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July 23, 2007
Decent movie.
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July 13, 2012
A nice story but way to heavy handed and with gringeworthy performances. Much like her other films, director Mimi Leder concentrates on the less important factors of the story and lets the 'message' slip into the ether. Spacey and Hunt however, only have themselves to blame for their awful acting.
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June 5, 2012
want to see it
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July 29, 2010
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½ May 23, 2010
A really interesting movie with some great performances, but I feel like it was overly preachy, gimmicky and dramatic. I like the message to a degree, but the way it was handled made it seem like this was a public service announcement rather than a movie.
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½ March 10, 2010
This had a great touchiness to it, but in the end, the characters fall flat, but it doesn't matter, because the story is soo great, that it could hold any cast together! Great film!
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½ April 16, 2007
The concept of the film is good, and the story is alright, but the script is where there are problems. The script is ok, but then falls apart as it moves along. As a result, the film doesn't fully work, but even then I still recommend it anyway. The biggest issue is the ending: it's weak, feels forced, and is very contrived. I did lfind the movie enjoyable and inspiring, but it's overrated and pretty flawed. The acting is good though, but that's to be expected considering the talent involved. I liked the music too, despite the noncoincidental fact that it's very much like the composer's score for American Beauty (a bit). The movie has problems, but it's still watchable. VERY high B-.
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October 14, 2007
FANTASTIC, a true emotionally pwerful and all inspiring drama!
Afantastic cast backed up with a fantastic storyline and a heartwarming drama that only people without emotions and feelings wouldnt enjoy!
Spacey plays a disfigured social studies teacher who becomes more and more attached to Haley joel osment character Trevor who is a troubled but to mature boy for his age and Helen Hunt plays his alcoholic mum who is nice enough through a real compelling drama that is inspiring and captivating, real with a watch!
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½ March 17, 2009
Since Kevin Spacey was there in this movie, I felt it would be interesting. But it turned out to be too disappointing.
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February 22, 2009
This is an excellent peice of film right here! A movie that shows how to make a better world and how to make a better society! This movie was absolutley amazing and i recomend it to everyone!
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½ May 11, 2008
Kevin Spacey uses big words! And dictionaries!
And he's it was a no-brainer...but the idea to this isn't all that bad either.

Rather compelling, actually.
More review...L-to-the-ATER.
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½ January 17, 2007
the end was a sad cry for a sympathetic oscar, im glad it didnt work. spaceys worst performance
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December 10, 2007
Over sentimental yes, poignant, yes, heartbreaking, yes. Fantastic film, absolutely yes.

The writing & storyline is phenomenal. The acting is way above par. Haley does it again. Helen is definitely on & Kevin is great as usual. So send this movie forward to all your friends. Its a must see.
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½ April 10, 2007
The message, upon which the story is built, felt a bit naive in some respects, but it's still an enjoyable movie with its heart in the right place, because in the end it manages to gift the world a little well-needed inspiration. Not to forget the likable cast, whose three main actors all give a very moving performance.
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September 28, 2007
Holy jebus, most calculated cinematic agression against common sense in a long time.
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August 8, 2007
this one is a sleeper...but the idea of it won't leave you too quickly
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½ July 14, 2007
Interesting concept about a boy who changes the world by doing something good. Very sad ending.
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½ July 7, 2007
Whoah! Hug me when it's over! A somewhat interesting concept that good deeds done for total strangers will "pay it forward" with more good deeds for more strangers; spreading the love and goodness. We follow a few of those good deeds, started by a schoolboy (Haley Joel Osment), for some interesting results.
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June 15, 2007
A re-watch for me and still one of the only films that manages to give me a lump in my throat. This film is just fantastic from the plot, to the acting, it just goes to show what can happen from a simple idea
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½ May 27, 2007
good concept, poor execution.
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