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I suppose since almost seven years have passed since 9/11, America might finally be ready to laugh at the tragedy. Tasteless, profane and farfetched, but undeniably funny, too!

May 19, 2008 Full Review Source: NewsBlaze | Comments (10)


Some guy you dont know

Bruce Campbell

Epic fail.

May 21 - 05:13 PM


Jay Thurman

Is this guy *****ing serious???

May 24 - 06:24 PM


Niko Niavaroni

I thought it was a girl?

Jul 9 - 07:40 PM

Victory Class

Darryl Blake

What gets me here is that there are 2 positive reviews from NEWSBLAZE. You can't have that. Why not have 3 reviews from the New York Times and 2 from Rolling Stones. And lets have the crew from Ain't it cool news each do a review and post them. Instead we have you 2 dingalings each giving a positive review for it. Its the same has if Everyone could vote has many times has they like over and over again.
Smarten up!

See, I've posted the same comment twice. we are the same!!

Jun 2 - 04:29 AM


First Last

This gem is from the single critic that gave "Meet the Spartans" a positive review. And, as Victory mentioned, he's one of TWO critics from NewsBlaze (whatever the hell that is) that gave this trash a Fresh rating. Watch out, Ebert... I smell a Pulitzer!

Jun 13 - 01:30 PM

Brendan Alyn Ruch

Brendan Ruch

Your ****ty reviews just make me want to Kam all over your face.

Mar 31 - 07:52 AM

Sebastian Mettecour

Sebastian Mettecour

You think America is ready to laugh at 9/11? Good luck trying to preach that to someone who lost a loved one one that day.

Seriously, what the hell were you thinking by writing that? Do you honestly have no respect for the thousands who perished?

Aug 31 - 06:51 PM


Travis Slagle

"I suppose since almost seven years have passed since 9/11, America might finally be ready to laugh at the tragedy."

Wow. Just wow. I saw that statement and I had to do a double-take. How can you write something like that! Who the hell thinks its funny, no matter what age it is, that terrorists killed thousands of innocent civilians!

While you're at it, why don't you laugh at the Holocaust, that must be a riot for you.

Oct 18 - 11:33 PM


Kenneth W.

Oh, sure. In the words of Mr. White, "Hardee-f*ckin-har".

Oct 21 - 12:12 AM

Adam P.

Adam Pritchard

I know what he's trying to say, but he's phrased it horribly. 'Laugh at 9/11', dude that just sounds sadistic.

May 20 - 02:02 AM

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