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August 4, 2009
mishima wrote, directed, and starred in this short film that may be one of the most difficult films to watch or embrace in cinematic history. not only is the film graphic on its own account, but watching the film with the knowledge that mishima carried out his characters fate in real life 4 years after he made this film turns the film into an eerie self fulfilling prophecy. the film is absolutely beautiful when seen in the context of japanese culture and mishima created some powerful images not easily forgotten, but its harder to love the film like i wanted to when considering mishima exploited this film to carry out his own attepmt at artistic immortality in the likeness of manufactured tragedy. regardless of circumstances outside of the film itself, this is a cinematic experience that should not be missed.
January 8, 2016
I don't see shorts that often. Especially not Japanese art-shorts from the 1960's.
This is writer Yukio Mishima's only directed film. Mishima is also one of the two actors in the film. "Patriotism" is the English title and it's about a couple that kill each other. They also love each other deeply.

No dialogue, this is a silent film - shot in black and white. Originally scored by Richard Wagner, but I saw a version with some lovely, semi-creepy ambient music done by Aaron Embry. It sounds as if it's an old, dusty vinyl that are just played and added on top of the film. Nice touch.

Graphic and artsy, sad but in a strange way very beautiful.

8 out of 10 samurai swords.
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