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Playback Reviews

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Super Reviewer

June 2, 2012
Terrible Movie, i didn't even finish it

Super Reviewer

April 30, 2012
This awful mid budget horror feels like the worst ever episode of the "X-Files", a dated plot about a teen who gains evil powers by viewing some found footage. There are two movies within the movie but the quality is so bad overall that it's hard to distinguish any of them. Christian Slater looks relatively healthy again so his mum might like watching this, nobody else will.
Todd S

Super Reviewer

August 4, 2012
Playback is a B-Horror film that in a sense is nothing more than a new take on the Amityville Horror. Instead of a demon possessing a house, the demon in this film, keeps his spirit alive on videotape, and when someone sees the tape, they become the next possessed killer. The story was entertaining but wasn't really anything new or extraordinary and the same can be said about the cast. The cast, led by The Covenant's Toby Hemingway, wasn't one of the most talented casts I've ever seen, but they may have been the best looking. There are some really good looking people in this film, and believe it or not, it helps to keep your attention. The film is a little dull and predictable at times, but there is always something nice to look at. This movie isn't original and won't shock or surprise you, but it may just entertain you for a couple hours and it will most certainly have your eyes glued to the screen.

Super Reviewer

July 5, 2012
This movie is also known as Playback: Bloodline and I assume that with a name like that is just a start of a franchise... Yes, it was supposed to be a thriller/horror movie starring Toby Hemingway but there was not too much of the good stuff from both genres!

The story of a school assignment where high school students are digging into the infamous history of their town, finding family murders which will, without them realizing, unlock an evil that possesses them and destroys them. Of course, we all know that Satan is the Prince of the Air and what better way to possess his victims but through video playback ... and later he actually uses them for harming others. Of course at the end we will find the deepest secrets of the town exposed - but nobody would care! Half of the audience already left... half of the ones left were already snoring and others were busy with different activities! And I did not blame them.

What a bore with ludicrous killing spree! Stay away!
January 24, 2013
An interesting concept that was more, unfortunately, harder to watch than it was thrilling. Good thing I saw it outside of the theater as the fast forward button became my friend on the remote about halfway through.
February 25, 2012
I saw this on a website, and its not as good as i wanted it to was actually kinda bad, the acting is amateurish and theres not a lot of blood.
July 17, 2012
Eighteen years earlier, a man murdered his mother, father, and adopted sister before being gunned down by the police, and before he could kill the infant child.

Now a group of high school film students are researching the murders and trying to re-create the events, but someone - or something - doesn't want it to happen. The students' research uncovers a man named Louis Le Prince, who some say made the first film - and everyone in that film died right after making it. Now an evil spirit is in the video, and is searching for the lineage of Le Prince - the child that was spared eighteen years ago.

This movie was supposed to last one hour, forty minutes. I had it done in 45 minutes. The "storyline" is ridiculous, made no sense, and got even more confusing as the movie progressed. I guess if I had actually paid attention I would get it, but I didn't want to waste my time.

Oh, and Christian Slater is in this. Sad to see a once respected actor fall so far.
June 18, 2012
This looks like more of an audition for future actors than a complete movie in itself. With the exception of Christian Slater in a nondescript role as a pedophile cop, the young cast seems to be trying to figure out how to act in a horror flick. The story, loosely constructed as it is, seems like an afterthought. The idea is interesting though unoriginal; the transmission of an evil spirit via motion pictures. The execution of this is iffy throughout, though, and the gaping plot hole of how the villain can take over people's minds also seems tacked on to provide action and gore possibilities. Forgettable stuff that almost nobody will play back more than once. Probably best considered a casting call for a group of novice actors. A few good moments of tension keep it from falling completely flat.
May 25, 2012
There is absolutely nothing to like about this movie. For one thing, the plot "borrows" from at least four different horror movies, all of which were far better produced. For another, there's not a single likeable character, or really even any that stand out in your mind by the time it's over. And lastly, the plot is a hot mess. I'm still not entirely convinced there even was one. And if you're a big fan of Christian Slater, don't get too excited about him being in this, because he isn't a major character. There is just nothing good about this film whatsoever.
May 18, 2012
Another horror film with a good premise that doesn't quite develop it well enough, Playback is a reasonably entertaining film, but it never really manages to be creepy and it just feels forced at times. Plus, it never really explains itself in a fully satisfying fashion. The film taps into the old belief that film had the power to capture part or all of someone's soul, and it begins its story with the interesting tale of an avant-garde, silent filmmaker who supposedly captured people's souls in his short films. Unfortunately, this plot fizzles well before the end of the film and is never fully developed in an intelligent fashion.
February 20, 2014
One line summary: Muddled film with bad acting and more questions than answers.


The film's first segment is time coded at 1994. There's a few minutes of a bloody encounter where Harlan Diehl films a baby. The filming seems to form some sort of connection. The cops show up. Harlan attempts to flee with the baby, but the cops prevent that. The baby's mother Susie Diehl plunges a long knife in Harlan's back. He throws her down, pulls out the knife, jumps toward her and plunges the knife into her chest. The cops gift him with some bullets on the way down during the jump.

The film flashes forward to circa 2012. A young pre-indie film director, Julian, is looking at replays of his current shooting with his co-stars.

