• PG-13, 1 hr. 24 min.
  • Comedy
  • Directed By:
    Paul Miller
    In Theaters:
    Feb 7, 1997 Wide
    On DVD:
    Jun 13, 2000
  • Sony Pictures Home Entertainment


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The Pest Reviews

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Super Reviewer

July 3, 2012
This is one of those comedies that use gross out moments in trying to create humor. This film fails at being a good comedy and it is not worth watching. The reason why the film fails is because it has a poorly written script, one that isn't really funny. This film had a good idea, but execution of its comedy was very poor. I've seen this film when originally released, and though I thought that the idea was good, there was just something missing from this film to really make it worth seeing. This is simply put, a stupid comedy that is more annoying than funny. John Leguizamo is pretty funny doing his stand-up comedy, but in this film, he's absolutely wasted. This is a poorly constructed film that has dimwitted humor that doesn't work. This film had a good idea, but the gags are what make this one fail, and they're more gross than funny. This really could have been a good film, but due to a poor script, poor comedy and overall bad acting, it doesn't have anything going for it. Don't expect anything good with this film. It was a tiresome film, with no redeeming qualities and it just fell flat. There are no good comedy bits here, and there is just a poorly constructed comedy with gross out laughs that really don't work. This is a poorly acted film, directed film and one to avoid. Watch something else instead, The Pest is never funny and is more annoying than anything. Leguizamo has made better films; this is just one to forget.
Lucas M

Super Reviewer

May 27, 2011
Fun and unforgettable. The thing is: The Pest is terrible dumb, and totally bad written. Anyway, still funny and very entertaining. One of my guild pleasure.

Super Reviewer

December 15, 2009
Lets Skip this one.
Coxxie M

Super Reviewer

June 18, 2009
i rented this one time and because of that, i really dont care to talk about it

Super Reviewer

April 29, 2007
I'm sure you have seen Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Well, this is John Leguizamo's Ace Ventura character. I'll admit that the plot is as dumb as can be, but the movie itself will keep you laughing with all the ridiculous stuff that happens (A jeep turning into a gigantic sound system?). John Leguizamo does an excellent job portraying a "hyper-active idiot" and you will see that he can act on both sides of the spectrum.

A lot of people will find this movie to be irritating, but I, along with a few others, find this movie hilariously entertaining. Just look at the cover.
Emily A

Super Reviewer

March 22, 2006
This movie is idiotic, but that doesn't mean it's bad. It's pretty damn funny, but be warned, it meanders.
Joseph E

Super Reviewer

July 12, 2009
Kind of funny.

Super Reviewer

April 12, 2007
Very funny!

Super Reviewer

September 7, 2006
I loved this movie when I was younger, I'm not sure I would anymore. I still say 'scareded' sometimes.
Brody M

Super Reviewer

January 17, 2012
I remember hating this movie when it 1st came out & watching it today, I still hate it.John Leguizamo's character Pest was EXTREMELY annoying & I wanted to squash him like a bug.The Pest was just as bad as Leguizamo's TV show (Anybody remember House Of Buggin?) The funniest thing about it was the jeep scene at the night club & that wasnt even that funny.This movie blows!
May 18, 2010
I've seen John Leguizamo doing some very dramatic roles over the past few years and when it first happened I was confused, because this was my first exposure to the guy. In the same way that Tom Hanks never does comedy anymore, Leguizamo seems to have moved past this phase of his career. It is for that reason that I think this movie needs to be dusted off and watched from time to time. As a comedy, it isn't bad, but you could do a lot better.
February 21, 2010
Worth watching, if Looney-Tunes-esque escapades are a favorite of yours. Otherwise, watch only as a bottom of the barrel choice.
June 2, 2009
I Love John Leguizamo so slightly biased. Overly stupid movie, from plot to acting. Everything! Buuut.... I still love it.
December 3, 2008
Worst movie I have ever seen in my life. If you want to be annoyed and waste 2 hours of your life wanting to die then this is the movie for you. My boyfriend watched it twice...I actually had to leave the house the second time, I'm serious this movie is horrible.
October 6, 2007
"If you were abducted by a space, alien chick, would you or would you not...have your way with her?"
"Ooh! I loveded it!"
December 3, 2008
Dumb witted and dumb founded. But to one's shame, it's oddly endearing. So help me God, I enjoyed it
October 10, 2008
If you need something silly and stupid then this is the movie you are looking for! LOL Sometimes I like movies that don't require much effort... this is one of them.
August 4, 2008
omg I watched this all the time, I memorized that rap he does at the beginning. I think this is so stupid now, but I liked it when I was younger.
June 24, 2008
I used to be obsessed with this movie! I watched it all the time. I still have pretty much all of the lines memorized. It's hilarious.
February 25, 2008
GET stupid get retarded 'cause Pest will get the party started. John Leguizamo is definately the man in this movie.
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