving it a 4 but if you hated the first Paranormal activity I recommend you watch this superior Film at least once. Especially if you're into Horror wich you have to be to enjoy it.
March 18, 2015
una pequeña mejora pero al igual lenta actividad paranormal es mejor que su primera pero no es lo mejor
½ December 5, 2012
This sequel will entertain if you loved the original, but doesn't offer much new material and mostly treads old ground.
½ January 29, 2015
The novelty and depth of the first is no longer present, and the mythology is too overwrought to be actually scary any more. Full review later.
January 20, 2015
Mucho mejor que la primera, tiene escenas realmente perturbadoras, sin grandes efectos especiales.
½ October 29, 2010
Treading into familiar waters can often backfire. Such is the case with this sequel. While I feel this film did a better job of explaining why the footage existed, it didn't do as good of a job of creating a spooky atmosphere.
This film was full of filler footage and it was the same filler footage so it wasn't very entertaining. How many times can you see the same security cam footage before you find yourself just wanting the movie to end?
The scares in this one are mostly repetition from the first film. There isn't much difference going on and as such, fans of the first film will likely find themselves saying... been there done that. NEXT!
January 6, 2015
Did I really end my 67 day sober streak of not smoking marijuana by smoking hash with Miss High Times 2010 and watching this movie? Yes. This movie freaked me out. Probably even more so after smoking. Before the movie I stared at a light post that looked 50 feet tall. It is not your typical approach to movie making, but they employ a style here that makes you feel the realism of what's being proposed 100%. This is way more scary than something like the movie Scream because the manner in which it is presented has you thinking that it is totally real. It scared the wits out of me in a way other kinds of conventional horror films do not. If you like scary stuff and have patience for a movie that's not presented in your typical hollywood fashion, this just may deliver you an original type of fright.
½ December 10, 2014
Somehow even more boring than the first.
½ November 19, 2014
La suite était correct, la recette fonctionne toujours et c'était intéressant d'en connaître un peu plus sur les personnages de la série
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October 21, 2010
I dont believe it that I watched this movie and somehow "entertained me" A lot better than the prequels and sequels. Atleast it made sense.
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½ January 5, 2011
A superior and scarier sequel - prequel actually - that serves best as an example of what the first film should have been but wasn't, given that, contrary to the silly sheet tricks of that one, we're offered this time a more interesting development of the paranormal activity.
½ November 3, 2014
An ending that makes sense please?
½ January 1, 2011
The dog was the most compelling character
October 31, 2014
i think they did a good job on this one keep them coming
August 15, 2010
Doesn't have the forceful build of suspense that the first one pulled off but for a sequel it's damn good. New elements like the more beleivable Security camera footage rather than constant handy cam stuff is an improvement and the addition of the baby and the dog add an extra layer to play with. It's slower than the first and a lot less happens throughout the film but the finale packs a much bigger wallop and makes up for it.
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½ October 12, 2012
Paranormal Activity 2 is a smart and suspenseful thriller that opens up the series mythology and delivers some frightening scares. The film compiles found footage of Kristi Rey and her family as they begin to experience unusual and bizarre events at their home. The story very cleverly weaves itself into the events of the first film and incorporates the original characters (Katie and Micah) into the plot. And although the film sticks to the conventions and formulas previously established, it's still able to deliver the scares and shocks that makes the series so terrifying. With Paranormal Activity 2, the series builds a rich mythology while also providing spine-tingling chills.
October 19, 2010
Thought the first wasn't bad. Had some INTERESTING moments. Looking forward to checking this one out.
September 17, 2014
"Paranormal Activity 2" is unscary most of this time. And so slow... ZZZZZZZzzzzz !
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