Five Favourite Films with Bill Nighy

The Boat That Rocked star on his most prized movies.

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Bill Nighy

There can be few actors better suited to starring in a film about the golden age of British rock and roll than Bill Nighy. No wonder, then, that he's front and centre as part of the ensemble cast of Richard Curtis' latest comedy, The Boat that Rocked. In it he's the proprietor of the titular boat -- a pirate radio station fictionalised from the many that escaped capture during the 60s by broadcasting from the sea.

It's the latest in a long line of highly varied roles from one of Britain's most beloved acting talents. He became a household name in 2003 when, alongside a starring role in the TV series State of Play, he was cast in vampire romp Underworld and as ageing rock star Billy Mack in Love, Actually. He's rarely stopped since then with roles in the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels (if you didn't catch him, he's buried behind CGI and with a thick Scottish accent as Davy Jones), Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Shaun of the Dead and Valkyrie.

RT catches up with Nighy the day after the world premiere of The Boat that Rocked and he's remembering a late night that involved hanging out with one of his heroes, Paul McCartney. His passion for music is evident is pretty-much any interview he gives, and as he chooses his five favourite films it's incredibly obvious that a killer soundtrack has a big impact...