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ParaNorman Reviews

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Mike C.
July 6, 2014
Fantastic kids movie. The animation style is stunning and the story is tremendous with a very interesting and dare I say deep moral. The stop motion styling and the brilliant art perfectly captures that child-like feeling of Halloween (similar in effect to Coraline). Its enjoyable for parents and a Halloween favorite for kids. The ending is truly magical and touching. LAIKA and Focus Features have proven themselves an immense team, beautiful and innovative in form and story. I can't wait to see what they come up with next.
November 30, 2012
Quite possibly the most essential movie in the last decade to show your kids. Acceptance, zombies or not, is universal.
Mark H.
September 26, 2012
ParaNorman is the latest product to roll off the animated 3D CGI assembly line and it looks great. It starts well and the concept is strong. And that's just about where ParaNorman runs out of virtues. The characters are shallow and, ironically, 2 dimensional and stereotypical. The misunderstood oddball, the fat kid, the bully, the obnoxious oversexed teenage sister, etc. Even John Goodman fails to inject much life into this routine exercise. For all its potential, ParaNormal fails on most levels to capitalize except for aesthetics and some good spooky scenes and dark themes. Overall, a disappointment. Especially in comparison to Coraline, which was a small masterpiece.
June 16, 2014
This movie gives a lesson you don't see in many children's films these days: That you don't have to be afraid of what you don't understand. I also applaud the many adult jokes in the film, that made me laugh quite a lot. The animation is well done and the darker tone really sets the mood.
June 9, 2014

- 'ParaNorman' is a 2012 3D stop-motion animation film. I like the mix of horror elements with humor, suited for all ages and blends in perfectly with the modern hype of paranormal horror films and zombie flicks. The characters although a bit stereotypical, very amusing and add to a very likeable storyline. A good movie to watch with the kids. The movie was nominated for two Academy Awards. A little note is that there was some controversy about one of the characters who revealed to be gay. Would you believe the kids who claims to be able to talk to ghosts?

11 year old Norman Babcock is considered to be a awkward boy, not only by the people in school, but even by his own relatives. Norman claims to see and hear dead people. His only living friend is Neil Downe, the overweight boy who is also bullied at school. One day Norman is approached by his estranged and seemingly deranged uncle who tells him that a ritual is about to take place in their hometown. Shortly after that, his uncle dies and puts the quest to save the whole town from a zombie apocalypse on to Norman. Likely the boy can rely on the help from Neil and his older brother Mitch. And even Norman's sister Courtney and the bully Alvin will play an important role...
June 4, 2014
Frightfully entertaining. I teared up.
May 31, 2014
Enjoyable story with a great message.
April 12, 2014
Great, Kids loved it especially the dead uncle's tongue. Gross and Brilliant...
May 23, 2014
Throwing us into the lives of very charming characters, ParaNorman quickly gains momentum. A unique story unfolds as Norman attempts to quell the yearly-awakening ghosts and zombies. The moment his initial plan fails, however, is also where the film decelerates. Not bad by any means, but the whole "I cause destruction because of my horrific past" cliche, quickly cured by an empathetic protagonist, was rather disappointing. Nonetheless, the Coraline-esque visuals, endearing characters, and extremely clever script stoke the film's fire in its faltering moments.
May 13, 2014
New kind of animated movie that can blow your mind. It offers something different to the industry and yet stunning!
January 31, 2013
- Watched for the 3rd time within about a year, very rare for me but I love this movie! It's so well done. Reminds me a lot of early Tim Burton. Great visuals, and actually I really liked the score as well. This is a must watch!

- Watched it a 2nd time and really enjoyed it just as much. highly recommended!

- I loved this one! The animation is outstanding with a fun and clever story. I always liked horror-comedy stuff, and this film nails it. Easily the best animated film of the year in my opinion. Give it a try!
May 8, 2014
Great movie. Includes a lot of unexpected social commentary which really adds to the effect,
May 3, 2014
doesnt look like much at first glance, but later on proves you wrong by presenting some small but very crucial twists in it all. Not revolutionary, but sucks you in and suddenly you notice you love it. Love the teenage-good-looking-boy! And his punchline in the end to teenage-super-shallow-not-so-good-looking-girl! xD
Pablo Eterovic
April 28, 2014
El estudio Laika nos trae ParaNorman, la historia de un niño bastante especial que puede comunicarse con los muertos. Bastante cómica, veremos cómo Norman es primero rechazado por todo el pueblo, quienes le hacen bullying no solo en la escuela, para terminar siendo el héroe cuando todos se den cuenta que Norman no mentía. De verdad podía comunicarse con los muertos. Bastante recomendable, aunque por momentos deja de ser una película de niños.
April 19, 2014
fun and beautifully animated
August 19, 2012
Great animated movie from the creators of Coraline! Plenty of creepiness and a surprisingly good amount of adult humor
January 6, 2013
Spoiler alert! Do not continue unless you either have seen the movie, or just don't care.

Oh, boy, where do I even begin with this? ParaNorman is not a terrible movie, but it is far from a decent one. 1: The majority of the characters are unlikable. 2: The plot is cliched. 3: The introduction to the town was ridiculous. 4: The ending...didn't work. At. All.

1: Norman is almost a stereotypical emo, Courtney is a b****, Mitch is a dumb***, Alvin, well, is dumber than Mitch, Neil is annoying, I wanted to see the father die and the mother was barely there, even when she was there.

2: The whole thing is just a variation of the "freak gets picked on by townsfolk, townsfolk get into danger, freak saves town, freak becomes a hero" storyline. No really big changes here.

3: When Norman heads into town, we see the town's billboard. (Speaking of cliches...) On it is "Welcome to Blythe Hallow." And next to those words are three happy-go-lucky people. One of them is a witch. Being hanged. I actually shouted out, "Are you kidding me?!"

(This is where the spoilers begin)
4: OK, I know this is going to sound bad, but it's not exactly how you think it'll turn out. I did not like the revelation that Mitch was gay for one reason: it was at the end, which made me feel OK, picture this: you're walking down a sidewalk, bright and sunny day. Then you're hit in the head with a baseball out of Wrigley Fields. It was, quite literally, out of nowhere. I think that the characters could have been better used if it was in the *middle* of the movie, not the end.
(End of spoilers.)

But, there were good, semi-redeeming qualities to the movie. I really liked the score for the villain, and I really liked the design for the villain. If the rest of the movie wasn't as bad as it turned out to be, I'd have put the villain next to the likes of Darth Vader, they were that bad***.

All-in-all, I would not pay to see this movie again. I watched it online, and I'm glad it was free. And as I've seen both this and Frankenweenie, I think that out of the two, the clear winner is the latter.
April 8, 2014
...a smart, adorable and good-natured animated feature with a rather suggestive unwholesomeness in terms of its themes, dialogues and characters. I find it recommendable especially for young teenagers and above. It's rare to see an animated film rich with vivid social commentary and pop culture references as its comic relief.
Vincent T

Super Reviewer

September 8, 2012
one of my all time favorites. Put this one up on the October family list. everything is perfectly imperfect, or just not normal.
August 11, 2012
Entretenido, personajes interesantes y una buena historia. "ParaNorman" fue una película agradable de ver, aunque en los gráficos pudo mejorar.
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