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I understand why some people don?t like the Paranormal Activity franchise. It?s been dragged out far too long and it?s already lost interest among many fans. I am NOT one of them. If you hate it so much then stop going to each on and writing bad reviews. There are some people that actually still enjoy Paranormal Activity. I was lucky enough to watch the first one in theaters when it came out in 2007! I was shacking in my seat and had nightmares for days. Paranormal Activity 2 was my least favorite but I still enjoyed it greatly. Best of all it was still scary. Paranormal Activity 3 was good because it went back even further than its predecessor and explained how the ?activity? began. I was able to go to a midnight showing with my friends. Some of them jumped and screamed right along with me. A few didn?t even flinch. And Paranormal Activity 4 remains my favorite because I THINK it?s the most terrifying of all four. I realize that the story is beginning to get out of hand, but NO ONE could ever look anyone in their eyes and say that they didn?t jump or weren?t scared at some point during each film. If they say so then they?re just very good liars. Paranormal Activity 5 may draw the line between having a story and just pure cliché, but I still look forward to seeing it. I hope anyone who plans on laughing at it decides to stay home and save their money. After all they do complain after words about why the hell they just spent their money on this waste of time!
Evan A.
06-13-2013 08:24 AM

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Amanda Storey

Amanda Storey

Oh, stop whining. God forbid someone have a different opinion than you. Yes, it is perfectly possible to not be frightened by these films. Get over it. And what makes you think they're paying to see the film? You've heard of pirating, right? Furthermore, people have every right to be critical about films; or as you so eloquently put it, "complain after words." In fact, there's an entire field devoted to film critiquing and what more, the website that you're on right now that you chose to broadcast your "stop not liking what I like" diatribe is a direct result! Fancy that.

Aug 9 - 04:40 PM

Ryan Gennett

Ryan Gennett

(thumbs up)^

Oct 21 - 03:19 PM

Evan A.

Evan Adams

I don't know what happened with all the ? marks, my computer is screwy.

Jul 27 - 08:14 AM

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