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January 29, 2012
No holds barred in this teenage anti-love story, where the audience's sympayhies are brutally swung around. Like riding a rollercoaster with a loose seatbelt, Stevie's deadly credibility puts the viewer in Nikko's mind and is tortured by each twist of the story.

The 'accidental' death of the egg-collector could have been handled with more pathos, indicating that it's Emma Booth that's really carrying the movie to its heights, but she shouldn't be so shy about stripping off if her vamp-character's sexual predatory-credibility is not to spoil the mature audience's belief.

Watch right to the end for the full story, and beware of reviews in the media which clearly were written by economical/lazy critics who didn't.

More than a homage to Trainspotting and/or Shallow Grave at moments, without hitting the excellence of these worthy antecedents, can't wait for more from Golden.
July 10, 2011
Un film despre doi oameni care ar vrea si nu prea sa moara si despre cum intre a face si a nu face e un spatiu tare subtire... si despre birdwatching.
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