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If I were a Christian, I'd be appalled to have this primitive and pornographic bloodbath presume to speak for me.

March 5, 2008 Full Review Source: Chicago Reader | Comments (75)
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Luis U.

Luis Urgelles

You don't tolerate it precisely because you don't belive in the passion of Jesus Christ. This is a spiritual movie that atheism does not understand. It's above your comprehension.

Mar 9 - 08:11 AM

Jackie C.

Jackie Cross

To all you glorified 'Christians' out there- you are the reason I renounced Christianity. I haven't seen a single shred of evidence to convince me that you aren't all full of ****.

And this film is giving me a very similar impression. And guess what? My disgust of it, and you, has nothing to do with my intelligence level. It's because I'm sick of the same tired arguments over and over again.

I know about humility. So don't you dare assume that 'just because someone is Atheist they don't'. In fact, if you want my harshest opinion, we seem to appear more like we have our heads screwed on properly. And you 'Christians' appear to be the most arrogant pieces of crap I've ever had the misfortune to encounter.

Jun 11 - 04:18 PM

Anthony Dunn

Anthony Dunn

I'm sorry you feel that way bud, and I am sorry if there are so-called Christians out there that do not act Christ-like. That, however, is no excuse to bash Christians yourself. You think we condemn you and are arrogant in our opinion of you? What do you think you are doing now? Do you think your comment is not offensive? Not condescending? And not proper or even remotely considerate?

You didn't see this movie if you think Gibson is trying to snow you. What he believes is genuine, and for that matter, so do I. I can understand your pain and hatred of Religious oppressors who use their so-called belief to take advantage of and torture people; it maddens me too. Regardless, that is little of an excuse to take what I believe in and take a big, fat dump on it. That goes double with "The Passion Of The Christ". It is a magnificent film.

Aug 30 - 07:53 PM

Cody H.

Cody Halpert

It's kind of funny because that was the most arrogant comment on this review. Way to go, retard!

Sep 23 - 09:39 PM



this movie was like nazi propaganda. F**k Gibson. He's nothing but a drunken anti simitic hate monger. How ironic is it that his career has taken a total dive since releasing this cinematic abortion.

Aug 21 - 04:59 PM

Andrew K.

Andrew Kelly

Here here. The only reason that people like this film is that is has JEBUS, they don't BOTHER to actually look at what's in this monstrosity. And I LOVE gory films even.

Jan 16 - 06:15 AM

Chris D.

Chris Davis

Yeah, douche. The endless stream of guilt trip, sympathy tales for Jews is okay. One movie that is Christ-centric cannot be tolerated. Loser.

Feb 6 - 10:15 PM

Chris D.

Chris Davis

Yeah, douche. The endless stream of guilt trip, sympathy tales for Jews is okay. One movie that is Christ-centric cannot be tolerated. Loser.

Feb 6 - 10:15 PM


George Robbins

Review is meaningless. Because you state you are not a Christian, you logically then could not know how a Christian would perceive the film. And, the film is intended to be about the crucifixion, not His teachings or miracles. There are other movies about those subjects you can easily seek out. However, the ending does allude to the greatest of miracles, the resurrection.

Apr 22 - 11:03 PM

Jonathan S.

Jonathan Sicard

You obviously don't understand if you're not Christian. Jesus' crucifiction was not all flowers and butterflies you know. Of course the movie was violent, considering the subject matter which was the torture and death of Jesus Christ.

May 18 - 03:36 PM

Anthony Dunn

Anthony Dunn

Idiot. There isn't a single "pornographic" moment in the film. It is a bloodbath, yes, but you are completely incorrect when you say it is "appalling" and "primitive". It is neither. It is emotionally powerful. It is enrichingly spiritual. It perfectly illustrates Christ's love for his disciples, his family, and for humanity as a whole. It shows what he would do for them, and for what he has done for them. But I guess you can't see it because you're too busy judging the film based on one-sided atheistic remarks rather than analyzing the film as a whole and seeing how it makes you feel. If you truly were a film critic sir, you would have judged this film based on its quality, not on the origins in which it came from. Even then, it is still wrong to do that, and for that matter, and so is your review. That "Top Critic" sticker underneath your name doesn't mean nothing worth crap.

Aug 30 - 07:43 PM

Sebastian Montesinos

sebastian montesinos

You are awesome

Sep 3 - 06:37 PM

Shavat Friesen

Shavat Friesen

I think giving The Passion a bad rating because of the violence is very ironic seeing as one of the top genres today is horror, which I'm sure these critics happily give thumbs up to. The critics need to be honest about why they don't like this movie.

Sep 24 - 12:08 PM

Shavat Friesen

Shavat Friesen

Also, I noticed a lot of critics are ranking movies based on what they want the movies to be, not what the director's purpose was. That's very poor journalism/criticism. You can joyfully hate a movie, but criticize based on poor filmmaking/acting/plot development, etc., not "It was too bloody" or "It wasn't like "The Greatest Story Ever Told" or something like that. That's imposing your own desires on a film. If you know the way a movie should be made, go out and make one yourself.

Sep 24 - 12:22 PM


Sarfaraz Abbasi

pornographic bloodbath, but I didn't see those parts nowhere, were you mesmerizing your favorite film while watching Monica .... .:P

Nov 15 - 07:33 PM


Sarfaraz Abbasi

Nov 15 - 07:34 PM

Robert C.

Robert Cruz

Roman times were primitive, violent and pornographic. This movie is just realistic.

Dec 4 - 08:29 AM

Chris R.

Chris R

Hey. 2011 and still talking about this movie ...

What I have to say is quite short : A human body have about 5 liters of blood only.

So Jesus was dead 20 minutes after you pressed "play".

Thats it.

Talking about it is useless.

Any more questions ?

Dec 8 - 10:16 PM

Cody H.

Cody Halpert


Sep 23 - 09:42 PM

Naz Kikta

Naz Kikta

This film portrayed the reality of the matter, and maybe you should look into being Christian, maybe then you will understand.

Jan 2 - 12:44 AM

Lake Johnson

Lake Johnson

For those of you that say we should focus more on Jesus' teachings and less on His death are missing the point...His death was the reason He was born. He was born to offer Himself as a sacrifice for all...His teachings were words (great ones, but words still) but dying was His gift to us all, and that is what this movie shows. It's hard for people to watch because it's brutal...but hello, ancient Roman torture methods were brutal.

Rosenbaum is clueless...."primitive" well it was 2000 yrs ago and it was trying to be realistic, so..


Jan 18 - 03:04 PM

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