The next segment shows some of the teens in journalism class, playing soccer, planning parties, and doing it all with a slacker attitude. Julian meets Quinn, a man in his twenties who works at a television station (WPZM, Channel 13), to return recording equipment to Quinn. Julian takes the opportunity to ask whether Quinn's station has any records about Harlan Diehl's bloody death in 1994.

What could possibly go wrong here?

Quinn soon finds the Diehl footage from 1994, and has some interaction with it. That is, some supernatural (well, we'll see) exchange. Quinn delivers some illegal recordings of a girls' locker room to Officer Frank Lyons in exchange for cash. Later the same night he delivers footage about the Diehls to Julian at a teen party. He uses the chance to plant a camera in a girl's bedroom.

When Quinn's boss reads him the riot act about the mess in the archives at the station, Quinn kills him. The distinctive piece about the film is that whatever possessed Quinn does so via watching recorded footage.

What is this spirit after? Is there some way to stop it? Will there be a sequel after the next viewing of the strange tapes?


Cinematography: 6/10 Often dark to the point where much of the screen has no content. Full daylight scenes are OK.

Sound: 6/10 Mostly OK, but sometimes the volcanic bursts of loud noise have to be dealt with if one lives anywhere near other people.

Acting: 3/10 Not so good. Many of the actors look like tired people 25 to 30 years old, not teenagers. Example: Pacar was 31 in 2012. This is not Christian Slater's best work by any means. Daryl Mitchell gives the only performance I liked, and the few moments of clarity about the supernatural underpinnings of the film. The +3 is for Mr Mitchell, alone.

Screenplay: 4/10 Has a beginning, middle and an end. However, there is not much in terms of resolution, and the exposition of plot is weak.
March 24, 2013
It's good for a film to be ambitious but this one doesn't really lived up to it even though it promised to be.
March 23, 2013
Playback (Michael A. Nickels, 2012)

Playback has the dubious distinction of being the lowest-grossing domestically-released American film of 2012 (it made a grand total of $252, playing on one screen for a single week). It's not the worst film I've ever seen-in fact, it's only the third-worst film I've seen today (and you never know, it might get worse after this!)-but that doesn't mean I would suggest you get within ten feet of a streaming copy of it.

We open in 1994, with a young chap named Harlan Diehl (Dogman's Luke Bonczyk) killing his entire family save his sister's baby before being shot by police. Fast-forward fifteen years, and a group of high-school students, working on a project for their journalism class, are investigating the Diehl murders, headed by Julian Miller (Purgatory House's Johnny Pacar) and his girlfriend Riley (The Master's Ambyr Childers). Julian enlists his stoner buddy Quinn (Black Swan's Toby Hemingway) to "acquire" some information that only the local police have access to; Quinn has an in to the police department in the form of Detective Frank Lyons (Christian Slater), an ephebophilic detective who keeps Quinn rolling in dough-or illegally-swiped evidence on the Harlan Diehl case, it would seem-in exchange for hidden-camera nudie-cutie flicks of the local hot high school chicks. The problem is, when Quinn gets his hands on the tapes, he finds that Harlan Diehl's legacy extends beyond the grave...

If you haven't figured out within ten minutes of this movie starting what happened to the baby from the opening sequence, you haven't seen enough horror movies. That sort of predictability, unfortunately, plagues this entire production. Once you know all the principal high school students, you should be able to pause the film, sit down, and sketch out a list of who's going to die when. And you know what? You'd probably be close enough to right to be extremely disappointed in this movie. And you have every right to be; Nickles, a character actor (probably best remembered for portraying Jim Morrison in Wayne's World 2) who abandoned the screen to go behind the camera, does absolutely nothing to meddle with the formula. This is depressing, because given some of the angles this movie adopts (it would probably contain a host of minor spoilers to go into any detail, but I will say that my favorite character in the film, Wylie, portrayed by Galaxy Quest's Darryl "Chill" Mitchell, is a video-store clerk and would-be film historian whom Julian finds himself consulting more and more as they get closer to uncovering the mystery of Harlan Diehl's motivations), Nickels had ample opportunity to bend some corners, kick some sandcastles, what have you. And he took none of them.

It's not necessarily a bad movie, but it is an extremely frustrating one, boring, predictable, and full of potential that will forever go unrealized. If you do end up watching it, well, you have my condolences. *
March 19, 2013
Christian Slater was in this movie, I think.
March 17, 2013
This movie honestly captures the audience with its intense plot and great actors. Christian Bale was AMAZING-- perhaps better than batman. 10/10
February 2, 2013
good movie but slow, hidden gems but not the best movie in the horror genre, good movie horror movie in its year though
January 9, 2013
Christian bale is simply magnificent in everything he does. this movie is a masterpiece. The acting is rich and the horror is terrifying. Would definitely see 3 more times.
January 9, 2013
Christian Bale never ceases to amaze. 10/10 Would watch again.
January 6, 2013
Truly exceptional in every sense of the word, Playback far exceeded every expectation I had for it. After reading abysmal reviews, I was wary to watch this film, but couldn't move from the couch as I sat awestruck as the credits rolled. UNBELIEVABLY well acted, Kristen Bale knocks it out of the park. Huge, huge, HUGE, HUUUUGE twist at the end. Huge. Watching again now.
January 5, 2013
10/10 would watch again
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