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The film has some laughs. But it also has a million jokes about anal probes, alien genitalia, and people thinking Clive and Graeme are gay. These guys can do better than this.

March 21, 2011 Full Review Source: | Comments (8)
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Gabby Wabby

I agree Eric. It was generally fun but god it could have been so much funnier! They dropped the ball a lot - and I tend to think if they got their director of Shaun of the Dead to direct this - and co write it - Paul would have been a million times better!

Apr 8 - 03:13 AM

dan t.

dan teasdale

great story

Aug 15 - 11:31 PM

Espe Beoyo

Espe Beoyo

just because you are gay.. lame..

Jul 19 - 05:35 PM

tommy d.

tommy daly

Yes, because 2 hours of hacking up Zombies and showing the carnage isn't pandering enough..but
an alien musing about how pointless anal probing is, now that's just taking it too far!
C'mon guy, this isn't Ben Kingsley and Anthony Hopkins, Pegg and Frost won't be adding "Sir" to their names anytime soon. They're two English comedians with textbook classic dry British humor and they play it masterfully. Could this have been better? Of course it could have, Citizen Kane could have been better in someone's opinion, but is that how pretentious we've become? A film about 2 Trekkie geeks going on a road trip with a sarcastic alien with a penchant for bagels and Marvin Gaye and you want to dissect it like James Lipton cranked up on Red Bulls? It's fluff and wasn't billed as anything more and as pedestrian as it is of me, I enjoy fluff now and again, at 72% I had plenty of company. "Are you going to probe us? (Paul) "Why does everyone always assume that? How much can I learn from an ass?" That's plain funny. As for "people thinking the characters were gay", first, who flippin' cares if they do? Second, it's revealed early on that they aren't so "they" would be doorknobs. Highlighting it reveals you to be either homophobic or my almost equally detestable..the entitled gay contributor. Perhaps you can get back to us when we're permitted to be amused by groups other than illiterate rednecks and perpetually sex-driven middle class white males from 10 to 96 years old. In the words of the Sgt from ‚??Stripes‚??, lighten up Francis.

Sep 10 - 05:24 AM


Rich Lee

"a million jokes about anal probes, alien genitalia, and people thinking Clive and Graeme are gay"? What movie were you watching? Maybe those were the only jokes you got, but there were a lot more than 'a few laughs.'

Sep 16 - 01:14 PM

Cw Meyer

Cw Meyer

a million jokes about that? There was 1 joke about anal probe, 1 joke about alien balls, and a few about clive and graeme being gay which was funny to hear from other characters in the movie.

Sep 17 - 09:36 AM

Michael Green

Michael Green

Yeah, I thought this movie would receive a low score as well on RT, but then I saw an average score of 70/100? Seriously? The jokes were stale and the alien dude was more of an obstruction to the comedy classic between the duo. This is the first time that the rating system proved to be wrong for me when renting a movie.

Nov 15 - 09:15 PM

Alex Hex

Alex Hex

It is whats known as a running gag. Nothing wrong with it. But I agree they are better writers/directors to stick to one thing for to long.

Jun 17 - 09:10 PM

Jon Martin

Jon Martin

You probably got probed in your life!!

Sep 20 - 10:01 PM

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